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Lights up on Washington Heights.

The opening weekend of the big screen adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Broadway musical “In the Heights” is finally upon us after the COVID-19 pandemic delays its theatrical release for almost a year.

Critics say the ‘driven’, ‘joyful’, ‘life-affirming’ and ‘socially distance-less’ cinematic wonder is the perfect reason to return to theaters, which have been dark across the country for several months. due to the public health crisis.

“To call this film bold would be an understatement; to describe him as small would be a lie, ”writes Justin Chang for the Los Angeles Times.

“At nearly two and a half hours and with a formidable ensemble of actors singing, rapping, dancing and practically stepping out of the frame, ‘In the Heights’ is brash and invigorating entertainment, a film of tender and delicate moments that nonetheless delights. unashamedly of its own size and scale.

Directed by Jon M. Chu, “In the Heights” centers around charismatic bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos) living in the predominantly Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.

While running his vibrant local business, Usnavi (created on Broadway by Miranda) uplifts his vibrant community, finds love, and dreams of escaping to his native Dominican Republic.

“As a collection of interwoven stories set to the pulsating rhythms of everyday barrio life, this ‘In the Heights’ can seem as dramatically thin and stretched as its source was,” Chang continues in his review.

“But as the musical valentine of a tight-knit Latin American community, a whirlwind inspired by hip-hop, Latin pop, salsa and other musical idioms, his pleasures are often glorious, even transporting. It summons – and for the most part maintains – the kind of visual and musical energy that could help give the films the resurgent summer they’ve been waiting for.

Written for the screen by Quiara Alegría Hudes – who also wrote the book for the directing – the film’s musical features a cast that includes Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins, Melissa Barrera and Olga Merediz.

Find out what others have said about the upcoming summer blockbuster below.

AV Club

“In the heights” the portrait in slices of life suggests a less ambitious undertaking than Hamilton, but it tells a story as vast as that of a nascent nation ”, writes Danette Chavez.

“Through the two musicals, Miranda demonstrates how deeply rooted people of color are in the history of this country: before reinventing a crucial chapter in the history of the United States with black and Latin actors, the famous multi-trait d’union shed light on the struggle of marginalized people against displacement. At the heart of “In The Heights”, on stage or on screen, is movement – as migration, as immigration, as dance, as code change, as passage of time. ‘friends to lovers. After nearly 13 years, it is time for the public to join the parranda.

But why Tho?

“There are a lot of things I want to say about ‘In the Heights’. I can say this is the most amazing example of Latinx joy I have ever seen on screen. I can talk about how it takes wrestling very real and elegantly presents [it] to an audience that may not know what it is ”, writes Kate Sánchez.

“I can talk about how I was Nina, in a place where everyone thought I didn’t belong, and how that fueled my impostor syndrome. I can say that the most touching number in the film isn’t the one that comes from sadness, but rather the one that calls on Latinxes to raise our flags, own our identities, and feel joy and strength with it. I can write about all of these things and somehow still wouldn’t be able to capture the power and beauty of “In the Heights”.

CineFilm TV

“All the actors play wonderfully in their musical numbers. Miranda and Chu bring out the best in all actors, even those who are not trained as singers. Actors like Hawkins and Barrera, who are not known for their vocal abilities, shine here with beautiful renditions of their singing voices, ” writes Lupe R. Haas.

“Anthony Ramos, of course, is the heart of the film. The actor is very charismatic and endearing. He holds the film together even when the story ventures into the subplots of other characters. He tells a story of a captivating way that holds your attention for over two hours.


“The simplicity of the story belies the intoxicating nature of the music, from the beautiful ballads to a Busby Berkeley-style rendition of ‘96,000″ at the local pool and a beautifully choreographed tribute to Fred Astaire. ” writes Brian Lowry.

Throughout, the film is bursting with energy and color, with judicious casting choices from top to bottom, perhaps especially with Grace (a singer who is making her film debut) and Barrera (who starred in the Starz series ‘Vida’). “

Weekly entertainment

“For all of its rich tapestry and radiant ingenuity, it’s this casual centering of so many marginalized voices that makes the film, in its own way, groundbreaking: a Technicolor marvel as heady as old Hollywood and as modern as this moment. writes Leah Greenblatt.

Hollywood journalist

“The film radiates love for its characters, their background, and the pride with which they defend their cultural imprint against the pervasive forces of development in New York City that continually push the marginalized further into the margins.” writes David Rooney. “The resilience with which the characters claim their place in the fabric of city life is exhilarating. “

Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera in “In the Heights”.

(Macall Polay / Warner Bros. Entertainment)


Even on his static Broadway set – rocked every night and twice on Sunday like a snow globe in a heat wave – ‘In the Heights’ was animated by his feverish insistence that home is something people take away. with them wherever they go “, writes David Ehrlich.

