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Gorgeous: that’s how Fey looks beautiful at 48

Maria Fernanda Blazquez Gil, better known as “Fey, the Mexican pop and electronic music singer turned 48 and celebrated with her fans on social media.

a few hours earlier, Fey He posted a video on his official Instagram account that captured a large part of his millions of followers around the world. We see the very smiling blonde Latina moving her hair and arms in slow motion. The singer of famous songs such as “Azúcar Amargo” and “Me enamoro de ti” wore a colorful purple dress, her hair was flowing and her face was natural, without a drop of makeup.


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Patio Playhouse rock musical “Miss You Like Hell” opens July 30 https://miterceraedad.com/patio-playhouse-rock-musical-miss-you-like-hell-opens-july-30/ https://miterceraedad.com/patio-playhouse-rock-musical-miss-you-like-hell-opens-july-30/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:35:07 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/patio-playhouse-rock-musical-miss-you-like-hell-opens-july-30/

The Patio Playhouse Community Theater in Escondido returns to live performances with its outdoor production of “Miss You Like Hell”, which premieres Friday, July 30 as part of its Patio Plays in the Park summer season.

The rock musical features original songs, with a book and lyrics by Quiara Alegría Hudes as well as music and lyrics by Erin McKeown, said Cassiopeia Guthrie, advertising director of Patio Playhouse. The show will be presented in the Kit Carson Amphitheater, 100 Amphitheater Drive in Escondido. The performances will take place at 8 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday, until Saturday, August 14.

Tickets cost $ 25 for adults, $ 22 for seniors, military, and students, plus $ 18 for youth 16 and under. Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more. Purchase tickets by calling 760-746-6669 or online at PatioPlayhouse.com.

“Miss You Like Hell” is about Olivia and Beatriz, a spirited teenage girl and her Latina mother, as they travel the country on wheels, meet a mix of diverse strangers, face the complications of their relationship and face the challenges of immigration, Guthrie said. Ultimately, they learn what it means to be a family in America today.

The show’s creative team includes director Elizabeth Arellano and music director Erika R. Gamez. “Being a part of this production… presented a unique opportunity for me as a Mexican-American woman in theater,” Gamez said. “(The show) is not only a safe return to live theater for us, but also a chance to stage a story that’s deeply personal to me.”

The cast stars Vivian Schmitz as Beatriz and Violeta Ruiz-Lopez as Olivia. The cast also includes Carjanae Evans as Pearl, Brian B. Evans as Mo, Jason Schlarmann as Higgins and Rick Hernandez as Manuel. The set includes Shianna Chastain, Nathan Groome, Mykaila Istvanyi, Shaun Lim, Ashley Perez, Jana Russick, and Matt Sayre.

“I hope this story reminds people to be more empathetic towards immigrants, with and without papers, because we can’t even imagine some of the struggles they go through on a daily basis to provide better lives for their families,” he said. said Ruiz-Lopez.

Patio Playhouse partnered with the BIPOC Support Foundation this summer in an effort to raise awareness of its programs, Guthrie said. The foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in San Diego County. It is committed to empowering the lives and communities of Blacks, Indigenous people and people of color by providing resources, education, mentorship and economic support, she added.

The organization’s programs include Diving Deep, a series of book clubs featuring decolonized educational resources; the Backpack Initiative, which provides backpacks filled with school supplies, literary items and community resources to underserved communities; and Women + s Work, a program to promote BIPOC’s women + so that they can show their strength, harness their potential and thrive beyond socio-political constructs, said Guthrie. The foundation’s website says it uses the term “women +” to include all transgender women and gender non-conforming people in its work. More information about the foundation is available at BIPOCSupportFoundation.org.

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Best Selena Gomez Songs: 20 Shape-Changing Pop Essentials https://miterceraedad.com/best-selena-gomez-songs-20-shape-changing-pop-essentials/ https://miterceraedad.com/best-selena-gomez-songs-20-shape-changing-pop-essentials/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:08:24 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/best-selena-gomez-songs-20-shape-changing-pop-essentials/

Selena Gomez’s discography is a living document of the ever-evolving chapters of her reinvention as an artist. For nearly two decades, she has been a steadfast force, permeating pop culture as a platinum-selling musician, philanthropist, instantly recognizable on-screen actress, and executive producer behind the scenes. Gomez continues to advance his career by never staying too long in a creative space.

