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Photo by Nathan Giese

Marcos Witt will be part of two services at South Plains Church in Levelland at the end of June.

Provided by South Plains Church in Levelland

Five-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Christian artist Marcos Witt will be part of two services at South Plains Church in Levelland later this month.

The first service that will feature the singer, songwriter and songwriter will take place on June 26 at 6 p.m., which will be a fully Spanish-speaking service. It will also be part of an English-speaking service on June 27 at 10:30 a.m.

Witt is not only a musician, he has also written 10 books in Spanish – one which has been translated into English – as well as a speaker and pastor. He is the pastor of the Spanish Congregation at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX for Joel Osteen.

Witt has recorded 30 albums with more than 27 million copies in the United States, Mexico and Latin America. He founded CanZion Productions in 1986 and more than 3 million people attended his concerts in Latin America between 2009 and 2012.

Doors will open at 5 p.m. for the June 26 service and will be open 30 minutes before June 27a service.

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“In the Heights” review summary: see what the critics are saying https://miterceraedad.com/in-the-heights-review-summary-see-what-the-critics-are-saying/ https://miterceraedad.com/in-the-heights-review-summary-see-what-the-critics-are-saying/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 18:18:44 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/in-the-heights-review-summary-see-what-the-critics-are-saying/

Lights up on Washington Heights.

The opening weekend of the big screen adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Broadway musical “In the Heights” is finally upon us after the COVID-19 pandemic delays its theatrical release for almost a year.

Critics say the ‘driven’, ‘joyful’, ‘life-affirming’ and ‘socially distance-less’ cinematic wonder is the perfect reason to return to theaters, which have been dark across the country for several months. due to the public health crisis.

“To call this film bold would be an understatement; to describe him as small would be a lie, ”writes Justin Chang for the Los Angeles Times.

“At nearly two and a half hours and with a formidable ensemble of actors singing, rapping, dancing and practically stepping out of the frame, ‘In the Heights’ is brash and invigorating entertainment, a film of tender and delicate moments that nonetheless delights. unashamedly of its own size and scale.

Directed by Jon M. Chu, “In the Heights” centers around charismatic bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos) living in the predominantly Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.

While running his vibrant local business, Usnavi (created on Broadway by Miranda) uplifts his vibrant community, finds love, and dreams of escaping to his native Dominican Republic.

“As a collection of interwoven stories set to the pulsating rhythms of everyday barrio life, this ‘In the Heights’ can seem as dramatically thin and stretched as its source was,” Chang continues in his review.

“But as the musical valentine of a tight-knit Latin American community, a whirlwind inspired by hip-hop, Latin pop, salsa and other musical idioms, his pleasures are often glorious, even transporting. It summons – and for the most part maintains – the kind of visual and musical energy that could help give the films the resurgent summer they’ve been waiting for.

Written for the screen by Quiara Alegría Hudes – who also wrote the book for the directing – the film’s musical features a cast that includes Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins, Melissa Barrera and Olga Merediz.

Find out what others have said about the upcoming summer blockbuster below.

AV Club

“In the heights” the portrait in slices of life suggests a less ambitious undertaking than Hamilton, but it tells a story as vast as that of a nascent nation ”, writes Danette Chavez.

“Through the two musicals, Miranda demonstrates how deeply rooted people of color are in the history of this country: before reinventing a crucial chapter in the history of the United States with black and Latin actors, the famous multi-trait d’union shed light on the struggle of marginalized people against displacement. At the heart of “In The Heights”, on stage or on screen, is movement – as migration, as immigration, as dance, as code change, as passage of time. ‘friends to lovers. After nearly 13 years, it is time for the public to join the parranda.

But why Tho?

“There are a lot of things I want to say about ‘In the Heights’. I can say this is the most amazing example of Latinx joy I have ever seen on screen. I can talk about how it takes wrestling very real and elegantly presents [it] to an audience that may not know what it is ”, writes Kate Sánchez.

“I can talk about how I was Nina, in a place where everyone thought I didn’t belong, and how that fueled my impostor syndrome. I can say that the most touching number in the film isn’t the one that comes from sadness, but rather the one that calls on Latinxes to raise our flags, own our identities, and feel joy and strength with it. I can write about all of these things and somehow still wouldn’t be able to capture the power and beauty of “In the Heights”.

CineFilm TV

“All the actors play wonderfully in their musical numbers. Miranda and Chu bring out the best in all actors, even those who are not trained as singers. Actors like Hawkins and Barrera, who are not known for their vocal abilities, shine here with beautiful renditions of their singing voices, ” writes Lupe R. Haas.

