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Latin pop continues to have a pulse thanks to Argentinian singer-songwriter Juan Ingaramo. The artist known for his national pop sound, which perfectly mixes genres, gives us another portion with his new album The battle. Recently, Ingaramo achieved worldwide success with the Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules. In an interview with Latido Music, he opened up about his breakthrough and collaborations on his LP, including with his baby girl Lila.

Juan Ingaramo was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys.

More of the world knew Ingaramo when he was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2019. Although he didn’t win, he sees the nomination as a giveaway.

“In Argentina, we are geographically very far from the epicenter of the Latin Grammys,” says Ingaramo. mitú. “I make music that has a lot of elements. I didn’t think I belonged there. I felt like a stranger. Surprisingly, I was wrong, and saw that my music could be recognized internationally by the Latin Grammys. I didn’t win, but it was a prize for me to go to Las Vegas and attend the ceremony.

Juan Ingaramo recently crossed 100 million views on YouTube with Los Ángeles Azules.

After the Latin Grammy Award nomination, Ingaramo was on an international roll when he collaborated with Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules. For the group From Buenos Aires Para El Mundo album, they selected it for two songs. He sang on the soaring “Acaríñame” with Mexican artist Julieta Venegas. The clip recently crossed 100 million views on YouTube.

“It was another great experience,” says Ingaramo. “Working with a prestigious band like Los Ángeles Azules, which I also love, was like ‘Wow!’ Later I got to know them and saw that they are great people and musicians. For the song to hit 100 million views was another gift. I watch my Spotify and my fans in the US have grown a lot since that song, I’m really grateful for that.

For Juan Ingaramo, The battle is metaphorical.

The battle is Ingaramo’s first album since expanding its reach beyond Argentina. He shines with his innovative national pop sound through nine new songs. The title track best sums up Ingaramo’s feelings with the new exhibit since the Latin Grammy Awards.

“It’s like a battle for myself against the pressure of success, likes and opinions,” says Ingaramo. “It puts me against myself. Battle is proof of where you are and it gives you the tools to be a little happier. [‘La Batalla’] is not a pure cumbia song. It’s mixed with reggaeton and different lyrics. My way of making songs is to take the elements of everything, put them in a blender, and this is my song.

Juan Ingaramo and Ms. Nina are from the same city in Argentina.

A surprise collaboration on the album is “No Me Llama” with Ms. Nina. Ingaramo teams up with the neoperreo pioneer for the spellbinding breaking track. He is in his feelings while Mrs. Nina is already on the next one.

“I imagined it as a movie,” says Ingaramo. “I was the guy who was completely crossed by a woman. I needed an incredible collaboration for this film. I wasn’t going to look for a freelance singer-songwriter. I needed someone with everything. Ms. Nina has that, and she’s an artist I admire for her freedom and for her artistic way of using her body. She represents the neoperreo scene and she comes from my hometown of Cordoba.

Juan Ingaramo has a trap-pop moment with his fellow Argentinian artist Ysy A.

While browsing social media, most Ingaramo fans were pleasantly surprised by the song “Se Corre La Bola”. He teamed up with Argentinian rapper Ysy A for the stylish collaboration. The title could refer to when Ingaramo played football against Lionel Messi as a child.

“[Ysy A] is another artist that I admire a lot, ”says Ingaramo. “Not just for his musical skills. To me he is like a post-modern poet. He’s only 22 and writes like an old man. With a bit of a dancehall and trap flow, I needed a trap artist, but not just anyone. I needed a deep trapper, and for me it was Ysy A. ”

Juan Ingaramo’s granddaughter, Lila, appears in “Casamiento”.

At the album’s most precious moment, Ingaramo’s baby girl Lila can be heard cooing at the end of “Casamiento”. The beautiful love song is like a sequel to “Romeo and Violet», Which documented the beginning of his relationship with Violeta Urtizberea. Now they have Lila, they are madly in love and Juan wants the world to know it.

“His [Lila’s] first album credit, ”says Ingaramo with a smile. “’Casamiento’ is autobiographical. I tried to be as honest as possible. My situation now is Lila and my wife. I give my life to the public, but not in an Instagram post. I offer you a very true song. This is how I like to show my life. It’s better through art than through social networks.

Pride month has arrived! As Juan’s gay fan, I ask him if he has a message for his fans in the LGBTQ + community. He lights up giving his answer.

“The LGBTQ + community inspires me and makes me a better man,” says Ingaramo. “The world needs the contribution and the way to see the world as the community does. Day by day, I learn more about LGBTQ + and feminist movements and their goal to make the world a better place. I love my LGBTQ + fans, and I give them all of my songs.

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