Danna Paola on First Latin Grammy Nomination, ‘Elite’ Memories


Mexican pop star Danna Paola attends the Latin Grammy Awards. The old one Elite the actress received her first Latin Grammy nomination for her groundbreaking album KO She is also preparing her next album with her new single “A Un Beso”. In an exclusive interview, Paola opened up about her enthusiasm for the Latin Grammys, her upcoming collaboration with Mau y Ricky, and her memories of Elite.

Danna Paola became a Netflix star Elite.

Danna Paola became a global star in 2018 thanks to her starring role on the Netflix show Elite. She played resident bad girl Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos for three seasons. Paola left the show this year to focus on her burgeoning music career.

“I am the person I am now because of Elite, says Paola mitú. “It changed my life. I love my character. Lu taught me a lot of things and this character will always be important to me. The series marked a generation and I will always have a great love for it.

Danna Paola received her first Latin Grammy for her album KO

With departure Elite, Paola has extended her recording contract with Universal Music Group. She put it all in this year KO in which she “knocked out” the grief and negativity of her life. It became her first release to make the top 10 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart. Paola’s shift to full-time music paid off with the Latin Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. The Latin Grammy Awards will air on Univision on November 18.

“I feel so honored, so blessed and so grateful,” says Paola. “The whole album was such an amazing experience. A two-year process. Two years of healing myself with the whole album. It was like therapy for me. We are in fact nominated winners. It’s such a beautiful dream come true for me throughout my career. “

What will Danna do if she wins the award? “I’m going to cry like a baby,” adds Paola. “I think about my speech because I talk a lot, so I don’t want to have the music behind me which is a signal to stop talking. I’ll thank God, of course. Thank my fans. Thank the Academy. And of course, my co-writers and co-producers and everyone involved in writing this album. I would be so happy. “

Danna Paola is in love in her music video for “A Un Beso”.

Paola released a series of hit singles afterKO like “Mía” and “Kaprichosa”. His latest song is a powerful ballad called “A Un Beso”. She opens with the celebration of love in her life.

“It’s the first love song I’ve ever written in my life,” says Paola. “My whole musical career as a songwriter was more about heartbreaking songs and knocking out negativity. It was my first experience talking about my last experience being in love and being honest with myself, and putting all of those feelings into this song. I am so proud of it. It is so beautiful. It has a really special meaning for me, really personal and really magical. “

Danna Paola’s next collaboration is with Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky.

In our interview with Mau y Ricky, the brothers let the cat out of the bag that they have a collaboration with Paola on the way. Although she cannot say the title yet, she explains that it will be a continuation of “A Un Beso”.

“We have a song together,” says Paola. “I sent the song to Ricky. He showed Mau the song and they said, ‘Yeah! Let’s do it! ‘ They are the best. They are amazing! They killed him on that song. It’s such a cool song. It’s different. ‘A Un Beso’ is preparing this next song. I like to tell stories with my songs.

Danna Paola is already working on her next album.

“A Un Beso” and the Mau y Ricky collaboration will be part of Paola’s next album. One of his next dream collaborations is with Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers. Monitoring KO will reflect Paola in this exciting new era of her musical career.

“I’m preparing my whole album! Said Paola. “I work on this every day. It’s a way of reinventing myself with my music. For me it is very important to portray all these new experiences and lessons that I have learned over the last year on my new album. I want to continue to evolve and reinvent myself as an artist.

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