“Anthony Ramos, of course, is the heart of the film. The actor is very charismatic and endearing. He holds the film together even when the story ventures into the subplots of other characters. He tells a story of a captivating way that holds your attention for over two hours.


“The simplicity of the story belies the intoxicating nature of the music, from the beautiful ballads to a Busby Berkeley-style rendition of ‘96,000″ at the local pool and a beautifully choreographed tribute to Fred Astaire. ” writes Brian Lowry.

Throughout, the film is bursting with energy and color, with judicious casting choices from top to bottom, perhaps especially with Grace (a singer who is making her film debut) and Barrera (who starred in the Starz series ‘Vida’). “

Weekly entertainment

“For all of its rich tapestry and radiant ingenuity, it’s this casual centering of so many marginalized voices that makes the film, in its own way, groundbreaking: a Technicolor marvel as heady as old Hollywood and as modern as this moment. writes Leah Greenblatt.

Hollywood journalist

“The film radiates love for its characters, their background, and the pride with which they defend their cultural imprint against the pervasive forces of development in New York City that continually push the marginalized further into the margins.” writes David Rooney. “The resilience with which the characters claim their place in the fabric of city life is exhilarating. “

Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera in “In the Heights”.

(Macall Polay / Warner Bros. Entertainment)


Even on his static Broadway set – rocked every night and twice on Sunday like a snow globe in a heat wave – ‘In the Heights’ was animated by his feverish insistence that home is something people take away. with them wherever they go “, writes David Ehrlich.

“By opening this snow globe and watching it spread through the streets of Washington Heights, Chu has created a film that makes his characters seem like they are dreaming with their eyes open. Here is such a magical and confident musical that even its missteps seem like great ideas.

Association of Latin Entertainment Journalists.

“[Chu’s] direction of ‘In the heights’ may have been mocked during the announcement, but after seeing the film it’s hard to imagine another director doing it justice ”, writes Toni Gonzales.

“Chu is able to capture the culture and with justified reverence make it shine and shine. Not an easy task to do, no doubt. But Chu does it brilliantly in her choice of choreographed dance scenes, shot selections, and – as the movie says – with patience and faith.

New York Times

“Like Usnavi, the film – bristling with ideas, verbal wit and musical invention – has its heart on its sleeve”, writes AO Scott. “It also reflects its virtues: generosity, decency, hard work, pride. Ramos’ charisma is perfectly suited to the role.

“His modesty is as winning and genuine as his bravado, and he is a strong stage singer as well as a subtle film actor. It would be unfair to the rest of the wonderful cast – and wrong to the family and inclusive spirit that makes “In the Heights” so successful – to say it dominates the screen. He’s the one who keeps the party going, and that’s why it’s happening. “

USA today

“That’s right, ‘In The Heights’ is a traditional musical, right down to its lavish Busby Berkeley-style production numbers. This does not diminish its importance ”, writes Raul A. Reyes. “For the Latino public, it is an opportunity to be proud of our culture. And to everyone else, it’s a reminder that Latinos live, work, and pursue their dreams just like other Americans.

“With its spanglish, salsa and infectious rhythms, ‘In The Heights’ presents the Latin experience with authenticity and affection. It’s a celebration of the Latin heritage that America needs right now.


“Seeing Dominicans and Puerto Ricans taking to the streets might not be as new as it was when ‘In the Heights’ was released on Broadway, but it’s no less invigorating on the big screen. ” writes Peter Debruge. “Miranda’s awesome songs speak for themselves, leaving Chu to orchestrate the carnival del barrio that does ordinary people of color justice. Bawl! “


“The film was shot on location in Washington Heights, giving it an immediacy that makes it a vibrant, sometimes dissonant combination with the over-the-top aesthetic of a studio musical. writes Bilge Ebiri.

“Chu simultaneously mixes the relaxed, the lived and the intimate with the broad gestures and precise rhythms and dreamlike logic of a traditional musical, as the actors easily switch between the naturalistic and the theatrical.”

A crowd of people partying in a giant swimming pool

Corey Hawkins, center, as Benny in “In the Heights”.

(Photos Warner Bros.)

Washington post

“Blending rap, salsa, merengue and Latin pop, and checking the names of specific countries and cultures too often flattened with the overly generalist term ‘Latino,’ the big-screen version of ‘In the Heights’ preserves what could be that by Miranda. most revolutionary achievement: reframe American musical theater in a vernacular language that is quite familiar – but specific, authentic and invigorating ”, writes Ann Hornaday.

We live the entertainment

“From start to finish, ‘In the Heights’ is a musical odyssey”, writes Adriana Gomez-Weston.

