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Belinda falls in love with Christian Nodal fans in the middle of a concert | Instagram

Belinda accumulates more admirers, followers of Christian nodalThey gave her their hearts and thanked her after the beautiful gestures of the Mexican artist with Spanish roots.

The singer, Belinda, not only conquers the stages that she crowds and the hearts of many people, now fans of the “Mexican regional” have also been amazed by the “”Spanish“.

The “naturalized mexican”Was acclaimed by the followers of the interpreter, Christian Nodal, who thanked him for being“ so cute ”after a gesture that won them over.

It was in the middle of the recent presentation of the fiancé of Belinda When a young woman in the audience tried to send Sonora a bouquet of flowers, the performer of “Sapito” approached the fan and took the bouquet to give to her partner.

Does Belinda steal fans from Nodal? This is how he won their hearts

Although on several occasions Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who made her screen debut with “Adventures in time ” In addition to other productions, she was called “heavy” for various reasons and / or statements, the truth is that the blonde was humble after being present at the presentation of her “future husband”.

They are very nice and friendly, what a beautiful detail from them! The fan was outstretched a lot and security did not peel it, until Beli rushed over to her so that she could give the flowers to Nodal.

The one born in Madrid conquered the fans who attended the Nodal concert in the port of Mazatlán, where those present were able to appreciate the details of part of the “latin pop princess», Who did not hesitate to send him the gifts they brought to the future husband of the music star.

This while Christian Nodal interpreted the subject “Kisses that I gave you“which, it must be said, was also dedicated to the actress of”Cheetah girls“from Disney, who subsequently pointed out her boyfriend to the young woman who made the detail so that her partner would thank him.

It was user @chamonic who, via his Instagram account, shared this and other moments from Christian’s first presentation in the town of Sinaloa.

A series of videos show the moment the girl tries to give the flowers to Nodal, but her security team has not allowed it.

The “businesswoman», Who on this occasion was present, realized what had happened and kindly came to take the bouquet and give herself to the composer, later she was very willing to take pictures with those who were approaching.

Subsequently, something that stood out as a gesture of simplicity on the part of “Los Nodeli”, was at the end of the show after having circulated a series of images, in which the couple can be seen walking. to dine at a taco stand.

Belinda with a long history of internationally acclaimed television actress, series and image of various campaigns and magazine covers, was captured very affectionate with her boyfriend and family from a taco stand.

What for many in the comments they pointed out was nothing to write home about, the truth is that many might have expected the artist and his companions to go elsewhere.

However, Belinda took the opportunity to exchange displays of affection with Nodal while they waited for their order, as she is a staunch devotee of this traditional Mexican dish and has often been caught consuming them in various neighborhoods. of Mexico City, they refer.


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