“By opening this snow globe and watching it spread through the streets of Washington Heights, Chu has created a film that makes his characters seem like they are dreaming with their eyes open. Here is such a magical and confident musical that even its missteps seem like great ideas.

Association of Latin Entertainment Journalists.

“[Chu’s] direction of ‘In the heights’ may have been mocked during the announcement, but after seeing the film it’s hard to imagine another director doing it justice ”, writes Toni Gonzales.

“Chu is able to capture the culture and with justified reverence make it shine and shine. Not an easy task to do, no doubt. But Chu does it brilliantly in her choice of choreographed dance scenes, shot selections, and – as the movie says – with patience and faith.

New York Times

“Like Usnavi, the film – bristling with ideas, verbal wit and musical invention – has its heart on its sleeve”, writes AO Scott. “It also reflects its virtues: generosity, decency, hard work, pride. Ramos’ charisma is perfectly suited to the role.

“His modesty is as winning and genuine as his bravado, and he is a strong stage singer as well as a subtle film actor. It would be unfair to the rest of the wonderful cast – and wrong to the family and inclusive spirit that makes “In the Heights” so successful – to say it dominates the screen. He’s the one who keeps the party going, and that’s why it’s happening. “

USA today

“That’s right, ‘In The Heights’ is a traditional musical, right down to its lavish Busby Berkeley-style production numbers. This does not diminish its importance ”, writes Raul A. Reyes. “For the Latino public, it is an opportunity to be proud of our culture. And to everyone else, it’s a reminder that Latinos live, work, and pursue their dreams just like other Americans.

“With its spanglish, salsa and infectious rhythms, ‘In The Heights’ presents the Latin experience with authenticity and affection. It’s a celebration of the Latin heritage that America needs right now.


“Seeing Dominicans and Puerto Ricans taking to the streets might not be as new as it was when ‘In the Heights’ was released on Broadway, but it’s no less invigorating on the big screen. ” writes Peter Debruge. “Miranda’s awesome songs speak for themselves, leaving Chu to orchestrate the carnival del barrio that does ordinary people of color justice. Bawl! “


“The film was shot on location in Washington Heights, giving it an immediacy that makes it a vibrant, sometimes dissonant combination with the over-the-top aesthetic of a studio musical. writes Bilge Ebiri.

“Chu simultaneously mixes the relaxed, the lived and the intimate with the broad gestures and precise rhythms and dreamlike logic of a traditional musical, as the actors easily switch between the naturalistic and the theatrical.”

A crowd of people partying in a giant swimming pool

Corey Hawkins, center, as Benny in “In the Heights”.

(Photos Warner Bros.)

Washington post

“Blending rap, salsa, merengue and Latin pop, and checking the names of specific countries and cultures too often flattened with the overly generalist term ‘Latino,’ the big-screen version of ‘In the Heights’ preserves what could be that by Miranda. most revolutionary achievement: reframe American musical theater in a vernacular language that is quite familiar – but specific, authentic and invigorating ”, writes Ann Hornaday.

We live the entertainment

“From start to finish, ‘In the Heights’ is a musical odyssey”, writes Adriana Gomez-Weston.

“The film opens with the catchy title song, ‘In the Heights’, then reaches an emotional first note with ‘Breathe’. Some other highlights are “96,000” and “Carnaval del Barrio”. Overall, “In the Heights” doesn’t have a song or a moment that isn’t pleasant. Once again, combined with Quiara Alegría Hudes’ writing skills, Lin-Manuel Miranda shows his incredible ability to interweave words and sounds to create something beautiful.

The Envelope

“With ‘In the Heights’, Chu delivers the Latino equivalent of his previous box office hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and takes it out of the park. writes Monica Castillo.

“Like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, not everyone will feel represented when they watch ‘In the Heights’. It is an impossible task for any movie. Yet ‘In the Heights’ can represent a lot of things for many different viewers. It can be a story of ambitious and hardworking people chasing their dreams. It can be a reflection on the immigrant experience and the struggle to find one’s place. It can also be a tribute to the sacrifices of our parents.

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Ricky Martin and Paloma Mami talk about “Que Rico Fuera” Thu, 10 Jun 2021 23:19:25 +0000

“Que Rico Fuera” – co-written by Paloma and Ricky and directed by producers Wissem Larfaoui, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz and Juan Camilo Vargas – is a rhythmic Caribbean bop with urban pop fusions and sultry lyrics. They describe the song as “lit”, “sabrosura“(tasty) or, Martin’s personal favorite,” Freaky Ricky “.

“My thing is to find the magic in different cultures and to break down the barriers,” said the Puerto Rican star. “At the end of the day, I kind of catch the rhythms that move me, transform them into my sound, and that’s the dynamics that worked.

For Ricky and Paloma, who recorded the song separately but first met while filming the video in California, this is exactly what people needed right now.

“We’re in a moment where we’ve been through so much and this song moves people,” says Martin.

But their collaboration goes beyond the professional.