“The film opens with the catchy title song, ‘In the Heights’, then reaches an emotional first note with ‘Breathe’. Some other highlights are “96,000” and “Carnaval del Barrio”. Overall, “In the Heights” doesn’t have a song or a moment that isn’t pleasant. Once again, combined with Quiara Alegría Hudes’ writing skills, Lin-Manuel Miranda shows his incredible ability to interweave words and sounds to create something beautiful.

The Envelope

“With ‘In the Heights’, Chu delivers the Latino equivalent of his previous box office hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and takes it out of the park. writes Monica Castillo.

“Like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, not everyone will feel represented when they watch ‘In the Heights’. It is an impossible task for any movie. Yet ‘In the Heights’ can represent a lot of things for many different viewers. It can be a story of ambitious and hardworking people chasing their dreams. It can be a reflection on the immigrant experience and the struggle to find one’s place. It can also be a tribute to the sacrifices of our parents.

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Independent Special Director Luis Miguel Palomino Bonilla just sold a bunch of shares in Southern Copper Corporation (NYSE: SCCO) https://miterceraedad.com/independent-special-director-luis-miguel-palomino-bonilla-just-sold-a-bunch-of-shares-in-southern-copper-corporation-nyse-scco/ https://miterceraedad.com/independent-special-director-luis-miguel-palomino-bonilla-just-sold-a-bunch-of-shares-in-southern-copper-corporation-nyse-scco/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:33:26 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/independent-special-director-luis-miguel-palomino-bonilla-just-sold-a-bunch-of-shares-in-southern-copper-corporation-nyse-scco/

We would be surprised if Southern Copper Company (NYSE: SCCO) Shareholders haven’t noticed that Special Independent Director Luis Miguel Palomino Bonilla recently sold US $ 206,000 worth of shares at US $ 68.73 per share. The eyebrow raising movement resulted in a 40% reduction in their holdings.

See our latest review for Southern Copper

Southern Copper Insider Trading in the Past Year

In the last twelve months, the biggest sale by an insider was when the chairman of the board, Germany’s Larrea Mota-Velasco, sold $ 32 million in shares at a price of 82.00 dollars per share. While insider selling is negative, for us it is even more so if stocks are sold for a lower price. The positive side is that this drop took place above the last price (US $ 66.98). It is therefore difficult to draw a solid conclusion.

During the past year, insiders of Southern Copper have not purchased any shares of the company. Below you can see a visual representation of insider trading (by businesses and individuals) over the past 12 months. By clicking on the graph below, you can see the exact detail of each insider trade!

NYSE: SCCO Insider Trading Volume June 11, 2021

I will like Southern Copper better if I see big insider buys. In the meantime, watch this free list of growing companies with significant and recent insider buying.

Insider ownership

I like to look at how many shares insiders own in a company, to help inform my perspective on their alignment with insiders. I think it’s a good sign if the insiders own a significant number of shares in the company. Insiders own 0.1% of Southern Copper’s shares, valued at approximately $ 62 million. We’ve certainly seen higher levels of insider ownership elsewhere, but these holdings are enough to suggest an alignment between insiders and other shareholders.

So what do Southern Copper’s insider trading indicate?

Insiders haven’t bought Southern Copper shares in the past three months, but there have been sales. Looking at the past twelve months, our data shows no insider buying. On the positive side, Southern Copper is making money and increasing its profits. While the insiders own stocks, they don’t own a bunch, and they’ve sold. We practice some caution before buying! In addition to knowing the current insider transactions, it is useful to identify the risks facing Southern Copper. When we did our research we found 4 warning signs for Southern Copper (1 doesn’t suit us very well!) Which we think deserve your full attention.

Of course, you might find a fantastic investment looking elsewhere. So take a look at this free list of interesting companies.

For the purposes of this article, insiders are the persons who report their transactions to the relevant regulatory body. We currently account for open market transactions and private assignments, but not derivative transactions.

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This Simply Wall St article is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell shares and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. Our aim is to bring you long-term, targeted analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest announcements from price sensitive companies or qualitative documents. Simply Wall St has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.
*Interactive Brokers Ranked Least Expensive Broker By StockBrokers.com Online Annual Review 2020

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Danna Paola and Álex Hoyer happy in Ibiza on vacation – Explica.co https://miterceraedad.com/danna-paola-and-alex-hoyer-happy-in-ibiza-on-vacation-explica-co/ https://miterceraedad.com/danna-paola-and-alex-hoyer-happy-in-ibiza-on-vacation-explica-co/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 06:23:57 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/danna-paola-and-alex-hoyer-happy-in-ibiza-on-vacation-explica-co/

Mexican artist Danna Paola, despite being a benchmark for millions of teenagers, has always been very discreet about her personal life. As well as, The young actress and singer took advantage of a mini vacation on the idyllic beaches of Ibiza (Spain) where we saw her happy and in love with the artist Alex Hoyer. The couple enjoyed the sea on a yacht excursion with a group of friends. In this walk this is where we got to see the couple in the most loving way, however, Danna continues to assert that they are just friends.

