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Aracely arambula He surprised all subscribers by sharing a photo with Daniel for the first time in many years, the younger of the two children what had with Luis Miguel.

Since breaking up with the singer, the Mexican actress and singer has been characterized as a very reserved person when it comes to her family life, so she tries to protect the identity and privacy of her children.

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It is for this reason that ‘La Chule’, as the audience affectionately put it, he caused a stir by recently posting a photo of Daniel Gallego, the youngest of Luis Miguel’s children.

On the occasion of her son’s 13th birthday, the actress shared some of the gifts she received, such as a cake with the figure of ‘Grogu’ from the Star Wars saga.

And among the memorabilia, ‘La Chule’ posted a picture from a long time ago in which her son hugs her. As Arámbula recalled, it was an occasion in which her son congratulated her in the theater.

“Congratulations on your wonderful 13 I love you!” He wrote next to the message.

Photo: Instagram / @aracelyarambula

The image attracted attention because just a few weeks ago the actress had an altercation with the press while in the United States.

Her and her children Miguel and Daniel They were intercepted by a reporter from Los Angeles, California, who, while trying to take pictures of the children, opened the door of the truck they were in.

This act enraged Aracely, who quickly grabbed her son and covered his face with the jacket. Once they managed to close the door, the truck started up and drove away.

After the Chihuahua issued a statement recriminating the harassment of the media, the reporter who opened the door apologized for her actions and confessed that she had exceeded a limit regarding the privacy of “La Chule” and his children, who are minors and are not public figures.

Recall that Aracely had a relationship with Luis Miguel from 2005 to 2009, when they had two children: Miguel, the eldest, was born in 2007, while Daniel was born in 2008.

After the controversy sparked over Luis Miguel’s successful biopic series, the actress’ legal representatives came out to publicly declare that the singer has not paid her children’s board for more than a year.

In the midst of this conflict, Arámbula made it clear that he would not allow his image to be used, nor that of his children, in the production made by Netflix.


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