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Like the proverbial wildfire, rumors have spread that Luis Miguel is apparently on the verge of ruin and a terrible health crisis. They were such persistent gossip that they even appeared on the cover of a famous Mexican magazine (the one that says he always tells the truth). But giving credit to that gossip is like giving credit to any gossip about such a media figure as the Sun.

Luis Miguel in 2018 REUTERS/Henry Romero (MEXICO)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Luis Miguel’s official launch as a singer and it’s only natural that – as has been the case throughout his career – these kinds of stories arise. Although some of the “myths” woven around him are verifiable (such as Michelle’s paternity, which was a matter of back and forth for years and he himself denied and denied it and then, if that wasn’t enough, he’s back to denying), others are already taken for granted (that Luisito Rey was responsible for the now obvious disappearance and death of his wife, Marcella Basteri) and others are frankly ridiculous (the rumor that Luis Miguel died of a heroin overdose in 1994 and that the current one we see in the media is a lookalike, which frankly was already something absurd when we said it of Paul McCartney, the Beatle).

But let’s be honest: everyone knows that Luis Miguel can neither retire nor go into ruin, because whether or not he records songs, tours concerts or not, he is a media product that continues to sell and a lot. For the same reason, rumors that speak ominously about the end of his career can be categorically denied without much effort.

And to prove it, there are already notes that do it: Carlos Bremer, one of the businessmen responsible for the recent resurgence of the Sun with his controversial friend Miguel Alemán Magnani (who has apparently already paid his minimum debt of 6 million pesos with the treasure and is no longer considered a fugitive from justice), explained that it is not true that he is on the verge of ruin.

In fact, Bremer and Alemán Magnani collaborated on the production of the infamous Netflix biographical series, which was heavily criticized for its disastrous character presentation (although Luis Miguel himself parted ways with this, accusing the team of librettists led by Daniel, the son of historian Enrique Krauze) and for which the singer would have received the price of 35 million dollars, according to our colleague from Showbizz Daily.

In an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, Bremer pointed out that Luis Miguel actually had a fall and underwent surgery, he is fine, with healthy finances, as he was able to cover his debts satisfactorily. As if that were not enough, he says he is ready to resume his singing career.

Luis Miguel is a natural talent. He proved it when he was 12 and his first album came out and he endorsed it again and again over the decades. He’s an old-fashioned idol, like Vicente Fernández or Raphaël. Years may pass and he may mature (or age, rise) on stage — you know as I do that Luis Miguel adopted Frank Sinatra’s model — he may be on everyone’s lips, but he won’t stop shine even though he hasn’t recorded a new single in years.

Because her overwhelming personality is more than enough to keep her going: whether it’s because of her sentimental life, her real or fictitious scandals, or because of elements from her past: the sun is the sun and it never stops not to shine, and every rumor that circulates around him instead of eclipsing him, it serves to make him shine more.


ON VIDEO: Luisito Rey’s Biography Reveals Luis Miguel’s Hard Childhood

The TV series Miguel Bosé finds its main actors Thu, 13 Jan 2022 20:47:39 +0000

Bose”, the next series based on the life of Spanish singer Miguel Bosé, has found its main actors. Jose Pastor and Ivan Sanchez signed on to play Miguel Bosé at different times in his life.

Both performers are Spanish, having developed exciting careers, with Ivan Sánchez having starring roles in series like “The Queen of the South,” and “Lines of pedestrian crossings.” This is their biggest role to date. In addition to the heavy task of embodying the personality and charisma of Miguel Bosé, the actors will also have to learn to appropriate his singing voice.

Miguel Bosé’s life is ripe for adaptation material. He was born into one of the most famous and important families in Spain in the 1950s, the son of the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin and Lucia Bose. Bosé’s musical career and fame coincided with the fall of the Franco dictatorship, showing the world open and colorful Spanish music, which strongly opposed the Franco regime.

Miguel Bose performing in London in 1991.

Bosé will air on Paramount+ and is currently filming in Spain and Miami. According to Variety.

Luis Miguel is nothing to LOSE an arm? That would be the reason – CVBJ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 01:14:10 +0000

With a little over 40 years of artistic career, the name of Luis Miguel continues to monopolize the front page since the premiere of his series at the hands of Netflix, directed by Diego Boneta.

And is that over the course of three seasons the singer was seen with very few occasions and shared some details of his life that were unknown, of his family, of his career and even of some of his romances.