© GTres The singer enjoys a mini-vacation on the idyllic beaches of Ibiza

The couple had a lovely day at the beach with a good group of friends. Danna spends a large part of her time in Spain because she is part of the jury of a talent competition, Talent Top Stars , and in addition, he is in full promotion of his album knock out . Danna is in one of her best stages professionally and personally. In addition, he recently released a world hit from the hand of Murten that he is called “Imbecile”.

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer© GTresDanna Paola and Alex Hoyer

Alex Hoyer is a Mexican artist who emerged in 2014 thanks to the TV show La Voz. After going through the program, the young man has had several successes which are gradually leading him to success.

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer in Ibiza© GTres The couple had a lovely day at the beach with a good group of friends in Ibiza

For her part, Danna has been in the film industry since she was very young, reaching her greatest success in the Netflix series ELITE, she decided to leave the movie industry for a while to develop a musical career. successful, which grows stronger thanks to her impressive angelic voice.

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Ricky Martin and Paloma Mami talk about “Que Rico Fuera” https://miterceraedad.com/ricky-martin-and-paloma-mami-talk-about-que-rico-fuera/ https://miterceraedad.com/ricky-martin-and-paloma-mami-talk-about-que-rico-fuera/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 23:19:25 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/ricky-martin-and-paloma-mami-talk-about-que-rico-fuera/

“Que Rico Fuera” – co-written by Paloma and Ricky and directed by producers Wissem Larfaoui, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz and Juan Camilo Vargas – is a rhythmic Caribbean bop with urban pop fusions and sultry lyrics. They describe the song as “lit”, “sabrosura“(tasty) or, Martin’s personal favorite,” Freaky Ricky “.

“My thing is to find the magic in different cultures and to break down the barriers,” said the Puerto Rican star. “At the end of the day, I kind of catch the rhythms that move me, transform them into my sound, and that’s the dynamics that worked.

For Ricky and Paloma, who recorded the song separately but first met while filming the video in California, this is exactly what people needed right now.

“We’re in a moment where we’ve been through so much and this song moves people,” says Martin.

But their collaboration goes beyond the professional.

“We have an astrological connection,” he says. “Everything I do with a Scorpio turns out to be very successful and I didn’t know that was his sign until we finished filming the video.”

Paloma, who says she just loves Capricorns, immediately knew there was a “magical chemistry” between the two.

“She’s young and knows what she wants and doesn’t want and I love that she is so connected. You can see it by his music and his performance in this song, ”Martin notes.

“Que Rico Fuera” will be on Martin’s next album To play, scheduled for later this year.

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Is the ‘Tic, Tick … Boom!’ Film a musical? Details on the new Netflix movie https://miterceraedad.com/is-the-tic-tick-boom-film-a-musical-details-on-the-new-netflix-movie/ https://miterceraedad.com/is-the-tic-tick-boom-film-a-musical-details-on-the-new-netflix-movie/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:46:04 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/is-the-tic-tick-boom-film-a-musical-details-on-the-new-netflix-movie/

Fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work have of them things to celebrate this month: the release of In the heights and the trailer for his next project, Tic, Tic … Boom!. Starring Andrew Garfield and based on Jonathan Larson’s musical, the film is a semi-autobiographical project reflecting Jonathan’s life before his death. Is the movie Tic, Tic … Boom! also a musical? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Netflix movie.

So the ‘Tic, Tick … Boom!’ is the film a musical?

The original musical was written by Jonathan Larson of RENTAL fame and detailed his experiences as a young songwriter in New York City in the 1990s. His father confirmed that the show was semi-autobiographical in the cover notes of the cast’s recording. After Jonathan’s death, the show was revised in 1996 and revamped by playwright David Auburn. Eventually, the show premiered off Broadway in 2001.

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Source: Netflix

Tic, Tic … Boom! revolves around the main character, Jon, a songwriter who is nearing his 30th birthday and feels inadequate due to his lack of achievement. The story follows Jon’s trials and tribulations on his way to success, and features a small group of characters to accompany him on his journey.

The show also makes frequent references to legendary composer Stephen Sondheim, and one of the show’s main songs is called “St —– S ——–” because his name is “so legendary that ‘it cannot be said out loud. “

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Source: Netflix

Will be the Tic, Tic … Boom! is the film a musical? The answer is yes! Andrew Garfield sings and dances throughout the trailer, and the Netflix adaptation marks composer Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut. In fact, the premise of the show has a musical within a musical, so there will be a lot of vocals.

