Diego Boneta received secret advice from Luis Miguel to help him in his role


Is Chilindrina Luis Miguel the first girlfriend? La Chilindrina, whose real name is María Antonieta de las Nieves, appeared in a Peruvian television program called El Valor De La Verdad and revealed that she dated El Sol de Mexico, aka Luis Miguel aka Luismi, back in the 1980s.

During a recent talk show appearance, La Chilindra shared a photo of herself with a young Luis Miguel and she said she was his “first love”.

the Chavo del Ocho The actress let the world know that at the time, she went on a romantic getaway with Luis Miguel in Acapulco. Tied to a lie detector test, which is the premise of the TV show, La Chilindrina had to answer a few questions about her life.

TV host Beto Ortiz asked La Chilindrina, “Did you escape from a hotel in Acapulco to spend time with Luis Miguel on a yacht?”

As soon as he asked that La Chilindrina looked a little nervous. She paused, then wondered how the paparazzi could have found out. But eventually, she admitted it.

La Chilindrina went on to say that Luis Miguel was flirting with her that day on the yacht, and asked, “Hey nena, do you know who I am?” After this interaction, she boarded the yacht and had a romantic date with him. According to her, this date was enough for her to become Luis Miguel’s first love.

As more Spanish-language posts began to cover the news, Twitter had also gone mad with the news, but remained skeptical first and foremost.

By calculations, if this had actually taken place in the 1980s, Luis Miguel would have been a pre-teen and La Chilindrina would have been in her thirties since she was about 20 years older than him. (This is a case for the FBI).

Some have wondered if La Chilindrina was being honest or if it was just a publicity stunt.

I mean, it might be plausible …

One Twitter user pointed out that this was not at all true due to the age differences between La Chilindrina and Luis Miguel.

“It’s just a lie from the Chilindrina, how was she going to have a romantic encounter with Luis Miguel when he was only 12 and she was 32?” The Twitter user wrote.

People thought the media should focus on something other than old gossip.

Some Twitter users just didn’t know how to react other than shocked.

I mean, how could we not have known ?!

According to Remezcla, the two singers dated between 1999 and 2001 but it is difficult to gauge specific details about their love life as Luis Miguel has always been a very private person. But according to a book by Marc Shapiro, the relationship between Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel began in 1998 when they met in Aspen.

The word on the beef is that they were also supposed to record a duet together at one point, but things just didn’t work out. However, they seemed to make a pretty good team because, being both superstars, they had a good grasp of what the other was up to, being in the spotlight and everything.

Well, that might sound similar to La Chilinfrina’s tale of when they would have had their first date, but… Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel were also talking about this yacht life.

Trouble in Heaven began when rumors surfaced that Luis Miguel didn’t have it after reading the tabloids on Mariah Carey and Eric Benét. It has been alleged that she and her former co-star – who was actually dating Halle Berry at the time – were more than friends. Then, around 2001, it was rumored that Luis Miguel ended his relationship with Mariah Carey because she wanted to have children and he didn’t.

If you need more Luis Miguel content, be sure to check out the Netflix-based TV series based on his life, starring our favorite Diego Boneta.

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