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Since then, the singer’s songs have taken front row seats on various digital platforms, and even new generations have chanted songs such as “Guilty or Not”, “I Have Everything But You” and “Parole d’Honneur” .

However, the series reopened a few wounds that seemed to have healed over the years, but became a good economic source for the “Mexican Sun”.

And it is that everything seems to indicate that only for the first season of the series where the themes of his childhood and the relationship with his father are touched, Luis Rey the singer has obtained earnings of no less than five million dollars.

However, a source close to the interpreter of Mexican nationality, revealed that the singer had revealed to a Mexican media that not only was wasting everything that the series left him financially, but also was on the verge of losing an arm.

Serious health?

According to what was shared by TV Notes magazine, Luis Miguel had a spectacular accident in June 2021, when a heavy fall fractured his left shoulder.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the singer of songs like “La bikina” was transferred to a hospital in Santa Monica, United States, where a small surgical procedure was performed.

After the operation was completed, American doctors suggested that she undergo a rehabilitation procedure, but the Mexican star did not and so some complications erupted months later.

The worst of his recovery came shortly before the holidays as his health deteriorated to such an extent that he damaged his left arm to the point of losing it.

However, the doctors were able to intervene in time and managed to save his whole arm and at the moment he is rehabilitating which will be quite long despite the fact that the singer has already announced a surprise for 2022.

Depressed and bankrupt?

Despite the fact that only three seasons of the singer’s life were made, he had an economic remuneration of a total of three million Mexican pesos, which he wasted within a few months.

But everything seems to indicate that the singer will come back in style and it is not known if with new music or a new tour through Mexico and the United States, which will make his career stand out again.

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How Steven Gerrard’s ties to Philippe Coutinho make loan to Aston Villa worth the bet Fri, 07 Jan 2022 11:30:00 +0000

There is an excellent excerpt from Steven Gerrard’s autobiography in 2015, the same year he left Liverpool, where the current Aston Villa manager speaks fondly of Philippe Coutinho and their days together at Anfield.

Gerrard returns to 2014, right in the middle of Luis Suarez preparing to leave for Barcelona, ​​and the Uruguayan gives Gerrard a request about the Brazilian, who arrived in Merseyside in 2013.

“Make sure you take care of him [Coutinho]”Suarez told the former Reds captain.” He’s a good boy. “Suarez’s plea was not only to take care of Coutinho on the pitch, but also off. He wanted Gerrard to be on the pitch. assures him that he feels comfortable away from home as every South America, one way or another, often grapples with cultural change. In England, even more so.

Gerrard took Suarez’s request to heart and kept it, texting and talking to Coutinho, making sure he was happy in his new surroundings. Coutinho’s years at Liverpool are filled with fond memories, including several individual accolades. He scored 54 goals in 201 appearances, becoming the league’s most scoring Brazilian (41 goals) until the end of 2018, when his friend Roberto Firmino passed him in a 5-1 win over Arsenal. He was nicknamed “The Magician” because of his ability to pull something out of nothing, and what he did often.

The collective titles, however, did not come and that was a major reason for the Brazilian’s decision to leave and join Barcelona – he wanted silverware. Ironically enough, this search for titles came at a price, which cost it to deliver in the same way.

His talents are undeniable and at 29, having won titles in four nations, including the Copa America with Brazil and the Champions League with Bayern Munich, Coutinho still has a lot to offer. The point is, he needs three things: discipline, consistency, and praise. I spoke to Coutinho in 2020 when he was on loan at Bayern and one thing that has become very clear is that he is an optimist with a brilliant disposition, no matter what. He has a tattoo on his arm (done when he was in Liverpool) that says: “Never stop dreaming, ” and that feeling never went away.

“I am focused on making my dreams come true and I never look back,” he told me at the time. A half-full glass is always on her mind.

So here we are again with Coutinho’s friend. It was apparently a phone call between Gerrard and Coutinho that sparked the process of moving to Villa Park. It’s no surprise that Gerrard’s influence dictates the narrative.

On Thursday, the manager was silent on the possibility of bringing the Brazilian via a loan into the January transfer window. “If you are looking to link to speculation or catch up with me, you are gone for a long afternoon,” he told a reporter. But on Friday Barcelona and Aston Villa struck a deal.

