Five songs, some videos, from Week 2 of Hispanic Heritage Month: New Music by Gus, Banda El Recodo, a performance by Yoandri


During the second week of Hispanic Heritage Month, many notable projects, singles and videos were released.

During a pop-packed week, some lesser-known bands, some newcomers, and some established bands dropped new music.

Banda El Recodo – “Esta Vida Es Muy Bonita”

Banda El Recodo has released a new album, Esta Vida Muy Bonita, on Thursday, September 24, 2021, adding to their vast, decades-old discography.

With a few re-released songs and live music, this is Banda El Recodo’s fifth release this year. The band opens their new album with the title song, “Esta Vida Es Muy Bonita”.

The song is accompanied by a new music video, framing the formed group in matching outfits.

The legendary banda Sinaloense – whose full name is El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga – was formed in Mazatlán, Mexico, in 1938, and remained under the management of the Lizárraga family.

The banda is known for playing Latin dance, jazz, swing, and classical music. For fans of more traditional Latin music, it’s worth discovering.

GioBulla – “Quiero”

R&B artist GioBulla has released his new single “Quiero” this Friday.

GioBulla immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic at the age of 10. He lived in Los Minas in Santo Domingo and moved to the Bronx where he found inspiration in the music and history of the region surrounding hip-hop.

After moving to Philadelphia, GioBulla found himself involved in visual art where he became interested in graphic design and video production.

The artist now mixes R&B with Latin, Urbano and Soul. He Recount People in spanish that he considers himself a translator of American influences, bringing him to the Latin audience.

Loui Santana – “TNRM”

Loui Santana released this Friday his new single and music video, “TNRM”. The emerging singer / songwriter makes music rooted in his Dominican heritage.

TNRM”Is a spacious and relaxed pop piece suitable for the closing of the summer season.

The video depicts an aquatic setting where Santana and her company participate in water sports and boat rides.

The clip, a self-proclaimed “visual experience”, was directed by Ivan Herrera, produced by Roko Reyes and VFRO.

It’s a great single and music video for anyone in the mood for late summer this fall.

andremustdie, José y el Toro – “noche sin luna”

andremustdie is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He has built his career on his melodic rhythms and bilingual lyrics.

“noche sin luna” is a song from andremustdie’s latest project, andentro (Mixtape), published this Friday. The song features José y el Toro, a Chilean artist who writes “songs of love and sorrow”.

The duo teamed up for “noche sin luna”, and the result is a genre-merging pop track with a smooth rhythm and clear vocals.

Pop listeners, fans of the aforementioned tracks by GioBulla and Loui Santana will also be interested in this one.

Gus – “our vemos luego”

Gus is a singer-songwriter known for his pieces “una luz” and “the jardinero“among others. The artist has been making a name for himself since 2017 with catchy singles and pop influence.

In 2018, Gus released his EP Futura. This new single arrives a little over a month after its last, creo que todo estará well.

A key aspect of Gus’ music is the weeping guitar sections that appear throughout his singles. The clip of “una luz»Particularly emphasizes it.

Never short of emotion, “nos vemos luego” is a song with a more definitely positive demeanor than that seen on some of Gus’ more bittersweet takes.

Gus’s music video portrays the singer as carefree, portrayed through an exuberance and joy that comes simply from being on the outside.

“Nos vemos luego” is a song that pop guitar listeners should listen to.

Bonus performance: Yoandri – “Gemini Amor” on Tap Play at Home

Continuing its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Recording Academy released a new Tap Play at Home episode featuring a performance by Yoandri.

The episode was released on Thursday September 23, 2021. Yoandri performed his song “Gemini Love”, Which was originally published last Friday.

Yoandri is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter who fuses Latin pop with R&B. This version of “Gemini Amor” places the melody on a piano accompaniment.

Yoandri is currently working on a debut album, which will be produced by Malay who has worked with Lorde, Sam Smith and Frank Ocean.

This episode follows The Marías’ performance last week. Tap Play at Home will continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month throughout with performances by Latin artists.


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