Cristian Castro reveals the real reason for his bad relationship with Luis Miguel

Christian Castro You Luis Miguel There is no good relationship between them. While one might think that his short circuit was born of various professional jealousies, the jury of sing with me now (El Tres) assured that it had nothing to do with and revealed what happened that separated them after maintaining a very close bond, Back in time, early 90s.

in dialogue with the chakra show partner (El Tres), Christiane was delighted because El Sol shared a video of him on his Instagram account saying good things about him. “Well, he realized that I am his disciple. I hope he will want to befriend me.”said the Mexican singer.

Louis is in my heart. I can’t remove it. If he takes me out, it’s a mistake, ”he reassured in a conversation with Rodrigo Lucich and Adrian Pallares.

Cristian Castro talks about his relationship with Luis Miguel. Television recording.

And faced with the direct question of how the conflict between them unfolded, the interpreter of won’t be able to blue You star rain, He was empowered and brought to light, among many other successes: “Okay, he took the girl from me, man. But never mind, I’m going to leave him.

A musician mentored the Cuban-American actress and model Marguerite FuentesWho knew to be Christian then Luizmi’s girlfriend.

With Mickey, Daisy was three years old and separated in 1998.

Daisy Fuente and Luis Miguel. Photo: File.

“He’s angry because he took it and I left it with him. She got mad because I left her. I do not know what happened. Something pissed him off,” Christian said.

Then, talking about his professional background, he pointed out: “I am already older than Luizmi. Luis Miguel is the best in the world.

And about his participation in the Luis Miguel series on Netflix, where he appeared as Chris Valdés, he analyzed: “I think there are a lot of signs of respect for me in his series. That gives me an entire chapter to remember my song name and release. It’s good that you give me this importance. I had a colleague who copied him, because the truth is that we all want to be Luizmi.

For her part, Christiane mentioned the rumor that her mother, Veronica Castro, would have an affair with Mickey. “Hopefully! I say ‘old lady, go ahead’. That’s what I want, I want my old man to be ugly”He punished, very affectionately.

And of his gift of love, he clarified: “He enveloped me here. But the truth is that you have to see the family, the mother. I miss her so much”.

Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro.

Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro.

“I thought Luis Miguel was a brother”

While touring his program last year PS: Can we talk? (Telefe, Saturday at 10 p.m.) Cristian Castro opened up about his confrontation with Luis Miguel and his relationship with Daisy.

“We’re not friends because he didn’t want to. We were friends at a great time when we went jetskiing, but I was a little disappointed with his personality. I was dating Daisy Fuentes and I was disappointed because she came to this and that’s what scared us away.Tenuous.

“I don’t walk away from him, I let him in because I love him so much. He fell in love with him, he started talking to him and he told me. I thought he was Luis Miguel’s brother, that he loved Daisy and when I saw the situation I said to him: “The best thing you can do is try it”. From there, when I put clothes on Daisy’s house, she gets upset,” he said.

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