“We have an astrological connection,” he says. “Everything I do with a Scorpio turns out to be very successful and I didn’t know that was his sign until we finished filming the video.”

Paloma, who says she just loves Capricorns, immediately knew there was a “magical chemistry” between the two.

“She’s young and knows what she wants and doesn’t want and I love that she is so connected. You can see it by his music and his performance in this song, ”Martin notes.

“Que Rico Fuera” will be on Martin’s next album To play, scheduled for later this year.

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Jennifer Lopez Shoots New Music Video and Poses With Cops While Filming in Miami | Latin post Thu, 10 Jun 2021 03:04:38 +0000

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez stunned the crowd as she posed with police officers during the filming of her new music video.

According to a Daily mail report, the 51-year-old Latina superstar took a photo with three lucky cops on Wednesday, June 9 in Miami Beach.

In the photo, Jennifer Lopez appeared to enjoy the company of the police as she posed for a photo while working on the set of an upcoming music video.

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Jennifer Lopez poses with the police

Emitting her charisma and youthful glow, Jennifer Lopez wowed people by wearing a dazzling silver bra with a white button-down shirt and cropped shorts revealing the waistband of her Dolce & Gabbana underwear.

The Latina pop diva Americanized her look wearing a red cap with a famous soda brand logo and multicolored Nike shoes.

Police officers were thrilled with the photoshoot as the Miami Beach Police Department posted their cops photo with Jennifer Lopez on their Instagram Account.

“From her neighborhood to ours, JLo feels at home in Española with MBPD”, captioned the police department.

But the energy of the Latina pop diva seemed to be high during her music video shoot in the area. People reported that Jennifer Lopez stopped in the lobby of the hotel where she was staying to take another photo with two fans before returning to her room.

Jennifer Lopez shoots new music video: new music on the way

The fan photoshoot with the Latina superstar took place while her new music video was filmed. A source told People the filming lasted more than nine hours. Jennifer Lopez was also spotted on Tuesday evening June 8, filming with reggaetón star Rauw Alejandro.

Before the photo shoot with his fans, Jennifer lopez teased her 158 million Instagram followers with a photo of herself in a bright red car as she strikes her charismatic pose in front of the camera.

“There’s only one. Good things are coming,” Lopez captioned in her Instagram update. The Latina pop diva also included #CambiaElPaso in her caption, a song by singer Andy Harlow in 1972.

However, it was not clear whether Jennifer Lopez would do a cover version of the song or an original piece from the Latina superstar.

Jennifer Lopez would never let her fans down when releasing songs. One of his famous songs, “On the Floor”, with rapper Pitbull, released in 2011, has garnered 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, her first full-length album titled “On The 6”, released in 1999, was greeted positively by fans and critics.

News of Lopez’s new music comes as the Latina singer recently signed a deal with Netflix and is set to release a range of movies and TV content with the streaming giant.

Along with Jennifer Lopez’s new music in the works, the Latina superstar was set to contribute several songs to the official soundtrack for her upcoming film, “Marry Me”.

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez takes time for a photo with the police during the filming of the latest music video in Miami Beach – From CBS Miami

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YouTube’s TikTok competitor, Shorts arrives in UK, Canada and Latin America Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:15:00 +0000

YouTube announced that its abridged video feature, in the imaginative title Shorts, has been extended from its initial offering of India and the United States to also cover the United Kingdom, Canada and 21 Latin American countries. Shorts is YouTube’s answer to TikTok, letting you upload videos up to 60 seconds to your channel between your regular long videos.

Deployment to the UK, Canada and 21 Latin American countries started a few days ago and is expected to be completed by the end of June. So some users in these regions will already see the new shorts tab and have the option to post a short film while others will see it appear in the coming weeks.

This brings the total number of countries in which YouTube Shorts is available to 25, including Aruba, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, l ‘Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Turks and Caicos Islands, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Short films seem to receive an overall positive response from both creators and their audiences, however, there are some things you will need to keep in mind if you are a YouTube content creator, even if you are not enjoying the benefits. short films. Namely, anyone can take audio from your content and use it in their shorts. Fortunately, YouTube has now added batch permission to turn off this feature and prevent people from sampling your videos in their shorts. However, you cannot yet turn this off by default, so you should make sure to manually turn it off on any new videos you upload.

Have you ever taken advantage of YouTube Shorts for your channel? What was the answer for you?

[via Tech Crunch]

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Pop-up new pizzeria arrives at Lewiston Forage Market Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:48:50 +0000

Pizza Kathy from David Dyke’s new Lewiston pizza pop-up, David Made Pizza. Dyke, who named his first three pies Kathy, Marge and Dennis, said, “They’re all based on composite characters; the pie has specific personality elements that I associate with people I have known, but no pie is based on a specific person. Submitted photo

This week, the Buzz reopens, renovates and serves up a share of Kathy.

