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As Carlos Rivera traveled the world with his Guerra Tour, the pandemic arrived, forcing him to put many dates on hold.

However, the gradual reopening of mass entertainment around the world gave it the opportunity to face one final battle with this war and give the Arena Ciudad de México the closure it deserved to a tour that had started in 2018 and with which the seats were sold. .

“It was the last show we postponed because it was going to be in July of last year. The truth is, I thought we weren’t going to do it anymore, but it’s good that we did.

“It was a war, never better said. We went through it all and I think we won battles in over 130 shows in over 10 countries, it was great. I visited countries I had never been to. We had a lot to celebrate and I already wanted to close this cycle to make room for everything again, ”Rivera shared exclusively by phone with Excelsior.

As Huamantla singer Tlaxcala said, in that war there were some difficult events, including a global lockdown that kept him away from Mexican stages for 15 months.

“My last concert before confinement was at the Arena Monterrey, in 360º format, the same with which we ended the tour in Mexico. From there, I didn’t take the stage anymore until the continuation of the tour I did this summer in 12 cities of Spain and I swear it was an immense joy, mine and the staff, with this happiness to do what you love.

“So it was weird, because over there, they didn’t let people get up to dance, they could do it in their armchair, sitting down, with the mask on all the time, but afterwards you could see the emotion people coming back to a concert and that was something that I also wanted to happen in Mexico, because here we take a little more time. Thank God, theater and music are already making a comeback. This show at the Arena was the first public show I did, ”he added.

In those months of confinement, Carlos was not as still as one might think. In addition to giving concerts in streaming and recording songs for projects such as If it were mine and Leyendas (alongside José Luis Perales, Raphael, Napoleón and Miguel Bosé), the singer has worked on new music that will arrive in 2022.

“If a new album comes, I’m working on it. We hope to release the first single by the beginning of March and thus start taking the first songs from the album, presenting it and starting its tour, all of this is also coming, visiting the countries that I was aware that we had to cancel in because of the pandemic, but we’ll add them to next year’s tour and that means closing a cycle to start something completely new, ”he explained.

And part of these new cycles also includes returning to that zone of safety and lifelong learning that is musical theater. It will be from February 10 and for seven weeks that Carlos will play the main role in José el dreamer… and with that his return to the theater is formalized.

“I’m happy, it’s good for me to do theater because in the end as an artist and when you have the opportunity to travel to so many places and your concerts are full, There are so many people who want to see you, it’s also good to give this artist a rest.

“The theater gives me the opportunity to be nothing more than a character like here I am José or when I made The Lion King I was Simba. I feel it’s good because I give another approach to my life and my career in which I learn a lot, in which I surround myself with a lot of talent and after each job I have always come out more nourished and that later I can bring it to my own shows.

“That’s why I really like giving myself that little time, because musical theater has been a part of my life for 15 years now, so if I want to, no matter how long it takes, do a play every now and then. time I have lasted six years since The Lion King Mexico which was the last one I did in 2016 and now in 2022 I come back with a character I have a lot of affection for and it’s a job that made me dream. It’s seven weeks… it’s more time for me to rehearse than the performances, but it’s so that people can enjoy the José I’m going to do and as I say, from there I am no longer responsible, ”he concluded.

In February 2022, Carlos Rivera will launch a special edition of Leyendas’ tribute album which includes two new voices: Napoleón and Miguel Bosé Carlos has more than 2.4 billion streams worldwide. Over 4.5 billion views on his YouTube channel won a Gold and a Silver Seagull

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