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Lead actor Andrew is no stranger to the scene, having received critical acclaim for his performance in Angels in America and receiving a Tony Award for his work in the 2012 revival of Death of a seller.

Andrew Garfield as Prior Walter in

Source: The National Theater

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Other cast members include Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) as Jonathan’s girlfriend, Susan; Vanessa Hudgens (Rent: Live) as Karessa Johnson, the lead actress in Jonathan’s first musical; Robin of Jesus (Mean) like Michael, Jonathan’s best friend; Joshua Henry as Roger, Judith Light as Rosa Stevens and Bradley Whitford as Stephen Sondheim.

When is the ‘Tic, Tick … Boom!’ release date?

Like many projects shot during the coronavirus pandemic, Tic, Tic … Boom! suffered several filming delays in April 2020. Fortunately, production was able to resume in October and end in November of the same year, but the delays also pushed back previously scheduled release dates. The recently released trailer announces that the film will be released in “Fall 2021”.

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The cast members of 'Tick, Tick ... Boom!'

Source: Netflix

Fans will have to wait and see more information when the film releases. Until then, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also currently working on The little Mermaid live adaptation as co-composer alongside original composer Alan Menken, and In the heights releases in theaters and on HBO Max on June 11. Suffice to say that the content of Lin-Manuel Miranda will not be missing in 2021 and beyond!

Tic, Tic … Boom! will be released on Netflix in fall 2021.

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The Day – Lin-Manuel Miranda on ‘In the Heights’: ‘We are the next American story’ https://miterceraedad.com/the-day-lin-manuel-miranda-on-in-the-heights-we-are-the-next-american-story/ https://miterceraedad.com/the-day-lin-manuel-miranda-on-in-the-heights-we-are-the-next-american-story/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 11:53:22 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/the-day-lin-manuel-miranda-on-in-the-heights-we-are-the-next-american-story/

There were two long waits that had to be endured before Lin-Manuel Miranda and playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes could bring their Tony-award-winning musical “In the Heights” to the screen.

The film’s release has been delayed for a year by the pandemic. It finally opened in theaters Thursday and airs on HBO Max.

And, as Miranda notes, it’s been half a century since the last hit musical about Latinos in America. (Steven Spielberg’s remake of 1961’s “West Side Story” is set to hit theaters in December.)

“In the Heights”, directed by Jon M. Chu (“Crazy Rich Asians”) is based on the award-winning musical by Tony in 2008 with music and lyrics by Miranda and the book by Hudes, who is also the screenwriter of the movie.

Its story takes place in the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City over three very hot summer days. Usnavi, a bodega owner played by Anthony Ramos, finds himself in a life-changing moment, with mixed feelings about closing the store and returning to the Dominican Republic after inheriting a fortune from the grandmother of the district.

Miranda, who co-produced the film, said her own life journey is inextricably linked with “In the Heights,” which includes childhood memories and family experiences from her childhood in Washington Heights in the 1980s.

The film is a love letter to the essence and sense of belonging of the bustling neighborhood, where people lean into each other while dreaming big and fighting against gentrification and environmental racism.

Miranda said he viewed his own small role, as the neighborhood piraguero, as “a love letter to my Abuelo Wisin,” who died shortly after the release of “In the Heights” on Broadway. “I wear all of her (stuff) in the movie. I wear her e’pejuelo (glasses) around my neck.… I wear my socks rolled up. When my wife saw my costume for the piraguero, she said, ‘They’re t ‘let your grandpa’s cargo shorts wear to the movie?’ “

“In the Heights” is also “a lot of the DNA” of Philly, he says, thanks to the Philadelphia-born Pulitzer Prize winner Hudes for his drama “Water by the Spoonful.”

“She was relying on her cousins, her family (Puerto Rican and Jewish) and her community to write this,” says Miranda. “It’s not autobiographical, but there are so many details that are taken from my life, from Quiara’s life.”

Compared to his hit “Hamilton,” he says, “Heights” is the most personal work, but it’s also “a giant reminder that we are the next American story and that we all come from all over the place”.

Its pandemic delay only makes the film’s arrival more poignant. “I feel really good about the movie that’s coming out now,” Hudes said. “I just hugged my mom safely for the first time in over a year. I’m not alone, and this year, my God, it comes at a price. It was heartbreaking for her not to kiss his grandchildren in complete safety.

