Reaching for a small loan of 500 or 1000 zlotys we are not condemned only to loan companies or payday loans. We can get such a small loan in a bank quickly and easily without leaving your home.

We are slowly getting used to the fact that we do not go to a bank for a small loan but simply submit it online at a loan company, either via a payday (if we intend to pay it back quickly) or installment loan (if we are in a longer repayment period). However, you can borrow cash in a cheaper way – at the bank and also completely via the internet.

Where will we get a small loan in the bank via the internet?

Where will we get a small loan in the bank via the internet?

The main advantage of borrowing cash in non-bank companies is that we can have the cash we need instantly on your bank account. We fill out the loan request, wait for the phone and the decision, and when this is positive, we’re just waiting for a cash transfer to our account. Often in this case, all formalities are dealt with in one hour and sometimes even faster.

Is it also possible to borrow a large loan in such a short time in the bank? In an hour it will rather fail, but the chance to get the cash you need on the same day is the most real, especially if we apply for a small loan.

Another advantage for which many people choose online non-bank loans is also the lack of presenting income documents. It happens very rarely for any of the companies to ask for such a certificate.

Can you do without submitting such documents when applying for a small loan in a bank? You can, however, instead we will need a bank statement from the electronic version. We can obtain it completely by logging into our bank account and downloading from the appropriate tab (usually the account history). We will be able to download it most often in the form of a PDF file, thanks to which we will easily send a document to the bank in which we applied for a loan, eg by e-mail or via a special form.

Where to look for a small bank loan? It’s best to choose those banks that allow you to get a loan completely online. Thanks to this, we will avoid additional formalities and visit stationary facilities. We can electronically receive an amount of up to PLN 20,000, depending on the bank in which we submit the application. The contract will be delivered to us directly via courier or it can be concluded via telephone.

If we are talking about small credit amounts, for example at mBank we have the possibility of getting a loan from PLN 500. Both with short and long repayment period. If we intend to pay off the loan in the shortest possible time, we can choose to repay the loan in three monthly installments. Other offers of banks offering online loans start with loans in the amount of PLN 1000 and the shortest repayment period is 6 months. Such a proposal for small loans can be found in T-Mobile’s offer of banking services or iGotyce.