In 2009, she released her first album as lead singer of pop-rock group Selena Gomez & the Scene. Kiss and say became the singer’s first entry into the Billboard 200 Top 10 and spawned her first hit Hot 100 with the sparkling second single “Naturally”. Gomez went on to release two more studio albums with his band mates before going solo for his first official album. The dance of the stars in 2013. Proving that she could manage as a musician, The dance of the stars solidified Gomez in the trifecta of his generation of post-disney stars next to Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

The dance of the stars removed the rock influence of Selena Gomez & the Scene and made Gomez a key figure in pop music by becoming her first album to surpass the Billboard 200. In 2015, she shared The comeback, yet another reinvention of his career as a hitmaker and songwriter that spawned several hit singles. Taking a full-fledged pop approach, Gomez’s solo discography captures the risky creative process of a teenage star progressing into adulthood and her own art.

With several notable collaborations and a total of five albums to his credit in late 2015, some of Gomez’s greatest hits were still waiting for him. In 2020, the singer shared Rare, his most outspoken and convincing work to date which hosted his first chart-topping single on the Billboard Hot 100. As evidenced by the release of his Spanish EP of 2021 Revelation, Gomez continues to remove layers and test the limits of his art. For a full understanding of her ever-evolving discography, check out Selena Gomez’s top songs that have revitalized her sound and the deep cuts that shine a light on her vast multilingual lineup.

Listen to Selena Gomez’s best tracks on Apple Music or Spotify, and scroll down below for our rendition of Selena Gomez’s best songs.

Introduction tubes

(Of course, a year without rain, I love you like a love song, come get it)

Selena Gomez was catapulted into the teenage pop star’s stratosphere two years ago Kiss and say arrived in 2009. Having already locked up a loyal fan base thanks to his Disney Channel following built during his time as Alex Russo on the Emmy Award-winning series the Wizards of Waverly Place, her pop-rock group Selena Gomez & the Scene shared “Naturally” as the second single from their debut album. The song slowly builds up until you hit the infectious chorus delivered to thrilling dance beats. Along with his band, Gomez took on the role of pop newcomer. On each of her subsequent albums with The Scene, the singer’s creative presence only grew stronger.

“A Year Without Rain,” from the band’s second album of the same name, featured one of Gomez’s deepest vocal performances suited to the song’s courageous production. Later, the track will be recorded in Spanish as a tribute to Gomez’s Mexican heritage, foreshadowing his future releases in the Spanish language.

When Sun sets, Selena Gomez & the Scene’s third and final album, opens with “Love You Like A Song”, an electro-pop hit produced by Rock Mafia and based on synths. The trail carries Gomez’s trust in her DNA as she paints a picture of the honeymoon phase of a new relationship with every word.

After having cut her teeth in the group, Gomez was ready to make a name for herself as a solo musician. That moment took the form of “Come & Get It”, the sultry single from her debut solo album that mixes Punjabi bhangra music with the booming sound of electropop. A full-fledged pop artist, Gomez teamed up with behemoth pop producers Stargate and hitmaker Ester Dean for his official re-introduction as a 20-year-old post-Disney star who was just beginning.

Open heart tubes

(Look at her now, hands on me, bad liar, get lost for loving me)

At the end of her time at Disney, Selena Gomez focused solely on her artistic work, injecting more of her story into her lyrics. Over time, a certain vulnerability emerged in her writing, reaching a notable breakthrough with her No. 1 debut single “Lose You To Love Me”. Detailing the process of severing all bonds with a previous partner as a way to reconnect and heal, the track is a final goodbye wrapped in a shimmering piano-based production. On “Look At Her Now”, also by Rare, Gomez broaches this subject once, emerging from a tumultuous relationship better than ever and with better days to come.

Both tracks were created by Gomez with pop hitmakers Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. The trio have been collaborating closely since The comeback where they found a hit in the cheeky single “Hands To Myself”, which set the tone for the singer’s future releases. This collaborative relationship has made it possible to generate ambitious confidence in the work on the two The comeback and Rare.

