Alex’s son Matías McCluskey revealed why his father no longer worked with Luis Miguel

On May 30, the series of Luis Miguel It ended after eight unitarily created chapters where the saddest moments in the singer’s life were explored. Apart from the dispute with his younger brother, Sergio, it was also shown how he suffered the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, which the Netflix production says occurred at the hands of his father, Luisito Rey.

However, through the flashbacks, which characterized the entire band, fans also got to know the pain of Luis Miguel before the death of Hugo López and, even, how his life was in decline after the loss of one of his greatest accomplices in his musical life. But, as well as López, another of the people who was always by the side of the interpreter of “When the sun heats up“.

César Santa Ana and Diego Boneta in their roles as Alex and Luis Miguel. Photo: (Netflix)

From 1988 to 1994, “El sol de México” was an active part of PubliShow and both López and McCluskey were responsible for advancing Luismi’s artistic life. But, apparently, as happens in any biographical series, there is only one bell and, in Luis Miguel, the series happened the same thing: the producers listened only to the protagonist of the story and not their entire environment. This is why Matías McCluskey, Alex’s firstborn, revealed the truth about the relationship he and his father had with Micky.

Exclusively for Spoiler, the music producer said: “I have the best memories with Luismi. I lived with him until 94/95 one of the best moments of his career and it was also an unforgettable moment for me.”. Despite this, Matías pointed out that what was captured on Netflix is ​​not entirely true: “The series is not well done because it is a fiction and tells a side of the life of Luis Miguel and that’s good, but the role of my father, played by César Santa Ana, has nothing to do with the person he was, he is not even nearly a meter from what my father could be. The only thing that can appear is the name», He condemned.

Álex McCluskey and Luis Miguel in Argentina. Photo: (@matiasmccluskey)

In turn, the heir to Alex mccluskey confirmed that the relationship between his father and Hugo López was even better than what we see in the series of Luis Miguel. “It was enviable because they were two wonderful people and also very friends, they had great mutual trust, it was a special alchemy, they understood each other with the eyes“He underlined then added:”They knew when to bring new ideas to Luis Miguel. They had the same direction and where they put an idea they tried to realize it and what they did I did not see that it was repeated in the musical history of Luismi”.

Gradually, however, the bond of love and friendship that the McCluskeys, since Matías was also part of the singer’s production team, faded.. And this is how you remember it: “It was a very difficult time for my father to learn from other people that they weren’t going to work together anymore. There were differences of opinion where obviously it took some distance, first of not communicating because Luismi did not answer the phone and then when the months of 95 passed, the father claimed the see another way, then we were legally advised and had to encourage him to sit at a table and ask him what happened”.

Moreover, according to what Matías himself told Spoiler, this decision was made under bad influences: “We were very comfortable around him, but he understood it in a different way, advised by people who at that time all they wanted was to get rid of daddy to keep all the manipulation. of the artistWere his exact words. Indeed, from what he revealed, for Álex McCluskey, that moment was very hard: “A It took a long time for my dad to stop being close to him and he was very calm for the next 7-9 months with very low self-esteem, but he got on his feet even though it was was one of the great sorrows he had. in his life“, Hill.

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