And Marge. And Denis.

First up: a new pop-up pizzeria with delicious name pies.

A cartoon David Dyke drew of himself making pizza in his new pop-up store, David Made Pizza, on Saturday nights at Forage Market in Lewiston. Her goal is to draw an original sketch on each box of pizza as it exits the door, weather permitting. Graphic submitted

David Dyke, a Latin teacher at Windham High School who lives in Auburn, launched the new pop-up David makes pizza at the Forage Market from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays outside catering hours.

Dyke said his first summer job growing up was at a Little Caesar in Vermont. After he and his wife, Becca, moved to Maine in 2017, he worked at Forage one summer and fell in love with his brick kiln.

“I am really grateful to them,” he said.

Ideas started to seep in from there. The June menu starts off with three pies: La Marge, a traditional margarita pizza with tomato sauce and mixed mozzarella, finished with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and herbs. The Kathy, a Marge with pepperoni and “a drizzle of hot honey afterwards, so it’s a little sweet and a little spicy”. And the Dennis, a mixed mozzarella base, with Parmigiano-Reggiano and topped with burrata cheese, “So it’s this really decadent, rich, cheesy pie.”

The rectangular sourdough crusts are airy and about an inch thick, he said, lined with crisp, caramelized cheese. At 8 inches by 10 inches, “it’s a little smaller than printer paper and then it’s about the thickness of Homer’s ‘Iliad’, for my Latin teacher context” said Dyke.

They are sized for “two people comfortably or one uncomfortable person,” he added.

Prices range from $ 13 to $ 16. Customers are asked to call at least an hour in advance for pickup. Phone orders start at 3 p.m.

The pop-up will run until the end of August. Dyke said his goal was to “do pretty things, delight people with quirky artwork on the boxes and ingredients and a wood-fired pizza oven you don’t see often.”

David Buchanan in his orchard behind the Portersfield Cider Tasting Room in Pownal in 2017. File photo by Andrée Kehn / Sun Journal


The Portersfield Cider tasting room in Pownal is back.

David Buchanan, who has more than 200 apple varieties on his farm and a passion for collecting rare varieties, was unable to open it last year due to COVID-19.

He announced this week that the tasting room will reopen this Saturday, and in the future, will be open from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays by reservation. Buchanan will offer both cider flights and local cheese platters.

The tastes of American cider can change quickly, he said. It’s hard to stay current in a vacuum.

“I miss direct interactions with customers not only because it’s so rewarding to see them enjoy my cider, but because I learn from them,” Buchanan said. “Seeing the expressions on their faces and hearing their reactions is kind of a collaboration. Sending bottles around the world without any direct returns just isn’t the same.

Construction is underway on the $ 1.1 million project at Ironhouse Engineering, a consulting firm on River Road in Lewiston, where they are adding office space to the old Provencher Landscape and Nursery. The Walmart distribution facility can be seen at the back left of the photo. Russ Dillingham / Journal of the Sun Buy this photo


Ironhouse Engineering has more than doubled in size at 299 River Road in Lewiston.

President Brian Langlais said he originally expected the company, which specializes in consulting work for utilities and power producers, to have 12 to 15 local employees and a handful of remote workers.

“We hired 10 employees last year, so right now we’re down to 24 employees in total as a company, so we’ve maximized our local space,” he said. “In fact, we just hired a few more people this week. We’re going to be closer to 16 locally and we expect to be up around 20-25 next year. “

Langlais worked for Central Maine Power Co. before starting his business.

“We can really do our job from anywhere,” he said. “We happen to be doing a lot of work in Maine, but we’re starting to diversify a lot more in the Northeast. “

The office space, a former barn, is undergoing a renovation of the existing 3,600 square feet and an addition of 4,266 square feet, a project of $ 1.1 million, according to the permit of city ​​building. The look will remain the same.

“It’s a bit of a unique office, to work in a barn for a business office,” he said. “One of the challenges we had too was a barn so there were a lot of hard surfaces; noise management was a challenge, having quiet places to have meetings.

Construction is expected to be completed by October.

Quick shots on arrivals, departures and business events. Got a Buzzable Tip? Contact editor Kathryn Skelton at 689-2844 or [email protected]


Following ”

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Roberto Cantoral: Google doodle to honor Mexican pianist, singer and songwriter on his birthday Tue, 08 Jun 2021 02:16:20 +0000

Happy birthday, Roberto Cantoral!

Google doodles to celebrate Mexican pianist, guitarist, singer, poet, activist and composer Roberto Cantoral (also known as Roberto Cantoral García). The Doodle, illustrated by guest artist Totoi Semerena.

Roberto Cantoral made the soundtrack to a booming era of romantic Latin pop with beloved ballads such as “El Reloj” (“The Watch”) and “La Barca” (“The Boat”), which have both been recorded over 1,000 times by dozens of musicians including Plácido Domingo and Linda Ronstadt.

