Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds welcome Trey Anastasio to Mexico [Videos]

David Matthews and his fellow guitarist Tim Reynolds welcomed Phishingit’s Trey Anastasio for a two-song sit-in on Sunday night at their destination event at Moon Palace resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The appearance saw Anastasio perform Phish’s “Waste” along with Matthews’ “Everyday”.

As many will recall, this wasn’t the first time Trey joined Dave and Tim in Mexico. While Anastasio and Matthews have a long history of working together dating back over a decade, it was in 2020 that the two bonded in Mexico. On February 16, 2020, Anastasio saw a rendition of “Waste” and “Bathtub Gin” during Dave and Tim’s final set of the weekend.

Much like the summons two years ago, Trey arrived in Mexico again days before Phish’s Riviera Maya event at the Moon Palace resort, joining Dave and Tim for a few songs on the first of three encores. The trio began with the familiar “Waste”, which Matthews recorded for the 2000 tribute album to Phish, Share in the groove, and performed several times live over the past 22 years. This version of “Waste” saw Trey and Dave swapping vocals throughout the song as the three musicians on stage strummed along with their acoustic guitars.

Unlike the last meeting in Mexico, Trey also provided his services on a Dave Matthews Band original, “Everyday”, which appeared as the title track of the band’s 2001 album. Matthews handled the lead voice work for the majority of this offering before the crowd joined in at the end. Although there was no extensive jamming, the three guitarists showed some interaction and traded a few solo lines for a few bars as the song drew to a close.

Watch Trey Anastasio sit down with Dave and Tim in Mexico via the fan videos below. Plus, scroll down for a detailed performance setlist.

Anastasio will be staying in Mexico next week, as Phish will host his own event at the same Moon Palace resort from February 24-27. Presented by CID present and On the spotthe group will also offer webcasts of each evening via its LivePhish.com Platform. Go here for more information.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds ft. Trey Anastasio – “Trash” (Phishing) – 02/20/22

[Video: DMB4041]

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds with Trey Anastasio – “Everyday” – 02/20/22

[Video: DMB4041]

Setlist: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds | Moon Palace | Riviera Maya, Mexico | 02/20/22

Set: Something to say to my baby [1]One Sweet World, The Maker, What Would You Say, Fool To Think, Where Are You Go, Walk Around The Moon, So Much To Say, Stream [2]Little Thing, Too, Black And Blue Bird, #27, Cashmere (Led Zeppelin) [2]When I am tired [3]lying in the hands of God [3]stable over time [3]Deposit [3][4][5]don’t drink the water [3][4][5]minarets [3][4][5]ant walk [3][4][5]

Encore One: garbage (phishing) [6]Everyday [6]

Two more: a devil [1]Rapunzel

Three more: singing from the windows [1]


[1] david alone [2] Tim Solo [3] with strong friend [4] with Bernardo Aguiar [5] with Gabriel Policarpo [6] with Trey Anastasio

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