Barcelona are desperate to ease their financial accounts in order to register players (Ferran Torres) and alleviate some of the debt they have accumulated. From a contractual standpoint, this is my biggest worry about the move. I want to make sure that the deal for Coutinho is first and foremost suitable for Aston Villa and that is why a loan with option to buy makes so much sense.

There are also other factors such as other Villa needs. The club are determined to improve defensively after the departure of Axel Tuanzebe (Napoli) and the main absences due to the Africa Cup of Nations (Trezeguet, Bertrand Traoré) and injuries (Marvelous Nakamba, Leon Bailey), who are in fact a more important reason for the arrival of the Brazilian.

There’s also the fact that Coutinho, whether Villa fans like to admit it or not, brings nuances of what Jack Grealish used to offer. They are creators, who love the ball at their feet, often waiting for the opponent to make his move before disappearing as if by magic.

“One of my favorites to watch is Coutinho because he always has that one, you know, where he goes left and falls like a little shimmy, which I love to do myself,” Grealish said. last summer at the BBC, before heading to Man City.

The similarities are there, and maybe the same personality attributes, and that’s why Luis Suarez said those words to Gerrard a long time ago. When you have a player like Coutinho, the only way to get the most out of him is to nurture his attributes and make him a main dish on your menu. It doesn’t have to be the only dish, but it has to be a main course. That’s why he hasn’t been successful recently. Because he’s been a part-time player, contributor, assistant as opposed to magician. It has even been the case for Brazil, as it hasn’t even started for them since October 2020.

But Villa, a former European champion, can hopefully rekindle the fire. It’s a gamble, but it’s worth taking. There is no doubt that Aston Villa are a club in transition with high goals but it is a long and arduous road as Gerrard’s side know the difficult tasks that need to be accomplished to reach a European place. But what the club offers Philippe Coutinho is the promise of ambition, desire, playing time and the opportunity to dream big.

Just like it’s tattooed on the Brazilian’s arm.

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Luis Miguel would not give board for the children he has with Aracely Arámbula for this powerful reason Thu, 06 Jan 2022 17:58:17 +0000

Luis Miguel’s life never ceases to be in the public eye, and it is that his private life has been full of speculation due to the secrecy with which he has conducted it for the past two decades.

But that hasn’t stopped the so-called “Mexican Sun” from being constantly watched for what it does and does not do, This happened with regard to the type of relationship he would have with the children he fathered with Aracely Arámbula.

And is that “La Chule” has repeatedly revealed that there is no relationship or approach as such since he parted ways with the singer with her or her children, something that made Luismi’s fans very upset, as they didn’t believe he was capable of such an affront.

This situation experienced by both Daniel and Miguel is similar to that experienced by Michelle Salas, who remained estranged from her famous father for 11 years until an unexpected reunion when she had already reached the age of majority.

In view of this, Many wanted to dig into what is happening to Luis Miguel, as was the case with the show “De Primera Mano”, where the hosts of the said show decided to do an analysis of the bioseries of “El Sol de México”, where they revealed the real reason Luismi does not give the corresponding interview to his children despite having a large fortune in the bank.

“It’s a reflection of what he learned and didn’t learn to be a father,” the presenters said, to which others replied: “His father let him drink milkshakes when he had million dollars from Luis Miguel, when he was little. “While Mónica Sánchez replied:” It is easy to answer and not to go out of the diagram and to justify that this is why he was not a good father: “this is what I experienced. “

Considering this, too, the show’s headlines confessed that in April 2021, Aracely’s lawyer confirmed he was implementing a strategy for the singer to fulfill his obligations, this to one year without complying with the payment of the maintenance allowance of Daniel and Miguel.

After the statement of Guillermo Pous, the lawyer for Arámbula, the counterpart in charge of the legal field of Luis Miguel explained that the reason why Basteri does not respect his obligations is that the amount of money that the singer requested was quite high. , so there was no way to pay that amount of money at that time.

On the one hand, Pous tries to do everything in his power to ensure that the interpreter of “When the sun gets warmer” does so, that is to say that he does not want to lodge a complaint. “He will try to avoid the trial, he will seek to reach a negotiation, which is why he is looking for a strategy so that Luis Miguel respects his obligations.”

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]]> The difficult moment that Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel is living today Tue, 04 Jan 2022 16:39:27 +0000

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, have a not so pleasant time at the start of 2022. In several posted on social networks that she is distraught in an emergency department after a great fear that was brought by a loved one.