Roberto Cantoral Garcia was born on June 7, 1935 in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. From an early age he showed an aptitude for music and its composition. Cantoral moved to Mexico City to attend college, but dropped out to become a conductor. Cantoral resided in Rancho Viejo, Texas, just across the Mexican border. His house, which suffered a fire in 2006 but has been renovated, has a large marble clock in honor of his song, El Reloj, and several statues.

Roberto Antonio Cantoral García launched his career at age 15 when he and his brother Antonio formed the duo “Hermanos Cantoral” (“Cantoral Brothers”). But his music met with mainstream success once he teamed up with Chamin Correa and Leonel Galver to form the aptly named trio “Los Tres Caballeros” (“The Three Gentlemen”).

The trio traveled all over the 1950s, taking their romantic ballads on world tours to countries ranging from Japan to Argentina. In 1960, Cantoral started out on his own. His original solo compositions were performed by some of Mexico’s most distinguished singers, and he continued to share his music with the world into the 2000s, performing at music festivals, radio shows, and television programs in more than 120 countries.

Cantoral was married to Itatí Zucchi and was the father of Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral, co-star of the television series Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe de Televisa. Roberto Cantoral had three sons, Carlos, Roberto and José, with Zucchi.

Along with his musical heritage, Cantoral has advocated for the protection of the intellectual property of composers as Honorary President of the Mexican Society of Composers and Authors for over 25 years. In 2009, Cantoral was honored at the 10th Latin Grammy Awards with the Latin Recording Academy Trustees Award to recognize his dedication to music and to the community.

In 2010, Cantoral, 75, died of a heart attack while flying from Brownsville, Texas to Ciudad de México.

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Back to history | Life and entertainment Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:10:00 +0000

Sunday 6 June 2021

Today is Sunday, June 6, the 157th day of 2021. There are 208 days left in the year.

The highlight of today’s story:

On June 6, 1944, during World War II, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France on “D-Day” as they began the liberation of German-occupied western Europe.

To this date :

In 1816, a snowstorm hit the northeastern United States, heralding what would become the “Year Without Summer”.

In 1918, the US Marines suffered heavy losses when they launched their ultimately successful counteroffensive against German troops at the Battle of Belleau Wood in France during World War I.

In 1934, the Securities and Exchange Commission was established.

In 1939, Little League’s first game was when Lundy Lumber defeated Lycoming Dairy 23-8 in Williamsport, Pa.

In 1966, black activist James Meredith was shot and wounded while walking along a Mississippi highway to encourage black voter registration.

In 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy died at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, 25 and a half hours after being shot by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.

In 1977, a widely divided United States Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law imposing an automatic death penalty on defendants convicted of the first degree murder of a police officer.

In 1978, California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 13, a primary ballot initiative calling for deep cuts in property taxes.

In 1982, Israeli forces invaded Lebanon to drive Palestine Liberation Organization fighters out of the country. (The Israelis withdrew in June 1985.)

In 1989, funeral services were held for Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Washington State Democrat Tom Foley succeeded Jim Wright as Speaker of the House.

In 2001, Democrats formally took control of the US Senate after Vermont Republican James Jeffords decided to become independent.

In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled, 6-3, that people who smoked marijuana because their doctors recommended it for pain relief could be prosecuted for violating federal drug laws.

Ten years ago: After days of denials, New York Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner confessed he tweeted a photo of his bulging underwear to a woman and admitted to having “inappropriate” exchanges with six women before and after marriage; Weiner apologized for lying but said he wouldn’t quit (which he ended up doing). The Bowl Championship Series deprived Southern California of its 2004 title after the Trojans were hit with heavy penalties from the NCAA for rule violations committed during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

Five years ago: A Los Angeles jury handed down a death sentence for Lonnie Franklin Jr., the serial killer known as the “Grim Sleeper” who murdered nine women and a teenage girl over several decades. Theresa Saldana, the “Raging Bull” actress who survived a brutal stalker attack to become a crime victims lawyer and resumed her acting career with “The Commish” and others television shows, died in Los Angeles at age 61.

A year ago: Tens of thousands of people gathered in cities from Australia to Europe to honor George Floyd and express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Massive and peaceful protests took place across the country to demand police reform, as services for George Floyd were held in North Carolina, near his birthplace. Thousands of people have once again taken to the streets and parks of New York City to protest police brutality; the police withdrew on the application of a curfew at 8 p.m. which had led to clashes. Seattle police used flash bang devices and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of protesters on the ninth consecutive day of George Floyd’s protests in the city. The Brazilian government has stopped publishing a running total of coronavirus deaths and infections; the country’s latest official figures showed it had the third highest death toll in the world. The coronavirus pandemic and its confinements have left Omaha Beach in Normandy largely deserted for the D-Day anniversary celebration.

