Ernest Opens Up His Vocal Notes and Reveals New Song “Hey Painkiller”

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Let’s talk about a guy who understood the music business. His name is Ernest. He’s written some of country music’s biggest hit songs backstage (“Big, Big Plans,” “One Mississippi,” “More Than My Hometown”), and now that he’s been out on his own as a singer-songwriter, and he stopped Taste of country nights to talk to us.

Ernest has written songs for Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt and more. Now he has his own hit song called “Flower Shops”. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s kind of an amazing ballad that pays homage to how us guys always mess up our relationships, and head to the flower shop to try and make things right. He shared that this song is the centerpiece of his album – it’s the point where the story he tells pivots.

During this interview, we talked about everything from what it was like to go from writing to singing, having a kid and being on the road, to his love for Eminem and sneakers. My favorite part of this interview comes around the 11th minute, when he opened up his vocal notes and revealed a new song called “Hey Painkiller”, and the original lyrics and hip-hop beat to one of his hits for Wallen. . There are thousands of other notes like this in his phone, and I just thought it was so cool he was willing to share.

I also found myself curious if he ever wrote a song that another artist recorded that he would have liked to keep to himself. He was telling me that that doesn’t happen with him, because when he writes with or for another artist, he’s focused on the task at hand and it’s basically a song more personalized for that artist, and not for him.

He’s more like party than business, and sometimes people underestimate him for that, but his eyes are on the prize, taking over country music and having a successful career as a musician and songwriter. Come up here and listen Taste of country nights on request Episode 30: Ernest.

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