Annie Murphy on the new show and her music and podcast choices

As Allison, Murphy plays a darker character on a path to regaining her power, but she insists she’s not entirely one-dimensional. “Despite this great anger, (there is) her deep desire to make changes and improve her life. So… she struggles with a lot of very heavy emotions, but deep down, she’s an optimist who hopes. better.”

It seems to be very clear in what Murphy says is on Allison’s music playlist. After all, what would an angry husband listen to in search of revenge? “There would be a lot of Jewels,” Murphy suggested, surprisingly. “I think there would be a bit of Celine Dion. I mean, there would definitely be Celine Dion, I probably think Celine Dion mostly with like a beautiful Lilith Fair all over it.”

Murphy should have an idea. Not only does she play Allison, she is also a hilarious cover singer and a Spotify superuser, having used the popular music streaming service for the past six to seven years by his estimate. “I drive a lot and I listen. I walk a lot and I listen… I take a shower and I podcast,” revealed Murphy.

The 34-year-old gravitates mainly to pop music and says the Dave Matthews Band even made a surprise appearance on her personal playlist. “Every day I listen to Robyn at least once. And then I kind of went through a Billie Holiday phase,” she said.

When Murphy tried the last one from Spotify “Only you” function, she realized that she could be more of an Alexis Rose than Allison McRoberts. With Alexis, Murphy said, “We know 100% Harry Styles would be on the roster. You know I’m sure the Backstreet Boys would be on the roster because she was dating Brian Littrell.

“I don’t think she would have listened to Hanson, but Hanson might like to make a Dave Matthews-like appearance on her playlist because she dated all three band members at one point. so like me that would be a very real eclectic mix of things, but for very different reasons. “

When it comes to podcasts, Murphy highly recommends three in particular. “I listened to ‘Where Should We Begin’ by Esther Perel and Esther Perel is this amazing and wonderful therapist and you are basically a fly on the wall in couples therapy sessions.

“For a comedy podcast, I listen to the podcast of two women who I think are truly the funniest women on the planet. Vicki Pepperdine and Julia Davis. They have a podcast called ‘Dear Joan and Jericha’, where they play Joan and Jericha who are basically two older women who are advice columnists on love, sex and relationships and this is one of those things where I feel like I’m laughing maniacally walking alone down the street. So if you’re in the mood it’s very, very dirty, I warn you, it’s like very obscene and very offbeat, but it’s fucking amazing, and then I just start (the) ‘Revisionist History’ podcast by Malcolm Gladwell, but I’m still getting my feet wet. “

Fans can see Murphy in “Kevin Can F — Himself” when it premieres on AMC June 20 at 9 p.m. ET / PT or on the AMC + streaming service.


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