In the hospital, Michelle is seen very sad and with her spirits on the floor. This is why Luis Miguel’s daughter asked all her fans to pray for her partner during this difficult time. As expected all his followers sent their messages of encouragement and he did not give up.


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Sacramento Kings basketball player Tristan Thompson apologized on Tuesday to his ex-partner …

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Is Luis Miguel working on a new album? Mon, 03 Jan 2022 19:59:45 +0000

Luis Miguel generates suspense! The Puerto Rico-born singer, known as “El Sol de México,” took to social media on the night of the first day of 2022 to tease his Instagram followers with a mysterious video.

The iconic singer caused a stir after sharing a short video that says “2022” followed by three golden ellipses. Immediately after, his more than two million followers began to wonder if Luis Miguel was implying the release of a new music or an album.

The last time the singer released music was in 2017 for his album. Mexico by Siempre.

“Sounds like you have a musical surprise for us for this year, doesn’t it?” Asked a fan. While another person said, “If the series is over, I want to dream that El Sol is preparing us for his next big project; I can not wait anymore.

Netflix’s third and final season Luis Miguel: the series premiered on October 28, 2021, and after over-watching, fans can’t help but want more of the singer.

The show follows the life of the iconic Mexican singer. Aside from its twists, it features Diego Boneta in the lead role, a performance that earned him well-deserved praise.

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Aracely Arámbula has long slicks, without Luis Miguel – CVBJ Sun, 02 Jan 2022 16:14:49 +0000

Aracely Arámbula, without Luis Miguel, celebrates his son’s 15th birthday | Instagram

Aracely Arámbula, reappeared on social networks to dedicate a moving message to her firstborn, the fruit of her relationship with Luis Miguel.

The lover Mexican actress, Aracely Arámbula, took to social media to celebrate the 15th birthday of her firstborn, with moving words from the actress of “Why do men love taxis?”

Start the year by celebrating the 15th of my Love #familytime #Love # by thanking you for the beautiful blessing to see you grow I LOVE YOU !!! the native of Chihuahua wrote in the post.

Aracely Arámbula, without Luis Miguel, turns 15. Photo: Instagram capture

Aracely arambula, who stood out for her beauty, a title for which she was honored as “Face of the Herald” in 1996, shares a postcard featuring a large Christmas ornament with a black and gold frame.

The figure is shown with messages in which the number “15” and “Happy Birthday” are read in the other corner, while at the bottom of said table is the number 2022, in gold and with shiny letters.

Added to this is the eminent “Telemundo actress”, Aracely arambula, gathered a few bottles in which the date 2022 is appreciated, as well as a cupcake with the number 15 and a text of “Congratulations” surrounds the chocolate cake.

It didn’t take long for the reactions to manifest in the postcard shared 9 hours ago by famous Instagram celebrity, Aracely Arámbula Jaques, who has received various comments from his close associates and the affection of some of his. loyal followers.

One of the messages came from the famous animator of the grupero genre: “La Chicuela”, who commented: “Many congratulations !!! “.

A shower of blessings from fans of the actress of “La doña“, and“ La Patrona ”were poured out on her and her family, along with endless congratulations for the teenager.

“Happy 15 years, infinite blessings for Miguel. All success in this new stage that begins in his life, Congratulations to Miguel and happy 2022, Woww What happiness, Happy birthday to this beautiful Baron, Miguel infinite blessings, K quickly time flies … May God bless your teenager, A lot of beautiful love for beautiful Miguel ”.

The postcard from the performer of “Bad news», Accumulates a total of 15,529 likes, which is not strange for the star of the“ Perfume of Gardenias ”since she is one of the most popular on the platform, with 5.9 million subscribers.

It should be mentioned that neither the “Chule“Even today’s celebration did not appear in the publication and is that the son of Luis Miguel who entered the life of artists on January 1, 2007, led a life far from the public arena with her brother, Daniel.

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This is how Miguel, son of Luis Miguel and Araceli Arámbula grew up: PHOTOS – CVBJ Fri, 31 Dec 2021 02:33:57 +0000

Luis Miguel was encouraged to show some of his private life and career in the series NetflixThe 51-year-old singer has enjoyed a successful artistic career, however, his love and family life has not gone so well.

‘El Sol’ became a father when he was barely 19 years and his career was in full swing. From his relationship with Stephanie Salas was born michelle June 13, 1989. Note that the interpreter of ‘When the sun gets warmer’, did not recognize the little girl, but a few years later he tried to heal his relationship with her.

