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Christian Nodal and Belinda from catrines celebrate Cristy Nodal | Instagram

Christian Nodal and Belinda once again surprised all their loyal fans by reappearing dressed in catrines to celebrate the birthday of Cristy Nodal, mother of “composer

The singer, Christian Nodal and his fiancée disguised themselves as “catrines” to celebrate in a very special way a birthday of the mother of the interpreter of “Goodbye My Love“.

Christian nodal featured in a series of images with make-up that depicted a catrin, with very intense black smoke in his eyes, on his nose and part of his cheeks.

The “regional mexican“He chose to show himself with less paint on his face, completely the opposite of ‘Beli’, however, at first glance you could tell it was a celebration in style.

Christian Nodal and Belinda from catrines, celebrate Cristy Nodal. Photo: Twitter capture

The “Cristy’s party“As they named the celebration of Matriarch González Nodal, it was accompanied by colorful decorations with cempásuchil flowers, candles and the components of a Mu3rt0s day offering.

Likewise, the participants would come very well personified of the occasion that refers to the Mexican tradition, celebrated every November 2, without a doubt, Christian nodal and his girlfriend of a little over a year, attracted attention with their costumes.

Meanwhile, despite the problems that Christian Jesús González Nodal is currently facing with his label, the performer of “Adiós Amor”, “De los besos que te di te”, “Te falla”, among others, has met his family. to celebrate a very special date.

Which would undoubtedly make Cristy Nodal happy, who also appears in a photo posing with his eldest son and his famous girlfriend at the elegant dinner in his honor.

The Caborca ​​native appears in several photographs with a set of black clothes that completed the outfit for that night, while for his part, the “Latin pop princess“She wore more elaborate makeup.

The “future wife” of musician 22 years old, spared no expense to look like an elegant catrina with makeup that covered her face in white and to which she added lines around her eyes with sparkling stones and red flowers in a headdress that contrasted with everything the style.

In a black dress with flowers etched into a sheer fabric, Belinda wore a spectacular characterization, done with the talented hands of brush and makeup artist Bere de la Rosa.

Belinda and the “Mexican singer-songwriter“They posed respectively in catrina and catrín during the celebration of Cristy Nodal, the mother of the Mexican regional singer. The couple shared on their social media how shocking the celebration of the parent’s birthday was.former judge of La Voz“.

The party spared no expense, as through what was replenished by the stories on Instagram the luxury of the celebration was noticed. The Nodal family took advantage of the proximity of Silvia Cristina’s birthday to establish a Day of the Dead theme. Those at the party wore makeup and personified the occasion.

Attention quickly turned to “The Nodeli“and immediately the photographs circulated through various media and part of the fan page dedicated to the couple in which various moments of the gala with their respective characters are appreciated.


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