On the single “Bad Liar,” the trio interpolated the 1977 Talking Heads classic “Psycho Killer” for a breathtaking tale of the honeymoon phase of a new relationship that introduced a whole new range of vocals from Gomez. . These hits remain among Selena Gomez’s best songs, with each song unlike their predecessors, documenting Gomez’s emergence as a confident songwriter.

The deep cuts that define

(Nobody, sober, vulnerable, the heart wants what it wants)

The 2014 single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” offered a minimalist take on the booming electropop of the early to mid-2010s with an emphasis on Gomez’s vocal performance and became his biggest hit at that time. day without ever being tied to an official album at the time. Those moments when Gomez clinches musical gold often extend beyond the charts, tucked away in the deep cuts of his albums.

On the The comeback Bonus song “Nobody”, Gomez is teamed up with songwriter and producer Nick Monson for a reverberating note on his faith, a subject little explored in his hit singles. As she shared with iHeartRadio that the lyrics were ready to be performed, she saw the song as an opportunity to unveil another side of herself in her music that her audiences don’t often get the chance to encounter. .

On the “Sober” produced by Stargate, Gomez revisits this idea of ​​having to seek strength in yourself, rather than depending on anyone who could possibly disappoint you. She continues to embrace autonomy on the Rare cut “Vulnerable,” where she makes it clear that given the choice between changing to make a relationship work and completely letting go to prioritize her own happiness, she will choose herself every time.

Language changes

(De Una Vez, Taki Taki, Baila Conmigo, Buscando Amor)

In 2010, Selena Gomez & the Scene added “Un Año Sin Lluvia”, the Spanish version of “A Year Without Rain”, to their second studio album. It was a tribute to Gomez’s Mexican heritage and the language she grew up speaking fluently until her time of speaking only English in the TV and music industries took her away. his mastery. Eight years later, she teamed up with global superstars DJs Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B for “Taki Taki,” Gomez’s first bilingual release in over seven years.

Gomez’s biggest crossover success to date, the reggaeton-influenced track reached No.1 in 15 countries and landed at No.11 and 15 in the US and UK, respectively. The track set the stage for Revelation, her first Spanish-language EP shared in 2021. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for 10 years, working on a Spanish project, because I’m so, so proud of my heritage,” she said at Apple Music’s Zane. Lowe in an interview. The project’s first single, “De Una Vez”, harmoniously blends R&B and Latin pop, while Gomez maintains his theme of self-esteem and recovery throughout the song’s lyrics entirely in Spanish.

Gomez explained how much louder her music is when she sings in Spanish, and there is a confidence that shines through on “Buscando Amor”, the Revelation cut that celebrates a confident and carefree lifestyle. On “Baila Conmigo”, the singer faces Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro. The duo swap lyrics throughout the track to a rhythmic production from star producer Tainy.


(We don’t talk anymore, good for you, I want you to know, ice cream)

Collaborations are rare on Selena Gomez’s own projects. Only two featured artists have appeared on her albums with The Scene and on her solo efforts, this would only be her second album. The comeback that she would invite a guest artist. Rapper A $ AP Rocky joined Gomez for an appearance on “Good For You”, the track served as the album’s lead single and exploited an R&B sound that was fairly new to Gomez’s aesthetic at the time. . “Good For You” was the singer’s biggest growth and maturity marker to date, completely severing any remaining attachment to teenage stardom her audience might have.

While features of her own albums are still scarce, some of Selena Gomez’s best songs come from her guests on other artists’ projects, allowing herself to step outside the confines of her own work by stepping into theirs. In 2015, she was the sole singer on German super-producer Zedd’s platinum hit “I Want You To Know” for her biggest EDM project to date, building on beats found on Stars Dance. On Charlie Puth’s One Track Mind single “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” Gomez breaks ties from a past relationship over the song’s catchy acoustic production.

The singer’s most exhilarating collaboration came in 2020 when she teamed up with K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK for the single “Ice cream.”Moment of loop for the group, which had danced on Gomez during their days of interns, the piece was written by the singer alongside Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét, Teddy, etc. Performed by five singers, “Ice Cream” gives way to the charm and versatility of each singer.

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