Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day: Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel, a guy running for the Florida House of Representatives who promoted the Big Lie and hangs out with the Proud Boys.

Welcome to what is the 1126th original profile here at “Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day”, where we will be profiling Luis Miguel, a 2022 U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, who dropped out of the race for that seat in an attempt to run for District 20 of the Florida House of Representatives, seeking to unseat Democratic State Representative Yvonne Hinson . Now, whether in the Senate or the House of Representatives, or even just the Florida House of Representatives, we have serious reservations about Luis Miguel coming to power.

The first being that he repeatedly posted Qanon’s motto on social media, and when the media started shutting down conspiracy theory stories in late 2020, he responded by saying, “If QAnon Were Not Problematic For The Establishment, The Social Media Companies They Control Wouldn’t Ban It.” We will add here that it is “problematic for the establishment”, but above all it is “problematic for all those who live in reality because it is bulls***”.

But we will also note that on social networks Luis Miguel called not only to ban abortion, but to punish it with a capital crime (HOW YOU ARE VERY “PRO-LIFE” OF WANTING TO KILL THE WOMAN AFTER) and how he once wrote an opinion op-ed where he examined the modern state of politics and decided that a civil war between the red states and the blue states was “inevitable”. Did we mention he wants everyone in jail for their role in the attempted coup where the Capitol building was stormed on January 6, 2021, released as ‘political prisoners’ ? Because, yes, he led a rally to do so, claiming the Jan. 6 attack was a “false flag” created by the FBI. Also appearing with Miguel at this gathering? At least a dozen members of the Proud Boys, including their de facto leader, Enrique Tarrio, who did not participate in Donald Trump’s coup solely because he was in jail that day for another offence. Simply put…he is not someone who has the slightest interest in participating in the US government in a non-destructive way, and should be kept as far away as possible from any seat of power, at any level.

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