‘AGT’ Alum Yoli Mayor Stuns During Musical ‘American Idol’ Comeback

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fans of America’s Got Talent probably recognized a familiar face during the auditions of american idol. The familiar face is none other than Yoli Mayor, AGT runner-up for season 12. It looks like after nearly five years, this singer is ready to compete again.

Yoli took it american idol audition with a whole new look. While on AGT, she had long hair with one side of her head shaved. At american idol, she now wears short purple hair. Entering her audition, Katy Perry recognized the hairstyle and Yoli agreed, stating that she was no longer trying to blend in with the crowd.

This singer made it to the audition stage with an original song titled “Beautiful Broken Things.” During her audition, she showed off her outstanding low voice which was first heard on the AGT stage. She ended the song with a smile, declaring that she is a beautiful broken thing.

Once she finished the song, the judges all agreed that they loved the power behind her performance. Perry said the power was too much for her in the overall performance, she would have preferred the singer to get stronger and step back over time. Each of the judges, except Perry, gave Yoli a yes.

What has Yoli been doing since America’s Got Talent?

Many talent show fans remember Yoli from its original AGT audition in 2017. At 21, she took the stage singing “I Put a Spell on You” by Jay Hawkins. Simon Cowell stopped his performance in the middle and told her that the song and the cocktail dress were too old for her, he would much rather hear her sing a younger song. This singer stunned the audience and continued in the competition before being eliminated in the semi-finals.

There isn’t much information about what Yoli did after. America’s Got Talent given that her Instagram page is relatively new. It seems that she recently opened her account in 2020 or decided to start a new one this year. Since the start of the account, Yoli has shared photos with her companion, as well as her new haircut.

Yoli’s Twitter seems to be more active than her Instagram. According to her Twitter, she spent much of 2019 performing locally in Miami, Florida. In addition to that, shorter hair seems to have originated in 2018 after its conclusion of America’s Got Talent. There are many videos of her live performances on YouTube and Twitter.

In 2020, Yoli released his first streaming singles with Sugarshack record label. This Bonita Springs, Florida-based record label often invites artists to join them for backyard sessions. Yoli performed with them twice in the year, releasing both the single “Fire”, as well as an EP featuring a cover of Camila Cabello’s “Havana”, “Sugarshack Dream” and more.

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