According to official statistics, there are about 900 thousand in Poland citizens of Ukraine, but unofficially there is already talk about the number of 2 million immigrants who found employment in Poland.

Some of them are seasonal workers, but some decided to stay longer in our country and start their new life here. It is worth checking what the issue of using these financial services in Poland looks like. Can a citizen of Ukraine open an account with a Polish bank and are loans available to Ukrainians ?

Banks have a special offer for Ukrainians


Before we get to the question of whether loans are available to Ukrainians in Poland, it is worth explaining that Ukrainian citizens can easily use banking services in our country. What’s more, many of them have prepared themselves to service clients in Ukrainian.

An example is Petin Bank , which prepared an offer in this language on its website, and also launched a special helpline in Ukrainian. Similarly, Ukrainians are encouraged to use their services by Alior Bank – he also prepared a special offer in their native language.

A simple personal account, a citizen of Ukraine can actually open today in most banks in Poland and receive a debit card. Before choosing an offer, however, it is worth comparing the price lists carefully, especially those regarding the costs of transfers to Ukrainian bank accounts and the costs of withdrawing cash from ATMs in Ukraine. A passport or Residence Card is usually sufficient to open an account.

A loan for a Ukrainian – can you find one in Poland?


As it turns out, legally residing Ukrainians in Poland can not only easily set up an account with a Polish bank, but also take advantage of many financial services, including loans. Until recently, the biggest obstacle in offering such services to Ukrainian citizens was the inability to check their credit history.

Today it is possible thanks to the cooperation between our Polish Credit Information Bureau and its Ukrainian counterparts – Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories (UBCH) and International Bureau of Credit Histories (IBCH). Thanks to this, banks can gain access to the credit history of a Ukrainian citizen from the period when he lived in his home country via GFI.

Polish banks offer Ukrainians both consumer and mortgage loans. To use them, however, you must meet certain conditions, including:

  • have a valid passport and Residence Card – permanent or temporary (depends on the individual requirements of the bank),
  • have legal employment documented in Poland,
  • have a bank account opened at a Polish bank.

Total value of loans granted


According to GFI data, over 8,000 Ukrainian citizens have already benefited from loans in Polish banks, and the total value of loans granted to them is already over USD 43 million.

When it comes to quick loans for Ukrainians, the so-called payday loans online, most Polish loan companies do not yet have such an offer for them (however, there are exceptions), but it will probably change soon. The citizens of Ukraine are an increasing number of immigrants in our country – they set up families here, work and send children to schools, which is why they can be a very valuable group of clients.