Today’s Birthdays: Singer-songwriter Gary “US” Bonds is 82 years old. Country singer Joe Stampley is 78 years old. Jazz musician Monty Alexander is 77 years old. Actor Robert Englund is 74 years old. Folk singer Holly Near is 72 years old. Singer Dwight Twilley is 70 years old. Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Is 69 years old. Dramatic actor Harvey Fierstein (FY’-ur-steen) is 69 years old. Actress Sandra Bernhard is 66 years old. International Tennis Hall of Fame Bjorn Borg is 65 years old. Actor Amanda Pays is 62 years old. Comedian Colin Quinn is 62 years old. Record producer Jimmy Jam is 62. Rock musician Steve Vai is 61 years old. Rock singer-musician Tom Araya (Slayer) is 60 years old. Actor Jason Isaacs is 58 years old. Actor Anthony Starke is 58 years old. Rock musician Sean Yseult (White Zombie) is 55 years old. Actor Max Casella is 54 years old. Actor Paul Giamatti is 54 years old. R&B singer Damion Hall (Guy) is 53 years old. Rock musician James “Munky” Shaffer (Korn) is 51 years old. Television correspondent Natalie Morales is 49 years old. Country singer Lisa Brokop is 48. Rapper-rocker Uncle Kracker is 47 years old. Actor Sonya Walger is 47 years old. Actor Staci Keanan is 46 years old. Jazz singer Somi is 45 years old. Actor Amber Borycki is 38 years old. Actor Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is 14 years old.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Today is Monday, June 7, the 158th day of 2021. There are 207 days left in the year.

The highlight of today’s story:

On June 7, 1942, the Battle of Midway ended with a decisive victory for US naval forces over Imperial Japan, marking a turning point in the Pacific War.

To this date :

In 1712, the Pennsylvania Colonial Assembly voted to ban all further importation of slaves.

In 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed a resolution to the Continental Congress declaring “that these united colonies are, and should be, free and independent states.”

In 1892, Homer Plessy, a “colored Creole,” was arrested for refusing to leave a white car on the East Louisiana Railroad. (In ruling on her case, the United States Supreme Court upheld “separate but equal” racial segregation, a concept she renounced in 1954.)

In 1929, the sovereign state of Vatican City came into being when copies of the Lateran Treaty were exchanged in Rome.

In 1937, the movie star Jean Harlow died in Los Angeles at the age of 26.

In 1954, British mathematician, computer pioneer and code breaker Alan Turing died at age 41, an apparent suicide. (Turing, convicted in 1952 of “gross indecency” for a same-sex relationship, was pardoned in 2013.

In 1958, singer-songwriter Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis.

In 1965, the United States Supreme Court, in Griswold v. Connecticut, struck down, 7-2, a Connecticut law used to sue a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Haven for providing contraceptives to married couples.

In 1981, Israeli military planes destroyed a nuclear power plant in Iraq, a facility the Israelis accused could have been used to manufacture nuclear weapons.

In 1993, the United States Supreme Court ruled that religious groups could sometimes meet on school property after hours. The ground was laid for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

In 1998, in a crime that shocked the nation, James Byrd Jr., a 49-year-old black man, was hung by a chain to a pickup truck and dragged to his death in Jasper, Texas. (Two white men were subsequently sentenced to death; one, Lawrence Russell Brewer, was executed in 2011 and the other, John William King, was executed in April 2019. A third accused was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.)

In 2004, a constant, near-silent flow of people walked through the rotunda of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, where the body of the country’s 40th president lay before heading to Washington two days later for a funeral. national. .

Ten years ago: Muammar Gaddafi opposed NATO’s heaviest and most punitive airstrikes to date, saying in an audio speech broadcast on Libyan State TV: “We will not kneel down ! Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the al-Qaida mastermind behind the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, was killed at a security checkpoint in Mogadishu by Somali forces.

Five years ago: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump claimed their parties’ presidential nominations following contests in New Jersey, California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. Five people were killed and four were injured when a pickup truck struck a large group of cyclists from behind on a two-lane highway in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. (The driver of the van, Charles Pickett Jr., who was under the influence of drugs, was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.)

A year ago: A majority of Minneapolis city council members said they supported dismantling the police department. (The idea was later blocked, but it became part of a national debate over police reform.) Peaceful protests against the death of George Floyd continued in New York City, as Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the end of the 8 p.m. curfew. effect. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has lifted the city’s curfew and the city has reopened downtown stations after days of protests that have remained largely peaceful. Thousands of people have taken to the streets of European cities to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. A Johns Hopkins University tally found the worldwide death toll from COVID-19 topped 400,000. Tropical Storm Cristobal landed in Louisiana, sending dangerous weather conditions much further east across the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama and causing a tornado in Florida.

