Araceli Arambolla, ex-Luis Miguel, celebrates the most important man in his life

Araceli Arambolla, ex-Luis Miguel, celebrates the most important man in his life

One of the most popular actresses in Mexico is no less than Arasili Arambola Who not only showed great talent as an actor but also singing as he conquered thousands of people with his beautiful voice. In addition, the beautiful blonde was in a relationship with the singer Luis Miguel, and gave birth to her two children.

For his part, this great fame he enjoys is reflected in social networks Since she has millions of subscribers around the world who comment on everything she posts on her official accounts. newly antiquity All her talent appeared as a presenter on a Mexican TV show.

He talks about his personal life and as mentioned before, from 2005 to 2009 he was in a relationship with him mexican sun Who gave him two sons. They are called Miguel And Daniel Law. Likewise, her father’s history with them is not very good, as the Aztec artist has repeatedly stated that she does not receive financial support and also does not greet them on her day. their birthday.

Change the subject a few hours ago I taught him the beautiful blonde social networks Which he celebrated because of the most important man in his life. We are obviously talking about his father, Manuel Arambolla, who is 84 years old. This is why your profile Instagram He dedicated a message to her that captivated his followers. He says the following:

I do not know how to explain to you in words what I feel…. # Thank you, my father-in-law celebrating Mubarak 84 ????????????????? The world and the most beautiful grandfather # Thank you for this beautiful video in which you relive the immense and magical moments ??????????????????????????? ? ?????? ??????????????????????????? #I like you????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ??????? ? “.


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