Aberdeen AEL Company Takes Cowboy Advice, Moves Down To Mexico As Part Of Global Expansion Plans

AEL (Aberdeen), a supplier of electrical equipment to the global energy industry, has grown its footprint overseas by starting a business in Mexico.

And plans are quickly materializing to further expand the reach of the 40-year-old to other new markets, with Scandinavia among the areas currently in AEL’s sights.

From its global headquarters in Bridge of Don and its regional centers in Houston, USA, and Baku, Azerbaijan, AEL provides a wide range of electrical products and services to the onshore, offshore, renewable energy, petrochemical, marine and industrial sectors.

AEL’s reach in the global market has grown steadily, but it is evident that Aberdeen is still at the heart of their business. “

Barney Crockett, Aberdeen Lord Provost

The increased international focus is in part due to the contribution to the family business of co-CEO Alan Mackie, who is also president of Houston-based AEL Americas.

He devotes a large part of his time to developing new opportunities across the Atlantic.

AEL insisted on his new venture south of the US border – “down Mexico way” to quote a famous song by “singing cowboy” Gene Autry – and any future overseas expansion initiative will not come at the expense of backyard operations.

Celebrating four decades in Aberdeen

The chairman of the company and his other joint managing director is Graeme Mackie, Alan’s father, who noted that efforts to seize opportunities closer to home, the company’s roots in Aberdeen and the creation jobs in the northeast would still be important.

Mr. Mackie Snr added, “For 40 years the Aberdeen market has supported our growth and continues to be a critical part of day-to-day operations.

“Aberdeen is still the hub of operations and the city is our headquarters.

Nurture talent

“As we continue to explore new markets, while strengthening our footprint in traditional markets, it is very important to have the right people on board for the trip.

“We have seen firsthand the benefits of mobilizing and nurturing local talent, and this is something we seek to achieve everywhere in the world where we operate.”

AEL stated that its new business and its office in Cordoba, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, were the most recent measures to balance income equally between domestic and foreign markets.

The company, founded in 1981, cited a “unique blend” of geographic distribution and the continuity created by 100% family ownership as key factors in its “lasting success”.

Aberdeen is still the hub of operations and the city is our headquarters. “

Graeme Mackie, AEL (Aberdeen)

AEL currently employs over 35 people and has a turnover of around £ 8million. In addition to focusing on resuming the Covid-19 pandemic and growing overseas, the company hopes to continue expanding its product lines at home and abroad.

Aberdeen Lord Provost Barney Crockett recently congratulated AEL on its 40th anniversary during a visit to its headquarters.

Mr. Crockett said: “I was delighted to join Graeme on this very special occasion. AEL’s reach in the global market continues to grow, but it is evident that Aberdeen is still at the heart of their business. “

AEL sees growth in UK and US

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