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Belinda and Christian Nodal, caught on a taco stand | Reform

Belinda and Christian Nodal surprise everyone when taken from a position of Tacos, Yes! as they read it, “The Nodeli“They can’t resist arriving in a taqueria from where they were captured after one of their presentations.

Apparently the “singer“Belinda and her companion, the“ regional Mexican ”, decided to taste an order of tacos at the end of the presentation which Christian nodal offered in the port of Mazatlan.

The couple composed of Belinda and Nodal, was captured on camera by a well-known local journalist who immediately published the footage in which the now-acclaimed couple are seen enjoying a very Mexican dinner, as shown in a series of images.

After a good concert, a good taco… after their presentation in Mazatlán @elnodal accompanied by @belindapop and their parents Jaime González and #cristy_nodal went directly to #taqueriasanpabloficial where they attested to the delicacies sold there Felipe Osuna commented via his official Twitter account.

Belinda and Christian Nodal, caught on a taco stand. Photo: Instagram capture

Along with the description there is a set of images in which the performer of “Little frog“He appears in the company of the interpreter of“ Adiós Amor ”and his parents.

The romantic couple of the moment, who will soon release the new song “If they let us“They did not miss the opportunity to exchange expressions of affection since in some other images that have circulated from the Twitter platform, we can see them exchanging kisses.

The couple of lovebirds are captured from behind, which allowed us to appreciate the shirt of Belinda Peregrín’s fiancé with a caption that says “Nodeli” and the number 4.

Regardless of the location, always together “followed by” After a good concert some good tacos “, the post read.

The number has a great importance in the relationship, so much so that “Beli“He nicknamed him ‘four’, gift from Nodal after ‘Gizmo’ left, he was Belinda Peregrín’s inseparable canine friend.

The “television actress“The one who made his debut in the children’s drama” Aventuras en el tiempo “, in addition to other productions, accompanied his lead man to the presentation that the composer gave in the port of Mazatlan, at the stadium called” El Kraken ”last Wednesday, October 20.

It was at the end of the concert that Belinda Peregrín Schüll, her “future husband” and the other entourage who accompanied them, prepared themselves for dinner in the establishment.

Everything seems to indicate that the “Latin pop princess“She is an assiduous faithful to taco eating, a taste that she shares with that recognized with the Grammys and Billboards, for which she has been captured on several occasions with her crush in various taco stands that invade the Mexico City.

And it’s this “Who doesn’t love tacos?” “As some comments on the social network point out, neither the celebrities resist” nor that they came from another planet “, commented Internet users.

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