A truce between Shakira and Pique in the Bahamas for the sake of their children?

Shakira and Gerard pricks are trying to put an end to all the upheaval caused by their recent separation. The singer and the footballer have called it quits after 12 years and it looks like there are just a few loose ends left to sort out all the formalities.

However, both are always concerned about the well-being of their children. They do not want this situation to affect them and have therefore sought to create a cordial atmosphere.

The Mexican television show Chisme No Like has already revealed that, on August 4, Pique and Shakira would meet somewhere in the United States to finalize the final details of this situation.

But now they have more information and reveal that the family, the four, could get together to enjoy a few days. They already called it “little vacation”.

“It’s crazy. They are going on vacation to the Bahamas. They will play as a happy family, and when they return to Spain they will sign the separation”, proclaims Chisme No Like.

It’s a strange situation that only seeks not to alter the tense atmosphere between the well-known musician and the current central defender of Barcelona.

Both have already put the problem in the hands of prestigious law firms. The goal is to reach an agreement on the custody of their children.

Piqu “waits” for Shakira in the United States

In the meantime, Pique will be in the United States for a series of pre-season games. Their adversaries include Real Madrid and Juventus.

Shakira has previously expressed her desire to move to Miami and even go there with her two children, which prick does not accept, because he wants them to continue their studies and their life in Barcelona, ​​the place where they were born.

Everything seems to indicate that the two will resolve their differences next month. It will end one of the most talked about couples in recent years. The two started dating in 2010.

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