Today’s Birthdays: Director James Ivory is 93 years old. Actress Virginia McKenna is 90 years old. Singer Tom Jones is 81 years old. Poet Nikki Giovanni is 78 years old. Former talk show host Jenny Jones is 75. Americana singer-songwriter Willie Nile is 73 years old. Actress Anne Twomey is 70. Actor Liam Neeson is 69 years old. Actor Colleen Camp is 68 years old. Author Louise Erdrich (UR’-drihk) is 67 years old. Actor William Forsythe is 66 years old. Record producer LA Reid is 65. Latino pop singer Juan Luis Guerra is 64 years old. Former Vice President Mike Pence is 62 years old. The singer-rock musician Gordon Gano (The Violent Women) is 58 years old. Rock musician Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots) is 55 years old. Rock musician Dave Navarro is 54 years old. Actress Helen Baxendale is 51 years old. Senator Ben Ray Luján, DN.M., is 49 years old. Actor Karl Urban is 49 years old. TV personality Bear Grylls is 47 years old. Rock musician Eric Johnson (The Shins) is 45 years old. Actor Adrienne Frantz is 43 years old. Actor-comedian Bill Hader is 43 years old. Actor Anna Torv is 42 years old. Actress Larisa Oleynik (oh-LAY’-nihk) is 40 years old. Former tennis player Anna Kournikova is 40 years old. Actor Michael Cera is 33 years old. Actor Shelley Buckner is 32 years old. Rapper Iggy Azalea is 31 years old. Model actress Emily Ratajkowski is 30 years old. Rapper Fetty Wap is 30 years old.

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Apple Music teases special Spatial Audio event for June 7, slated for after WWDC keynote Sun, 06 Jun 2021 11:48:00 +0000

Apple will be holding its WWDC Kickoff Keynote on Monday, June 7 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, but it turns out that it won’t be the only Apple event that morning. Apple Music has now announced a special event, apparently focused on Spatial Audio, for June 7 at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET.

The event was ad in a video posted to Apple Music over the weekend, which was first spotted by Kenny on Twitter. The video simply teases “tune in at 12:00 PM PT on June 7 to watch this special event.” This event is not on the WWDC schedule and was not previously announced by Apple.

Apple announced support for Spatial Audio and lossless playback for Apple Music last month, saying it would be released in June. Now it looks like we’ll know more about this launch tomorrow.

Apple said that at launch, subscribers will be able to enjoy thousands of Spatial Audio songs written in Dolby Atmos by some of the world’s greatest artists and music in all genres, including hip-hop, country, Latin. , pop and classic. Apple promises to work with artists and labels to add new releases and catalog tracks, as more artists begin to create music specifically for the Spatial Audio experience.

The Spatial Audio feature will be supported on all AirPods and Beats headphones with an H1 or W1 chip, as well as built-in speakers in the latest versions of iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Meanwhile, Apple has promised that the entire Apple Music catalog of over 75 million songs will be available in a lossless version. Apple Music’s Lossless level starts at CD quality, which is 16-bit at 44.1kHz, and goes up to 24-bit at 48kHz and is playable natively on Apple devices. Apple Music will also offer Hi-Resolution Lossless up to 24-bit at 192kHz, which requires an external DAC.

Apple Music Lossless and Spatial Audio won’t cost Apple Music subscribers a lot.

FTC: We use automatic affiliate links which generate income. After.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Obituary of David Manriquez (1941 – 2021) – Goodyear, AZ Sat, 05 Jun 2021 21:27:11 +0000

Reverend David Ray Manriquez Sr, born March 19, 1941 in El Centro, California.

My father always said: “Jesus was born in a manger and I was born in a henhouse”. Born to Ramon Manriquez and Sarah Lujan Manriquez, they were the pioneers of a church when it was ready to give birth. A church member who didn’t have much donated an old chicken coop on his property and Grandpa was able to convert it into a space they would call home.

Soon after, the family moved to Santa Pala, California and then finally to Los Angeles where Grandma made many sacrifices to ensure that Pop and his 5 siblings had a good education and opportunities for a good life. It was in Los Angeles that he met our mother and they married in 1961. From that moment, they were known as “Sweet and Sweetheart”. Soon after, three sons: Raymond, David and Anthony. In 1967, my father moved us to San Bernardino, California, where my grandfather was pastor at Temple Siloe and Pop became his co-pastor. My father then attended the Latin American Bible Institute, Assemblies of God, where he received his ministerial license. Years later, he was asked to be an instructor for the extended courses offered in Banning, Calif., Through LABI.

My father had a deep love for the Word of God and recognized that he had a call to share the Love of Jesus Christ and how God can change their lives. He jumped at every opportunity to preach. He was 8 when he first preached on a children’s radio show in downtown Los Angles with LIFE Ministries. After graduating from Columbia Radio Broadcasting in 1971, he started his first radio program in Redlands, Calif., On public radio on Sunday mornings. It was then that her long-awaited princess was born and we received our little sister, Eileen.