“In this movie, people gather in Abuela’s house, play chalupa, bingo. They gather in the alley to dance on the hottest day because the air conditioners are down, they are in the pool. community and have a dance party at the dance club. It will remind us of what it is – because I honestly believe we forgot – to be together in a space with your neighbors, with your friends. “

Hudes, who now lives in Washington Heights, said growing up in a very diverse but separate city like Philadelphia gave him the vision to create the narrative arc of certain characters and their relationships.

She said Philly had shaped her understanding of the “many invisible walls that create separation” in American society, which informed the relationship between film character Nina (Leslie Grace), a Boricua who grew up in Washington Heights and is a freshman at Stanford, and his father, Kevin Rosario (Jimmy Smits), a businessman who moved from Puerto Rico to Washington Heights.

“Even though it’s New York City and you’re exposed to a lot of culture, she kind of grew up in that bubble. She had so much support that culturally understands her that it’s very strange for her to come out right away. ‘a hit in a very white space like Stanford,’ explained Hudes.

“So Nina has to navigate separate spaces and is – in some ways – unprepared, because her grandpa came from Puerto Rico to another Latino community and so he didn’t really enter the white world of the same way he expects from Nina. “

The screen adaptation of “In the Heights” lasts almost two and a half hours, with 24 songs. It’s a very energetic film from start to finish, with little details that underscore the intention of the filmmakers to design a production for Latino audiences that would showcase the things that give them joy: the jelly jar of Vaseline on Abuela Claudia’s nightstand, fireworks at night, hand embroidery and street art graffiti everywhere.

Mexican singer and actress Melissa Barrera plays Vanessa, a hairdresser (and Usnavi’s sweetheart) who dreams of leaving the changing neighborhood to become a fashion designer and live downtown. She said many would see themselves reflected in Vanessa for her ambition and desire to make her dreams come true.

“I left my hometown of Monterrey to go to college because I wanted to do musical theater and be on Broadway,” she said. “But every time I go back to visit my mother and my sisters, I say to myself: this is my home, this is me, this is what gave me all the inspiration and the material that I needed to build the dreams in my head. “

Although Washington Heights is a more US-born and more Latin American neighborhood these days, “In the Heights” focuses on the experiences of first-generation immigrants as a way to summarize the unique but relevant experience of Latinos in the United States, Miranda said.

He said “In the Heights” offers only a slice of the diverse Latin American experience, as no production can encompass all of the stories. He said the production celebrates the bond that exists within all of these communities.

“There are millions of other stories where it came from, millions of specifics that we can’t capture – and that’s OK,” he said. “The goal is for the next Latin musical not to come out in (expletive) 50 years.”

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Jennifer Lopez Shoots New Music Video and Poses With Cops While Filming in Miami | Latin post https://miterceraedad.com/jennifer-lopez-shoots-new-music-video-and-poses-with-cops-while-filming-in-miami-latin-post/ https://miterceraedad.com/jennifer-lopez-shoots-new-music-video-and-poses-with-cops-while-filming-in-miami-latin-post/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 03:04:38 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/jennifer-lopez-shoots-new-music-video-and-poses-with-cops-while-filming-in-miami-latin-post/

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez stunned the crowd as she posed with police officers during the filming of her new music video.

According to a Daily mail report, the 51-year-old Latina superstar took a photo with three lucky cops on Wednesday, June 9 in Miami Beach.

In the photo, Jennifer Lopez appeared to enjoy the company of the police as she posed for a photo while working on the set of an upcoming music video.

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Jennifer Lopez poses with the police

Emitting her charisma and youthful glow, Jennifer Lopez wowed people by wearing a dazzling silver bra with a white button-down shirt and cropped shorts revealing the waistband of her Dolce & Gabbana underwear.

The Latina pop diva Americanized her look wearing a red cap with a famous soda brand logo and multicolored Nike shoes.

Police officers were thrilled with the photoshoot as the Miami Beach Police Department posted their cops photo with Jennifer Lopez on their Instagram Account.

“From her neighborhood to ours, JLo feels at home in Española with MBPD”, captioned the police department.

But the energy of the Latina pop diva seemed to be high during her music video shoot in the area. People reported that Jennifer Lopez stopped in the lobby of the hotel where she was staying to take another photo with two fans before returning to her room.

Jennifer Lopez shoots new music video: new music on the way

The fan photoshoot with the Latina superstar took place while her new music video was filmed. A source told People the filming lasted more than nine hours. Jennifer Lopez was also spotted on Tuesday evening June 8, filming with reggaetón star Rauw Alejandro.

Before the photo shoot with his fans, Jennifer lopez teased her 158 million Instagram followers with a photo of herself in a bright red car as she strikes her charismatic pose in front of the camera.

