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It’s the second day of the year 2022 and we already have a rich collection of new sounds that have dropped over the past two weeks. From a legendary nu-metal band and a Latin pop star to a romantic Assamese ballad and a few rap tracks, we’re happy to bring you the new songs for you to check out this week.

1. Evanescence – Across the universe

The legendary nu-metal band is back with a super soulful ballad rock song with overwhelming vocals from Amy Lee.

2. Nathy Peluso – Vivir Así Es Morir De Amor

The Spanish popstar sizzles and sparkles in this mind-blowing pop single. So feast your ears and open your senses to musical enjoyment in Spanish.

3. Latto – Super Gremlin Freestyle

American rapper Latto offers us a cool freestyle full of attitude. It’s a genre where she feels most comfortable, compared to her experimental “Big Energy”.

4. Anthony De La Torre – Seasons

Produced by Sophie Rose, this song by Anthony De La Torre is your reliable radio hit pop track, but with deeply touching lyrics about mood swings and emotional roller coaster personalities.

5. HAEVN, Birdy – Open Hearts

A pop duo of HAEVN and English singer Birdy create a swirling and enchanting melody. Her sweet lyrics backed by a bare piano are perfect for this Christmas season.

6. Rebecca Black, Slayyter – Read My Mind

Rebecca Black (“Friday” hitmaker) and hyperpop dean Slayyyter. “Read My Mind” isn’t such punchy, avant-garde and innovative hyper-pop songs. It’s pretty mundane but will appeal to hungry fans to see the two pop divas together.

7. Tay Money – Homemade

The rapper sprints through at least five different streams in this catchy, energetic and joyful hip-hop track.

8. Dee MC – Haath Hi Mera Saathi

We see a whole new side of the Mumbaikar rapper changing hoodie and tough girl character to delicately sing about the joy of being single and self-pleasure.

9. Gabrielle Aplin – Skylights

“Skylight” is a soft and delicate little tune that does very well as lounge music and will appeal to fans of Raveena Aurora.

10. Darshana Kashyap, Navarun Choudhury, Bidyut Robin – KAAL NIXA

This trio of talented artists creates a new Assamese track that is sweet, subdued and with a sort of nocturnal wonder and beauty in its sound that will enrich the hearts of music lovers.

11. Joss Stone – Breaking Your Heart

The English songbird delights us with a sumptuous jazzy, cinematic melody backed by an orchestra that will help you travel through time as she hums about sorrow and war.

12. Olympia System – One more night

“One More Night” is a haunting and resonant electro-pop lo-fi track by British band System Olympia. Check out other works by the elusive artist such as “Crest of a wave“.

13. DJ ShimZ – Survivor

Shillong’s DJ-producer creates a punchy electro track reminiscent of Hollywood blockbuster soundtracks with their heavy, powerful bass and catchy, adrenaline-charged emotion.

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