Cabaret singer Daphne is still talking about her evolving identity

You were recently in a music video, which is my favorite art form.

It was Ezra Furman, who just released a new single, “Forever in Sunset.” She asked me to be in it and I play – in Ezra’s portrayal – a transexual James Dean, who sees this queer fellow in a bar getting really messy, getting hurt. We share a moment where it’s ambiguous whether we’re strangers or not, but we share a moment of nurturing and nurturing that’s very sweet and tender and swims in bisexual lighting.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

That’s always the question. I found “cabaret artist” says what it is. There was definitely a time when “drag queen” really upset me, but that was a previous chapter and now drag queen doesn’t bother me so much.

A lot of what I do is really influenced by drag, and lately a lot of my gigs have been burlesque shows. I’ve hosted shows at Bathtub Gin and Mr. French. Boo Bess, whenever she’s out of town, I fill in for her.

My life has gone this unique and interesting way where I find myself part of the burlesque community, which is largely, almost entirely, cis women. I feel at home there in a way. There is an understanding and an embrace and I feel very welcome and very grateful.

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