Face Time: Danny Gay and Megan Record – Acting on Their Love

Danny Gay played Will Parker and Megan Record played Teen Annie in “Oklahoma!” in the spring of 2017 at Cumston Hall in Monmouth, which was the show where the couple met. In this scene, Will has just returned from Kansas City and tries to steal a kiss from Teen.

For Danny Gay and Megan Record, it’s “Oklahoma!” First, then marriage last month.

We asked the couple, who will be back on stage at Cumston Hall next year, all about their romance.

Names: Danny Gay and Megan Record

Age: Danny, 33, Megan 28

Hometown: Monmouth North

Let’s go straight to the romantic part: you met while doing “Oklahoma!” Please prepare the ground. We met in February 2017 during auditions for “Oklahoma!” The production was with Monmouth Community Players at Cumston Hall in Monmouth. We were then cast across from each other as Ado Annie and Will Parker in the production.

Danny, what jumped out at Megan? One of the things I really liked about Megan was that she was very friendly and outgoing. I’m a bit of an introvert so it was nice to be able to have someone I could talk to so easily. I also quickly discovered that we had a lot in common and that we could talk about anything. Another thing I saw was that even though she was young she had a 4 year old son James and she worked really hard to balance her time between what he needed and what she needed. loved to do, and she was really great with him.

Megan, what jumped out at Danny? It was easy to talk to him. He was also incredibly kind and ready to help with anything.

What are your two theatrical journeys?

Danny: I started playing, I think, in pre-K where we did a performance of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. I continued in elementary school with Odyssey of the Mind, and then performed throughout high school in musicals and plays, as well as on lighting, sets and other activities in backstage. I then pursued my BA in Theater Arts at the University of Southern Maine and have worked in community and professional theater since 2015. I am a director, actor and theater designer as well as artistic director and director education for players in the Monmouth community. . I started our MCPKids! education program in 2019 and we have been very successful despite the COVID cutoff. I love all parts of the theater!

Megan: I started playing in elementary school. I have always been on the side of the actors. We started doing shows like adaptations of “Magic Tree House” books and kid-friendly versions of Greek mythology, and then in high school we started doing more mature works, like Arthur Miller’s shows. I did a musical in high school due to lack of availability, then I continued to work in musical theater in my community after high school. Musicals are my favorite type of show, although I have performed in several non-musicals as well.

Did the proposal involve a theater?

Danny: No, the proposal was very simple. I proposed at home with his family there a few days before Christmas. My original plan was to propose to Disney World because it’s a very special place for Megan, but due to COVID we had to postpone our trip. Fortunately, we were able to celebrate our wedding at Disney and experience the magic together. We also spent a week with the family at Disney after the wedding, and the whole experience is kind of theater in itself. It was my first trip to Disney and I couldn’t imagine a better pair to share it with than Megan and James.

We are preparing for another long, cold Maine winter. Two musicals we should all watch for a cozy and warm evening?

Danny: This is a difficult question. There are so many choices. I think a musical that I like, which is very underrated, is the musical “Aida”. It is the story of a Nubian princess captured by Egypt as a slave. The Egyptian prince falls in love with her, although he is promised to another. One of the things that I love the most is music. It is written by Elton John and Tim Rice. It is a more modern version of the original opera of the same name. I saw a production of the show at the Maine State Music Theater many years ago. A second musical that I would recommend is “Newsies”. “Newsies” is a great coming-of-age musical that is fun for all ages. The music in this one is also excellent, by Alan Menken, and the characters are fun and adorable. Our son loves this musical and he is 9 years old. We attended a wonderful community theater production of the show two years ago at the Windham Center Stage Theater.

Megan: I would say “Hamilton” and “Newsies”. They are both shows with powerful messages, energetic performances and amazing music, which can warm you up on a cold winter night.

What’s next for both of you on stage? We can’t wait to cover our song “All ‘Er Nothin” from “Oklahoma!” this spring at MCP’s 30th anniversary concert. Danny will also star in the next production of “Let It Be” at the Community Little Theater (in Auburn) in January and Megan will be seen in the next production of “You Can’t Take It With You” at the Community Little Theater in June.

We are in 2031 and your 10 years of marriage. Which production would you both like to be in? I think we would choose the production of “Guys and Dolls”. Danny would like to play Nathan Detroit and Megan would like to play Adelaide. It’s a classic musical and these roles are comedic roles, suitable for older couples. In “Oklahoma!” Our characters were also funny, and it would be like paying homage to the roots of our relationship together.

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