10 best new pop songs: April 2021


Pop Future is a monthly column that highlights the best new pop songs from emerging artists on Audiomack. Listen and prefer the Pop Future playlist, which includes all of these selections and more. This article has already been published on Audiomack World.

RÃœDE CÃ…T – “Brown liqueur”

RÃœDE CÃ…T indulges in Brill Building sonics for his new pop-soul single “Brown Liquor”. A glittering collage of ’50s pop and’ 60s R&B, the singer-songwriter from Queens to New York fuses his grated falsetto with a polished wave of handclaps and harmonies, reinventing “Oh! Carol ”with a tortured soul.

ILUKA – “Mess” feat. Lime Cordiale

Sydney based singer ILUKA Teams up with Louis Leimbach of Lime Cordiale for their new single “Mess”, a pop ode to heartache-induced weekend debauchery. Australians unite in the progression of the 1950s, lamenting their lost love in an infectious chorus that erupts with an exciting choral crescendo.

Sanni – “Why?”

Sanni relies on Santana for the “Why?”, inspired by Latin pop, which stands out from her new feature film, If you don’t understand, it’s okay. The silvery-toned Houston native breathes new life into the age-old riff “Maria, Maria”, pinning its warm inflections to a radiant tale of mad thoughts and fleeting lust.

papichuloteej – “Boyfriend”

papichuloteej always aims to do better in love with his new single “Boyfriend”, an irresistible indie-pop following his 2020 Back home EP. Carried by a bright electric riff, the Las Vegas native laments being the other man in a love triangle, reasoning his romantic attention with a beguiling chorus that prompts repeat listening.

ZEBRA 93 – “Velero”

Pop-funk quartet ZEBRA 93The new single from “Velero” is a scintillating slice of post-disco synth-pop from Santiago, Chile. Singer Julia Grisenti’s soft voice guides ‘Velero’ through a dreamy sweep of Minimoog synths and funk bass, which create a cropped backdrop for Grisenti’s cosmic melodies to take flight.

Maddie Jay – “Apologies”

Factoid research, social media, and hand-drawn doodles are just a few of the Maddie jay“Apologies” for his procrastination. The Los Angeles native’s endearing self-mockery covers the interwoven flow of thunderous synths and drums to create an engaging pop jam for all seasons.

Crab apples – “System overload”

Crab apples“System Overload” transforms Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” into an equally discouraged but dancing ode to expired romance. The three musicians from Madrid – who perform in Spanish and English – lament over the vanished feelings and the predictable break in the rock-dance of their ironically titled album, FUCK.

morgxn – “PORCELAIN”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter morgxnThe new single from “PORCELAIN” is a fascinating ode to perseverance. Putting his anxieties aside, to a growling marriage of kicks, touches and nudges, morgxn extends his rich voice in a multi-track chorus that embraces self-renewal.

benny mayne – “Sun in my eyes”

Toronto benny mayne creates the summer atmosphere with his indie-pop single “Sun in My Eyes”. The all-star singer and songwriter harmonizes on a pink jangle, chewing up his disappointment in a romantic relationship and reshaping it like a sunny tale of perseverance.

YaSi – “a troubled mind”

YaSi shared his new EP, coexist with chaos, in April, led by the distorted alt-pop banger “A Troubled Mind”. Passing through an expanse of thunderous percussion, the Denver native conveys her compulsion to the driving production, issuing rich warnings to herself in a masterful mix of hip-hop and psychedelic pop.


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