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On their second album, AB6IX returns to the front of the stage with a “complete” vision and refocused energy.

The four-member unit that makes up AB6IX has used the past few years to showcase its potential to the masses – showing ingenious tactics in their musical composition, choreography and performances. Known for their big hits such as “Brave”, “Salute” and “Close”, the band has a proven track record in their ability to facilitate their involvement in everything in a creative way, down to their adaptability with an individual style.

Accumulating nearly 700 million streams worldwide, AB6IX has steadily released music since its formation in 2019, including various features such as “Truth Hurts Remix” by Lizzo and “Fallen Remix” by Why Don’t We, which helped the group gain substantial exposure in different genres. Due to their respected place in the industry, the group has even been dubbed worthy heavyweight opponents. Good girl participants Yeeun, Jiwoo, Jamie, Cheetah and Hyoyeon. To be considered “juniors” by seasoned artists, AB6IX has garnered enough wins, sales, and established talent to be seen as equals, and this is something that seems to be recurring in their constant desire to create.

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In their new second studio album MO ‘COMPLETE, AB6IX perfectly punctuates the idea that they’ve gotten all the rookie knowledge possible before their next chapter. Ultimately, this new idea is something the band proudly played a part in, the album reflecting the ideas, desires and personal experiences of the band.

The first single “Cherry” is the first taste of MO ‘COMPLETE, representing a promising love in their path of lively and recognizable pop music that stays on track unabated. Conversely, the band are tackling something more vibe and seductive on “DOWN FOR YOU” like what could be AB6IX’s most contagious track on the album with a beat that compliments the chemistry even more. of their group.

With the new release breaking their own record (over 100,000 copies in their first week sales) and ranking at # 2 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart – we had a lot to discuss regarding MO ‘COMPLETE with members of AB6IX, Woong, Donghyun, Woojin and Daehwi, on everything from musical inspirations to fashion.

Looking at your discography, you have a variety of concepts behind your music! When you started working on the MO ‘COMPLETE series, what was the driving force behind this common and global story?

Woong: I think the most important factor was having an environment that didn’t prevent us from exploring the ideas and creative concepts that we wanted. We got to think a lot about what it takes to make a good album, which got us to work on a lot of concepts and ideas.

Donghyun: Personally, I’m inspired by movies, dramas, reading a book, or listening to people’s conversations. I get ideas from a lot of things.

Considering this album officially closes this two-part series – how would you say it fits the EP thematically, MO ‘COMPLETE: Have a dream?

Daehwi: We worked hard to express the perfect and complete nature of AB6IX through the album. Our goal is to complete the vision we presented of our old album MO ‘COMPLETE: MAKE A DREAM, through our new version. So please root for us!

If all your versions have presented different aspects of AB6IX, what is the biggest point to take away from this concluding chapter until MO ‘COMPLETE series?

Woojin: Release a new album and end the series of MO ‘COMPLETE helped us establish our own unique color as an artist, as well as determine what our next step should be.

The single “Cherry” is such a fun way to end the summer and also leaves a little nostalgic impression! What was it about that song that you think made it a good follow-up to your latest single “Close”?

Woong: If “Close” showed the powerful side of AB6IX, on the other hand, “Cherry” shows the cute and fresh vibe of AB6IX, which is very different. That’s why we thought “Cherry” should be our next single.

“Down For You” is such a strong addition, and there’s that raw, engaging energy! Regarding those catchy dance tracks you delivered, what is the most crucial part of making an AB6IX song?

Daehwi: This is the first time that we have tried Latin pop style music. Hope our fans in South America like it. I always try to do something that can be trendy and appreciated by the public. Figuring out what kind of music fits the world we live in is what I’m still working on.

Another thing that helps you stand out in music today is the fact that you each have a role to play in producing your own tracks – is there a song that you are most fond of? proud to work this time?

Donghyun: That would be our title song “Cherry”. She expresses the unique color of AB6IX in a cute and witty way. I think Daehwi did a great job making this song. It goes so well with the nature of our group.

Since you became more familiar with these hidden aspects of music, what has been the most rewarding aspect of educating yourself on this aspect of creativity?

Woojin: We definitely feel more accomplished when our fans love the music and the albums we’ve produced.

It’s also your first full album since its debut in 2019, which is still a daring commitment! Why would you say now is the perfect time to release a second album?

Daehwi: We have come to the conclusion that showing ABNEW our true identity is the most important thing to do right now. Additionally, as the term “Corona Blue” says, many people suffer from COVID-19. We thought it would be great if our music could help our fans all over the world to cheer themselves up.

Style has always played a part in the mood of your band, and you are all known for some very avant-garde concepts! How would you say the outfits / appearances of MO ‘COMPLETE correlate with the ideas behind the album?

Donghyun: In my opinion, people notice our style because we personally study fashion trends, and we also think a lot about what outfit or style would best match the concept of the album. We wanted to show something that we hadn’t shown before because our last official album was some time ago. All these factors have influenced the production of our concept of MO ‘COMPLETE.

Finally, if you each had to choose a style or genre that you would like to try or return to, what would you choose for the potential future sounds of AB6IX?

Woong: I would like to dig deeper into hip hop. Please wait for Hip-hop Six!

Woojin: Passionate dance music, but also sad and poetic, that’s what I want to try. I really want to show our sensuality and our power.

Check out the clip for “Cherry” included above and stream the album MO ‘COMPLETE here!


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