Later in 2005 Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula They surprised the entertainment world by confirming they were in a relationship, this after being seen walking through Venice, Italy. The former couple started to start a family with the arrival of their two children: Miguel and Daniel Gallego.

the Internet

After their break-up, Aracely Arámbula kept the the privacy and identity of their children, as well as the story he shared with Luis Miguel to such an extent that ‘La Chule’ decided not to appear in the singer’s series.

However, a few days ago, the actress surprised her followers by sharing photos of the already teenagers on social networks. Here we introduce you to the children of ‘El Sol’.

Michelle salas

She is the eldest daughter of the renowned singer, Salas is 32 years old and besides being the daughter of Luis Miguel, she belongs to an actor dynasty in Mexico: Las Pinal. Her mother is the singer Stephanie Salas, his grandmother is the actress Sylvie Pasquel and her great-grandmother is Silvia Pinal.

The father-daughter relationship has always been full of ups and downs and quarrels. The young woman studied fashion design in New York and has worked as a model, fashion influencer and blogger ever since.

Miguel Gallego Arambula

A year after formalizing their relationship, the couple confirmed that they were expecting their first child: Miguel, born in 2007. In 2022, he will be 15 years old, which is why the actress recently declared that for this important date she will have to party.


Daniel Gallego

The second son of Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel, Daniel, He was born in 2008. Apparently, Daniel inherited a taste for singing, since on some occasions Aracely Arámbula has shared videos of him, although only his voice is heard and his face is not seen.

The actress recently celebrated Daniel’s 13th birthday. On her Instagram profile, the performer showed her son’s Baby Yoda-inspired birthday cake and shared a few stories.


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Luis Miguel’s son Aracely Arámbula would inherit his talent – CVBJ Thu, 30 Dec 2021 00:07:22 +0000

Aracely Arámbula Does your son inherit Luis Miguel in voice? | Instagram

Aracely Arámbula had two children with Luis Miguel: Miguel and Daniel Gallegó Arámbula, the children of famous people will inherit the talent of “Sol de México”.

The “Mexican television actressAracely Arámbula does not seem to be the only artist at home since one of her young children seems to have inherited artistic gifts from her parents.

An unprecedented video circulating on social networks amazes everyone with the gifts of the son of Aracely arambula Who is already a 13-year-old teenager today, the couple’s second child was born on December 18, 2008.

Daniel Gallego Arámbula, was one of the two fruits of the romance born between 2005 and 2009, between Aracely Arámbula Jaques and Luis Miguel, the little one would have left everyone speechless with his voice, which greatly surprised the singer’s fans afterwards “The Chulé“Share the video from his social network account.”

Aracely Arámbula Does your son inherit Luis Miguel in voice? Photo: Instagram capture

Until today, Aracely Arámbula, has prevented his children from being part of public life and constantly protects their identity, however, this does not mean that at certain times the “Luis Miguel’s ex“Decide to share some details about their life on your social networks.

It was in 2016 when the famous actress from soap operas like “Dreamers“(1998-1999) he shared a recording in which he showed the abilities of his youngest child.

In the images which circulate, we see Daniel sitting at the edge of a swimming pool and with a microphone in the hand, the miner interprets the song: “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

I love you, her mother commented, proud of the performance as she recorded the moment on her cell phone.

It’s worth mentioning that while many of her followers will likely try to find the recording on the actress’ Instagram account of “Why do men love taxis?” The video is no longer available.

However, some of those who had the opportunity to listen to him at the time say that the little boy inherited the talent from his father.

However, so far it is not known whether the lead actress of “La doña“She will encourage her son to start a career in show business, even though the loving and dedicated mother is sure to support her children in their every dream.”

The “46 years old celebrates“, which leaves everyone captivated by his photoshoots on social networks, has become one of the most popular on Instagram and his story with Luis Miguel, in addition to the children between them, above all arouses curiosity for the life of the ‘Also “mexican singer“.

The “green-eyed” recently celebrated the 13th birthday of her son, the presenter of “Latino MasterChef“She shared several images from her stories showing cakes, donuts with Christmas figurines as well as various party decorations, showing that she is a very traditional and loving mom.

Celebrate a lot, thank you for your congratulatory messages for my prince, wrote the “Chihuahuan” in the pictures in which a cake with the theme of the Star Wars saga is appreciated.

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