Diego Boneta’s best kept secret linked to Luis Miguel


Diego Boneta has become synonymous with Luis Miguel since the series released on the singer on the Netflix screen. The actor kept conversations with the Mexican sun to interpret it and forged an excellent relationship in the pre-launch which is now a trend on the platform. however, there is a story between them which is unknown and involves the singer’s daughter, Michelle Salas. What is it about?

In the second season of the series, Macarena Achaga plays Luismi’s heiress and has many scenes with the old version of the Mexican idol. What adds a special flavor to this situation is that Boneta had an affair with the real Michelle and kept it a secret as much as possible.

Diego Boneta and Michelle Salas as a couple (The Grosby Group)

The romance between Diego Boneta and Michelle Salas

The actor and the model are almost the same age (he is 30 and she 31) and They had an affair in 2013 when they were photographed on the streets of West Hollywood. The footage showed how passionate the relationship was and the possibility of a marriage was even widespread. “We’re getting to know each other, she’s a nice girl. She is very pretty and very cool. I met her in Los Angeles “Diego expressed at the time.

At the time, the artist He never imagined that eight years later he would be his girlfriend’s father in fiction. The realities of the two were very different at the time: the performer had just gained international recognition after starring in the film. Rock of ages beside Tom cruise, while the model had just been formalized as the daughter of Luis Miguel.

Inadvertently, Boneta was already starting to prepare for the role that would definitely change her life. The situation also hides a controversy because Michelle expressed her differences with the series and even asked his fans not to believe everything they saw. Did you tell Diego that part of your story or is the actor just following Luismi’s version?

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