Over the years, Pop would have many opportunities to preach the Word of God. Some were in places most of us wouldn’t like to go, but my dad went anyway. He said, “If God will allow me to go, I will go.” He was invited to preach in the harshest prison and small towns in Mexico alongside his father. In 1972, Pop was a pastor in San Bernardino, California. In 1976, my grandfather returned home to be with the Lord. Soon after, Pop was offered the post of pastor in San Jacinto, Calif. (New Life Chapel). Together, my parents were pastors there for over 7 years.

In 1985, Pop completed his AA as a valedictorian with an interest in phycology at Mt. San Jacinto Community College and subsequently obtained his Masters of Divinity from Bethel Bible College. With a love for education, Pop was excepted at the University of San Diego where he continued his studies. While in San Diego, he bonded with Pastor Vicente Montano and became his co-pastor at Zion Christian Center and co-host of the Diles TV show. This program has been performed throughout Central and North America, opening many doors for him to minister around the world. To name a few, Pop has preached in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, El Salvador and many states in the United States. While on vacation in Israel, he was asked to lead communion with his tour group in the upper room, the same place where the Lord had his last supper. In San Diego, Pop had the privilege of meeting world-renowned evangelist George Otis, who owned a short-distance radio station in Los Angeles. Otis once again invited Pop to preach on the radio every week around the world.

In 1995, my parents moved to Palm Springs, California, where they were planning to retire. Pop was never able to sit still, so he agreed to help a local Salvation Army friend who was looking for help building their new community center. Soon after, Pop was drafted into the Salvation Army where he served as a responsible envoy for 10 years, with our mother still by his side. He worked hard to help raise over $ 5,000,000.00 to build a brand new church, and when its construction was completed, he felt ready to retire in Goodyear, Arizona. But…. Pop never learned to retire. He always found old friends and made new friends. When people realized that he was anointed to preach, he was always asked to help the pastor, teach and / or preach. He never missed an opportunity to share the pure gospel.

In 2019, Pop fell ill and ended up in hospital for the very first time. As a result, he ended up with only 20% of his heart function and his doctor told him he had to stop being a pastor. It was devastating for him because he had always said, “When I die, I want to die preaching and doing the Lord’s work or die in my sleep. Pop was determined to keep preaching, so he made FaceBook his platform and used social media to spread the gospel daily to people around the world he would never meet. Everyone who heard him loved him. And thousands of souls have been won into the Kingdom of Heaven because Pop made it his mission to never stop sharing the Gospel with anyone who would listen to it.

After he recovered, the Lord took him to the Tolleson Christion Center where he said to my mother: “It feels like home”. Pastor Fernando Jimenez and the church welcomed my parents with open arms. Understanding his limitations, the pastor included them in the church and watched them closely. As time went on and my dad got stronger, Pastor Fernando gave him a place of honor and involved him as much as Pop wanted.

We think that’s what kept my dad going for the past 2 years. It was here that Pop was able to fulfill his long desire to live and preach his last sermon on the last Sunday before his death. My family and I would like to thank Pastor Jimenez and the Tolleson Christian Center church family for welcoming our parents into your family and looking after them as a member of your family. Pop was incredibly blessed and returned to the Lord on his terms peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning May 29, 2021.

Posted by Thompson Funeral Chapel June 5-6, 2021.

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Latin Superstar Bad Bunny Catches Everyone Singing In Japanese In New Single Sat, 05 Jun 2021 05:04:01 +0000

Hey Latin lovers, this is K Marie a white girl in a Hispanic world! And can we please talk about Bad bunny? He’s been so busy lately doing huge things like fulfilling his dream of fighting in the WWE, and planning “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo“which means roughly”The last world tour“, which will start in 2022. I mean, he’s busy, isn’t he? But he had been pretty quiet on social media, until today. It’s crazy because Bad Bunny is literally become such a superstar that he doesn’t even need to tease his fans with a release date, he just releases a song and it becomes a number 1 hit. This most recent single is interesting for a specific reason, it talks about Japanese in it! Yeah, I know, you’re still trying to understand what he’s saying in Spanish because maybe you don’t speak it well, and now he’s adding Japanese? Yonaguni and the video shows him doing everything from waking up to partying with friends, eating sushi and walking his dog.

A lot of people in the comments joked about him singing in Japanese in the song, but it’s a very cool idea and concept because we’ve seen musicians in Asia cross over with their music to the United States with bands from K-POP like BTS. So why can’t Bad Bunny cross Asia? A lot of people are going to think this is the first time a Latin superstar has done this, but I have to pay homage to what is due. There is a legend who has done this once in the past, and his name is Juan Luis Guerra. He had a role where he sang in Japanese in his song “Bachata en Fukuoka”.

Either way, Bad Bunny can really do whatever he wants. He’s at this point in his career where he’s doing whatever he wants to do, and since he now speaks Japanese, he might soon be interested in doing a few songs with Korean pop groups. Can you imagine anything between him and BTS? Bananas!

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