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Belinda at a wedding with Christian Nodal Will she wear more than one dress? | Instagram

Belinda will recently share details about her upcoming wedding with Christian nodal, apparently, it would be in the middle of an interview that the “naturalized mexicanWould reveal how many dresses will she wear?

the a singer Spanish, Belinda would not have given details on her next engagement with Christian Nodal, which she had announced on May 25, when the interpreter of “Little frog“He made it official via his Instagram account.

It would be in a recent interview where she was referred to “Latin pop princess“He would publish details of his wedding, which is expected by many in December, according to rumors.

Belinda at a wedding with Christian Nodal. Will she wear more than one dress? Photo: Instagram capture

Likewise the “naturalized mexican“He would reveal his intention to flee with the regional musician with whom he plans to have several children when he gets married.

In the midst of the phenomenon represented by the news of their engagement since last 2020, the couple have put aside the question of criticism to focus on the projects that will soon unite them definitively.

Belinda seemed to find his prince charming as Nodal is well aware of wanting to please the actress since “Welcome to eden“and fulfill her dream of having the” wedding “she had always dreamed of since she was a child.

At this moment, “Beli“revealed that she isn’t planning to wear just one dress on this special day, the” songwriter “hopes it was a great day that will leave the best memories for both of them.

To be honest, I want to wear at least three different dresses on my wedding day. I would like to be able to collaborate with designers that I love. The truth is, I want our wedding to be something very special, something that we will remember for a long time, he commented.

Likewise the “model“Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who has been on the covers of major magazines like Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and CARAS among the most recent, did not notice when bringing up the subject of ‘pregnancies’ which she mentioned’ I don’t know. know they’ll be happy with just one baby. ”

Although the performer of famous songs such as “Amor a Primera Vista”, “Bella traición”, “Boba Niña nice”, among many others, is waiting for the right moment to be a mother, concerning her fiancé, the author- singer-songwriter reacted on the subject to what that pointed out How many children do you want to have with Belinda?

To my four, the composer said, while Belinda replied: I’m happy with 3, but if he wants four, what he wants, the Spanish-Mexican star is done.


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