“There’s only one. Good things are coming,” Lopez captioned in her Instagram update. The Latina pop diva also included #CambiaElPaso in her caption, a song by singer Andy Harlow in 1972.

However, it was not clear whether Jennifer Lopez would do a cover version of the song or an original piece from the Latina superstar.

Jennifer Lopez would never let her fans down when releasing songs. One of his famous songs, “On the Floor”, with rapper Pitbull, released in 2011, has garnered 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, her first full-length album titled “On The 6”, released in 1999, was greeted positively by fans and critics.

News of Lopez’s new music comes as the Latina singer recently signed a deal with Netflix and is set to release a range of movies and TV content with the streaming giant.

Along with Jennifer Lopez’s new music in the works, the Latina superstar was set to contribute several songs to the official soundtrack for her upcoming film, “Marry Me”.

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez takes time for a photo with the police during the filming of the latest music video in Miami Beach – From CBS Miami

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Once the exam – hearts fly and the music sparkles in a generous and deep musical | Musical comedies https://miterceraedad.com/once-the-exam-hearts-fly-and-the-music-sparkles-in-a-generous-and-deep-musical-musical-comedies/ https://miterceraedad.com/once-the-exam-hearts-fly-and-the-music-sparkles-in-a-generous-and-deep-musical-musical-comedies/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 01:43:00 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/once-the-exam-hearts-fly-and-the-music-sparkles-in-a-generous-and-deep-musical-musical-comedies/

reThe Arlinghurst Eternity Theater is named after Arthur Stace. He was the building cleaner in the 1930s when it was the Burton Street Baptist Tabernacle, and he was so inspired by the sermons that he felt called to write the word “eternity” again. and again on the trails around Sydney. He did this for decades, so determined was he to awaken his city and its people to love and redemption.

Maybe then Eternity is the perfect home for Once: the soft-spoken, deeply felt musical about the forces of human connection that compels us to reach out and hold on to a dear life. It’s a place for the soul, for the heart, and Once is about people who need their souls to be healed. Our main characters are “stopped” – depressed, stuck in a moment, unable to move on. Until they get moving.

First immortalized in the 2007 film of the same name, written by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, who perform together as Swell Season, the musical made its Broadway debut in 2011 and won eight Tony Awards. . Richard Carroll’s Australian production debuted in 2019, a gem among musical theater’s most exuberant cousins. He returned home two years and a pandemic later with open arms and a 21-week tour ahead, filled with small venues offering the gift of intimacy. That’s what this musical needs: it works better if you get close to it.

A self-confident, music-driven production, Once is touring intimate locations across New South Wales. Photography: Robert Catto

From the entrance, proposals place us inside the story: mulled wine near the door, new signs in the foyer that welcome us in an old-style Irish pub. Even the bar wears its own costume. An Irish band plays folk songs. It is the sweetest form of immersion, a space between reality and a new fictional world.

On stage, Hugh O’Connor’s production design is warm and earthy, with wooden boxes and benches making up most of the non-instrumental props; Peter Rubie’s lights create a dimension – dismal darkness, hopeful rays of light. Swinging doors and a window offer the promise of forward momentum.

The story begins with a Heartbroken Guy (Toby Francis), who sang one last song on the streets of Dublin, preparing to leave his guitar, and possibly the world, behind. Then he meets a girl (Stefanie Caccamo). She sees the guy’s pain, recognizes something all her own in it, and offers him a lifeline they both need. Two bruised hearts in a city of poets, their connection unfolds into something beautiful and necessary – and utterly impossible (it only lasts five days).

Most musicals are headed for a happy ending; Once understands that not all romances end well, or even start at all. Instead, it’s a love story about feeling something new and nourishing – breaking through the numbness and stasis in order to grow taller.

Stefanie Caccamo as Girl in the Australian production of Once.
“Her ironic skill and amazing voice express emotion like a card”: Stefanie Caccamo as a girl. Photography: Robert Catto

The most dated aspect of the show is its story structure, which positions the girl primarily as a savior of the guy and only later as a complicated character in her own right, but her music – where a heart’s heart still lies. musical – never decreases its. It also helps that Caccamo is unmistakably the star of this production; her ironic intelligence and amazing voice express emotion like a card, making the girl feel very real and very human.

Francis’s Guy is gruff and miserable, a little less emotionally accessible than the Girl, but his glorious tenor and subtle mastery of timing make him an excellent partner for Caccamo. This Guy is also a product from the early 2000s; he thinks more of his own pain than that of the girl, but when they finally understand each other – and understand that their connection cannot last – he meets her then. It might make you cry.

