A star is reborn! in Netflix’s Luis Miguel-The Series


Luis Miguel-The Series: Season One is now available on Netflix for American audiences to watch the mysterious and interesting private life of one of Latin America’s most successful artists of all time and it’s nostalgically awesome !

The licensed biographical television series is based on the life of Mexican singer Luis Miguel from his two biography books “Luis Mi Rey” and “Luis Miguel: La Historia”.

The series includes a total of 13 episodes as it dramatizes the life of Miguel, played by Diego Boneta, from his early childhood to his young age in the 80s and early 90s.

Boneta did a fantastic job portraying Miguel emotionally although he is not physically identical to her.

Oscar Jaenada, who played Luis “Luisito” Rey, did an incredible job portraying Miguel’s father as the show’s antagonist.

Jaenada’s performance was really as real as it gets of the type of person Rey was in real life.

The entire cast was well-chosen and all of them made their performances that looked as much like real-life people as possible.

The production of the series has been well written and produced in which audiences can feel intimately witness to Miguel’s best and worst moments through the many stages of his youth.

Netflix did a great job in treating the series with great respect, it felt more like a documentary than a bio-series for its terrific narrative approach.

Secrets such as her difficult early childhood, her intensive relationship with her father and manager, Luis Rey, and the mysterious disappearance of her mother Marcela Basteri, played by Anna Favella, remain to this day still unknown.

Basteri’s disappearance was one of the main highlights that garnered the most attention throughout the series and will keep viewers tuned in every episode to find out what exactly happened to him.

The series definitely humanized Miguel in a special way by not only telling his story about what he’s been through personally, but showing viewers that ambition for fame and fortune comes at a cost, and it can have. a huge impact on a family.

It is the story of a man who sacrificed his love for his family from an early age in order to obtain a dream that painfully cost him so much.

One of the main features that made this series special was its many pop culture references that were present in Mexico in the 1980s for which there was a nostalgic feeling towards it.

The only minor flaw in the series was the inaccuracy of some events and some characters based on real people could leave the viewer confused as to what was fact or fiction as it was based on real real events.

Luis Miguel is often honorably referred to as “El Sol de Mexico” and the “Latin Frank Sinatra” of Generation X.

He is regarded to this day as one of the best male pop singers in the world.

He is surprisingly the only Latin singer of his generation who did not enter the English-speaking market during the “Latin Explosion” of the 1990s.

The Spanish-speaking media have always known that Miguel has always been a very private person when it comes to his personal life, but with the release of this series, all of his most well-kept intimate secrets are finally revealed.

Despite what he went through and we hear about him, there is no doubt that a star is reborn with the release of his bio-series.


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