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Belinda, Christian Nodal accompanies her for 16 hours Yes it’s love! | Instagram

Belinda would use any time to be with her partner, Christian nodal, and apparently the same goes for the “regional mexican», Who would stay with her despite the long hours of photo shoots.

The singer Belinda, I would love to have Nodal close even when he is working, according to sources close to him who have apparently revealed more details about this relationship.

According to some versions, Belinda and Christian Nodal, who got engaged last May, when they announced their engagement on Instagram, have been looking for a photo shoot of the interpreter for a while.Little frog“Even if it lasts several hours.

Belinda, Christian Nodal accompanies her for 16 hours Yes it’s love! Photo: Instagram capture

Even the alleged source, who revealed the details to Tv Notes magazine, mentioned that the “naturalized mexican“Like Nodal, they have made adjustments in their agendas in order to be able to accompany and support each other in their commitments.

For its part, belinda’s boyfriend He has always supported her and particularly in her personal tastes such as fashion, and this is why Christian Nodal did not want to accompany the “Princess of Latin Pop” for more than 16 hours in a photo shoot for his line clothing.

It must be said that this is only one of the many things shared today by the romantic couple who are also preparing to record the song “For the rest of your life”, which “Beli“He was anticipating, it’s a modern bolero and it will be released on Christian’s new album called“ Outlaw ”.

According to the alleged source, at the moment, the two are adjusting their agendas since soon, the Netflix actress she will have to go to Spain to record the second season of “Welcome to Eden” and the idea is that the “composer” accompanies her.

A few weeks ago, entertainment journalist Marco Antonio Silva said that the “Schoolgirl” performer and the 22-year-old plan to tie the knot in December, a month in which precisely the two can relax. any further. of their professional commitments and thus be able to exercise the union.

Regarding the matter, the alleged informant whose identity is unknown hinted that both “feel very lucky and particularly Nodal”, however, he assures that there is nothing planned at the moment, has he confirmed.

So far, various speculations have surrounded the beautiful blonde who was “the former judge of La Voz”, the site where love was born with the also “coach”, continues the couple without confirming or giving clues on this eventual marriage.

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