Credit card skimming suspects arrested in Washington County

VEYO, Utah (ABC4) – Police arrested two suspects on Wednesday in connection with a credit card skimming scheme in Washington County.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspects as Kayli Nicole Fontana, 35, and Luis Miguel Rodriguez, 32.

Authorities were first alerted by a gas station worker to suspicions of potential fraud near Veyo. The employee told MPs that an electronic skimming device was found installed on a gas pump about a week earlier. A skimming device is used to collect digital financial information when someone swipes a card to pay.

The employee provided photos showing a male suspect operating the gasoline pump in question. Authorities were able to locate the vehicle described by the suspect on Gunlock Road near kilometer marker 11.

As the vehicle approached, an open bottle of alcohol was spotted on the floor of the car. While detaining the two suspects, soldiers searched their vehicle and discovered glass pipes containing suspicious residue and fluids, as well as a bag of methamphetamine that fell from the car’s sun visor.

The male suspect matched all photos provided by the victim and was taken into custody. The suspect was arrested on four counts, including use or possession of drug paraphernalia, an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, criminal conspiracy and possession of a controlled substance.

The suspect was arrested on six counts, including possession of a counterfeit or writing device, criminal conspiracy, criminal mischief, etc.

The two suspects were arrested at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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