Christina Aguilera sings “What a Girl Wants” in reggaeton, Luis Miguel Hit

Christina Aguilera returned to the stage this weekend with her biggest hits. At the Hollywood Bowl, she also sang in Spanish to prepare fans for her upcoming Latin album. Interestingly, Xtina performed a reggaeton version of “What a Girl Wants”.

Christina Aguilera recalled it in 1999 at the Hollywood Bowl.

On July 16 and 17, Aguilera gave two concerts at the Hollywood Bowl with Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic. She sang all the great songs of her career, including her groundbreaking 1999 hit “Genie in A Bottle”. Fans were treated to his songs backed by a full orchestral group. It’s not an Xtina show without “Beautiful”, and she performed that one too.

Christina Aguilera’s reggaeton version of “What a Girl Wants” was it.

To celebrate her Ecuadorian roots, Aguilera performed a reggaeton version of “What a Girl Wants”. It wasn’t “Una Mujer” from her 2000 album Mi Reflejo, but rather the English version set to reggaeton rhythms. It was a cool way to reimagine her 2000 smash and she took him out of the park. Next time, Xtina will have to perform the Spanish version in this new reggaeton style.

Christina Aguilera also made a classic bolero.

Aguilera made sure to have a moment where she was played in Spanish. She sang the famous bolero “Contigo En La Distancia”. Xtina recorded this song for her latin album Mi Reflejo. Most people know the classic bolero from Luis Miguel’s 1991 version. Romances.

Aguilera revealed that she’s working hard on two albums: an English LP and her highly anticipated second Latin album. Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro has confirmed his participation in the latter. Xtina recently entered into a partnership to promote SweeTARTs candies.

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