Alicia Machado revealed that with Luis Miguel, she got the best, more than Araceli Armbola

In the technical environment Louis miguel She is a celebrity who has known a lot of love, including the former beauty queen, Alicia Machado Who recently shared details of her relationship with the singer and laughed at it BetterMore than an actress The photo of Aracely Armbula.

Mexican actress, singer and translator met in 2005; They are caught walking together in Venice and their romantic relationship causes an uproar. Armbulla became the mother of her two sons, Miguel and Daniel, but they eventually ended their relationship in 2009.

Alicia Machado opens up about her relationship with Luis Miguel

In an interview with a popular entertainment magazine, Alicia He spoke about his romantic relationship with Louis Miguel. She recalled that after being crowned Miss in 1996, it was when the singer sought her out from her actors and one day she appeared in one of his photoshoots.

She was the winner of the 1995 edition of Miss Venezuela. Photo: Private

He said they started dating and claimed he had also conquered and defended her when the media attacked her for gaining weight while she was Miss Universe. Although he admits that they had a very innocent relationship, I reveal that I will devote a chapter to it in the book that I will publish soon.

She also clarified in the interview that she had never been a fan of her. LuismiHe, who said, brought them together. As for the type of man he is, he opened up about details that came with him, like the story he was told he had a closed restaurant in Beverly Hills, which he said , was absolutely true.

It’s one of those real urban myths, but there are others that aren’t many, he said, but he pointed out that the relationship has never been formalized and has been. brief.

When asked if she knew about her mansion in Acapulco, the Venezuelan woman replied that she had and even shared her yacht, assuring her: “I say it was the best for me. “. The photo of Aracely Armbula?


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