Carroll’s production has matured since its first season into a self-confident, music-focused production. His humor is well judged, with Carroll’s love for the wide range being directed primarily towards Drew Livingston’s bank manager, who thinks he’s a bard. It is a welcome relief to laugh and laugh out loud, and this great outlet seems to have given Carroll welcome restraint; he trusts the vulnerabilities and emotional revelations of the characters to carry the rest of the series, letting their jokes – and there are a lot of them – play smaller and more real. It’s a welcome new dimension.

The few moments that seem to drag and flounder don’t last – the music, Irish folk mixed with flaming chants, is always there to save them. The cast is also the group, and musical director Victoria Falconer, who plays the role of Reza, has built a generous and shimmering musical universe, whose clarity is rightly prioritized by the sound design of Dylan Robinson.

The cast of Once.
The cast is also the group, led by musical director Victoria Falconer. Photograph: Robert Catto / robertcatto.com

In the music, hearts soar and as the actors make their way through the show, movement director Amy Campbell asks them to create a moving symphony – a violin on roller skates, guitars in formation, a mandolin and a cello emerging from the shadows.

Ultimately, it’s the music – and the way it speaks the language of our feelings – that saves the guy and the girl, and that just might crack something in you too.

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Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp Lawyer Facilitate Latin Music Discussion at Copyright Society’s First-Ever Panel, Completely in Spanish https://miterceraedad.com/mitchell-silberberg-knupp-lawyer-facilitate-latin-music-discussion-at-copyright-societys-first-ever-panel-completely-in-spanish/ https://miterceraedad.com/mitchell-silberberg-knupp-lawyer-facilitate-latin-music-discussion-at-copyright-societys-first-ever-panel-completely-in-spanish/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 18:01:00 +0000 https://miterceraedad.com/mitchell-silberberg-knupp-lawyer-facilitate-latin-music-discussion-at-copyright-societys-first-ever-panel-completely-in-spanish/

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Latin music in the United States has grown over the past five years, and in 2020 it accounted for 5.4% or $ 655 million of total sound recording revenue Americans. Last year, two of the world’s three most listened to artists on Spotify were Latin musicians. This year’s annual meeting of the Copyright Society of the United States examines the opportunities and challenges facing the increasingly dominant Latin music industry in the Society’s first-ever all-Spanish panel .

The panel, “Copyright En Dos Idiomas: A Conversation About the US Latin Music Community”, will be moderated by Sofia castillo, counsel within the Entertainment Transactions Department of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, and features a dynamic group of practitioners and artists with in-depth knowledge of the Latin American music community. They will address the important copyright issues that have emerged from this exciting market.

With a Latin American population of 18%, today there are more Latins in the United States than the populations of Argentina, Colombia or Spain.

“As the Latin music industry explodes and becomes more and more integrated into the American cultural fabric, entertainment companies seek to develop closer ties with the Latin American creative community in the United States to improve the diversity of their content, ”Castillo said. “The growing amount of content coming from an incredibly diverse and vibrant community of Latin creators presents significant opportunities for copyright professionals, and I look forward to a lively discussion with some of the best and brightest in the world. ‘industry. ”

Along with Castillo, panelists include Elena La Fulana, a bilingual Nicaraguan American singer-songwriter and band leader Elena & Los Fulanos; Jessie Abad, vice president of legal and business affairs at independent label Rimas Entertainment, whose 30-year career in the music industry includes 17 years as legal counsel for Estefan Enterprises; and Roberto Sueiro, an internationally recognized civil liability, copyright, trademark and defamation litigator who has represented numerous Latin artists and creators in the entertainment, advertising, licensing and merchandising industries. in the courts of the United States and Puerto Rico.

To promote diversity, equity and inclusion, this is the first Copyright Society panel conducted entirely in Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation in English. Among other things, the panelists will share how they have taken advantage of their bilingualism and biculturalism to pursue careers in the Latin American music industry, and how diversifying sources of income has become increasingly important with the advent of the digital age. The panel will take place virtually on Thursday, June 10 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. ET. In addition to Castillo roundtable moderator, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp is a sponsor of the annual meeting.

About Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

Since 1908, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP has proven its ability to understand the complex, demystify the mysterious and define the unknown. With more than 130 attorneys and offices in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, MSK is often recognized as a benchmark firm by industry and legal insiders and has extensive experience in a variety of practice areas, including entertainment and intellectual property. Litigation, labor and employment, entertainment transactions, immigration, securities, regulation, taxation, trusts and estates, real estate and international trade. Relentlessly innovative, our lawyers have developed groundbreaking legislation, set influential precedents and shaped the legal landscape. For more information visit www.msk.com.

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