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Did Mariah Carey secretly dedicate a song to Luis Miguel? | Instagram

Mariah Carey would devote to Luis Miguel a song in secret, and although at “Mexican Sun“In the end, he wasn’t that happy with the chemistry between the two, he became one of the most widely acclaimed couples.

It was in 1999 that singer Mariah Carey and singer “Puerto Rican star” together had the song “After Tonight”, a song with extremely romantic lyrics in which we read the following:

After you go, will you love me again? After tonight, will you remember with what sweetness and tenderness you sought me out and drew me closer?

Did Mariah Carey secretly dedicate a song to Luis Miguel? Photo: Instagram capture

However, for those who don’t know more details about this past love affair, Mariah careyApparently he was very nice to Luis Miguel since another of the songs is “Always be my baby”, the song would refer to all the good times the two had.

Even yours “composer“She alluded to her fascination with Mickey on several occasions and assured him that what attracted her most about him was his Latin accent, which she found very sexy and which seduced her from the first moment of their trip. conversation.

It should be remembered that the “supreme songbirdAs the name suggests, she met the 51-year-old artist after meeting on a trip to Aspen, Colo., While the two were celebrating with friends at a Christmas event, in 1998.

At one point, the couple also went through a series of difficult situations, many moments of shadow and darkness, in addition to revealing the issue of the disappearance of Marcela Basteri, the singer’s mother, and her problems with alcohol.

The interpreter of “All i want for christmas“mention that during the time with”Luis Mi“She did everything to support him emotionally, but even she was going through a great process herself. We got to a point where “we couldn’t heal. ”

Thus, the New Yorker herself would reveal the best and the worst version of the interpreter of Bikini, which he described as spontaneous, passionate and generous, but at worst he was anxious and erratic.

A reflection of one of the strongest relationships in “El Sol” life could be seen in the Netflix fiction that captured the life, career, and loves of Luis Miguel.

Finally, the couple, two of the most important singers, ended their relationship in 2001, the reasons were unknown until today, that apparently the plot of “Luis Miguel: The Series” brought her on screen arm in arm with the performances of Diego Boneta and Jade Ewen as Mariah Carey.


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