Another difficult lawsuit against Luis Miguel for his Netflix series


The second season of “Luis Miguel, series” It was more than successful due to the excellent ratings and reviews. Characterization of the characters and a mysterious plot were two of the main spices for being one of Netflix’s most watched productions. However, not everyone is equally happy.

children Alex mccluskey, the former representative of Luis MiguelThey appeared in the media and talked about the request they are going to make to Sol de Mexico. Previously, Matthias McCluskey did it on the Mexican show “Ventaneando”. “He was a gentleman in his robe, talking. He didn’t let us say ‘polodo’ and never would. He did not smoke or drink. None of that. He was neither arrogant nor a gangster, and he never told anyone, “I’ll make sure I don’t work” at this company again. It wasn’t my father. He was not a bad man and could not threaten anyone.

July 7, my daughter AlexisAnd the Constanza McCluskeyHe also spoke about the trial and confirmed that the notification was sent as a legal way to erase his father’s name. They didn’t ask us if we were okay with using the name, the photo and whatever my father’s memory said. For the second season, my brothers reacted and we agreed to take action. “

Source: Instagram @luismiguellaserie

The daughter of the former director of Luis Miguel He will not stand idly by: “Then we actually spoke with several lawyers, both in Mexico, Argentina and the United States. The decision was initially to send a notification to the distributor of the series, there we declare that we do not agree with the characterization of my father or the use of his name, his good image and his fame.

what a family McCluskey affirming Netflix It goes beyond financial compensation: “What we’re essentially asking for is an apology from the distributor, and a public apology. The other thing we ask is that a reproduction of any scene in which the character of Alex McCluskey appears be immediately suspended from all of its broadcast platforms.


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