Elvis Costello to release Spanish version of “this year’s model”


Elvis Costello will release a Spanish version of his acclaimed 1978 album, This year’s model, September 10. Produced and freshly mixed by Grammy winner Sebastian Krys, Spanish model will feature original instrumental performances by Costello’s band, the Attractions, accompanied by new voices from Latin pop and rock artists.

“When Elvis told me about the idea, it took me about 15 seconds to respond,” Krys said in a statement. “I’ve been in so many situations where I was trying to transform Latin artists to the music of Elvis Costello. The feedback I heard the most often was, ‘Love this. I wish I had known this. he said. Spanish model is an opportunity to turn a whole side of the world on this great record and through these voices, to bring out these ideas. Lyrically, This year’s model is still relevant today, what the songs have to say and how they say it.

Costello isn’t the first artist to do a translated album: David Lee Roth did the same with his first solo LP, Eat them and smile, title the project Sonrisa salvaje. But even then, making sure that the translated lyrics matched the original musical arrangements was a challenge. At Spanish model, Costello and Krys both worked closely with the artists to translate the lyrics as smoothly as possible.

“The lyrics felt really natural,” Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi said. “Nothing came out, and you can’t just read it. You have to sing the lyrics to really know whether the song will work or not. From the first time I started singing ‘You Belong to Me’, this felt natural to me. It’s true to the original lyrics. It has the same energy. “

Ahead of the album’s release, the first single, a new version of “Pump it Up” with Juanes, is available to listen to below.

This year’s model is about desire and how it relates to love, fashion and male gaze towards women and control, especially political control over all of us, ”Costello added. “I don’t think there is anything that someone in another language would not have encountered. Some lyrics might be a bit obscure because I use particular English idioms, but I constantly fall in love with records in other languages ​​in which I don’t even know a word or two of courtesy. What you respond to is humanity, pride, sadness, celebration.

Elvis Costello ‘Spanish Model’ Track List

1. “No action” – Nina Diaz
2. “(Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea ((I don’t want to go to) Chelsea)” – Raquel Sofía y Fuego
3. “Yo Te Vi (The Beat)” – Drago Rosa
4. “Pump It Up” – Juanes
5. “Detonating (Small Triggers)” – La Marisoul
6. “Tu Eres Para Mi (You belong to me)” – Luis Fonsi
7. “Hand in hand” – Francisca Valenzuela and Luis Humberto Navejas
8. “La Chica de Hoy (this year’s girl)” – Cami
9. “Mentira (Lip Service)” – Pablo López
10. “Viviendo en el Paraiso (Living in Paradise)” – Jesse & Joy
11. “Vogue lipstick” – Murten
12. “La Turba (Night Rally)” – Jorge Drexler
13. “Llorar (Big Tears)” – Sebastián Yatra
14. “Radio Radio” – Fito Páez
15. “Crawling to the United States”. – Gian Marco and Nicole Zignago
16. “Se Esta Perdiendo La Inocencia” (Running out of angels) – Vega

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