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EVENT PLANNERS – The Ohio Valley Music Guild is hosting “An Evening in Spain” on September 19, starting at 4 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at The Chateau Pier Bed and Breakfast and Event Center at 195 State Route 151, Smithfield . It will feature Alba Flamenca, a Pittsburgh music and dance ensemble and a tapas buffet. There will be a full bar. Tickets cost $ 50 per person with September 14 as the deadline for reservations. Hovering over the plans for the guild’s first in-person event since November 2019, left to right, Board member Roxanne Matysiak; Matthew Gallabrese, treasurer; Joyce Orlando, program chair; and Judi Gaynor, former president. – Janice Kiaski

SMITHFIELD – The Ohio Valley Music Guild is eager to pick up where it left off with in-person events that offer a variety of cultural experiences to area residents.

This effort resumes with a local performance that will transport spectators abroad through “An evening in Spain”, featuring Alba Flamenca, a music and dance ensemble from Pittsburgh.

The show will take place on September 19 starting at 4 p.m. at a venue for the first time for the guild – in the Grand Ballroom at Le Chateau Pier Bed and Breakfast and Events Center. It is located at 195 State Route 151, Smithfield, and is owned and operated by Todd and Tina Piergallini.

Tickets cost $ 50 per person and include a tapas buffet. There will be a full bar. The reservation deadline is September 14th. There will be valet parking.

Tickets can be ordered online at or by making a check to the Ohio Valley Music Guild with the number of attendees and sending it to the Ohio Valley Music Guild, PO Box 2158, Wintersville, OH 43953.

“We are getting back on track – yes, definitely” commented Joyce Orlando, Program Chair, Guild Mission To Bring “Quality cultural music for local audiences at an affordable price”.

The hour-long show will feature dancers and musicians.

Since its inception in 2010, Alba Flamenca has performed in venues in western Pennsylvania including the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Carnegie International Institute and many music festivals. universities, museums and private events. Formed by a core of professional musicians and dancers, its mission is to bring flamenco music and culture to the public in the region. Carolina Loyola-Garcia and Jon Banuelos are founding members, joined by Jeff Berman, Lynn Speakman, Guillermo Rodriguez, Maria Nunez and advanced students of Flamenco Pittsburgh.

The main ones of the group include:

≤ Carolina Loyola-Garcia is a professional stage artist and filmmaker. She was featured with Quantum Theater in the production of “The Red Shoes, Maria from Buenos Aires, Ainadamar, Mnemonic and Looking for Violeta; “ with Attack Theater in the production of “The Ruby Goldberg Variants; “ with Renaissance Winds and Mark Thompson’s Co .; with the Fidlesticks Family Concerts of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; and has been conducting Alba Flamenca since 2010. She studied flamenco in Spain with Carmela Greco, Angel Atienza, La Tati, La Lupi, Rafael Campallo and among others. She is principal of the Flamenco Pittsburgh Dance School, founding member of the Uptown Quartet and professor of cinema at Robert Morris University. In 2013, she created her feature documentary “Sobre las Olas: A history of flamenco in the United States”

– Jon Banuelos is a flamenco guitarist, composer and songwriter living and performing in Pittsburgh. He began his musical studies in Tucson, Arizona, with Ismael Barajas where he played in the group Ismael Barajas Latin Jazz. He then studied at the American Institute of Guitar in New York, then three years in Jerez de La Frontera, Spain, where he studied and played flamenco guitar with master guitarists, dancers and singers. Banuelos has been performing in the Pittsburgh area for 11 years with ensembles such as Alba Flamenca and the world music ensemble Alma Mura, specializing in music from Latin America, Croatia and Portugal. He composes original music combining these experiences acquired over the years, including his EP “Creosote and beer” released on March 16, 2019.

– Jeff Berman is a multi-instrumentalist artist and composer, improviser whose work reflects his global musical vision. A native of New York and now living in Pittsburgh, he developed a concept of genre extension on mountain dulcimer, vibraphone and percussion that allowed him to collaborate across stylistic boundaries with a diverse group of artists. of the whole world.

He has performed internationally as a solo artist and as a member of various ensembles. Some of the artists he has performed, recorded and toured with include Andy Statman, Tony Trischka, Robert Een, Susan Mckeown, Lindsey Horner, Osei Koranke, Paul Bley, Linda Thompson and choreographers Yin Mei and Gia Cacalano. He has three recordings on the Palmetto Records label with his own compositions, and his music has been used for performance, dance, theater, and film, including the Oscar-nominated documentary. “In our water.” Berman has performed with Alba Flamenca and the Uptown Quartet since 2019.

– Maria Nunez was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She began her flamenco studies at a very young age at Difusion Cultural dela Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi and continued her studies at the Centro de Arte Luna Cabal under the direction of Lizette Barron. She played in the company of the Luna y Cantera Flamenco school.

She studied with Isabel Trivino, Mercedes Amaya, Karime Amaya and Marcela Morín. In July 2011, she participated in the third International Festival of Contemporary Dance Iberica, celebrated in Querétaro, Mexico, and continued her studies with Manolo Marin, Angeles Gabaldon, “El Junco”, Adrian Galia, Maria Pages, Mariano Bernal and Juan Paredes.

Nunez lives in Pittsburgh, playing with Alba Flamenca, where she took lessons with Fanny Ara and Alice Blumenfeld. She won second place at the 2016 Vivo Carlota Santana International Flamenco Competition in New York.

Orlando expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming performance at a different location and the start of a 2020 that was anything but normal, given COVID-19.

“We wanted to do an event at Le Chateau Pier, and we were planning one (there) but the pandemic struck”, Orlando noted, happy that the guild is advancing.

“It was just a decision that we knew we had to get back on schedule, and the board said to try,” Orlando said, describing Le Chateau Pier as “A beautiful room. “

Matthew Gallabrese, the guild treasurer who sits on the planning committee “An evening in Spain”, said the guild had not hosted an in-person event since their annual dinner in November 2019. This included a sit-down dinner at the Steubenville Country Club and a performance by young people who had competed and excelled in Valley’s Got Talent competition orchestrated by Bobbyjon Bauman’s of Sycamore Youth Center and Ohio Valley Youth Network.

It also included the award of the guild’s annual $ 1,000 scholarship, which was presented to Glory Dami.

A virtual performance in 2020 raised money for the guild and kept the name of the organization, according to Gallabrese, who explained that the performance was special given by singer Ashley Marina Yankello, a singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, which had performed at the Valley, has talent. In 2020, the teenager appeared on NBC “America has talent.”

“We were trying to do something to keep our name out there and make sure people knew we were still there,” he said. It was also an opportunity to announce the recipient of the 2020 $ 1,000 scholarship, awarded to Mollie Vonderhaar from Xavier University.

Each year, the guild awards a scholarship of $ 1,000 to students in their second year and above who have a local connection and who have declared themselves to be music related.

He was also a loyal annual contributor of $ 1,000 to the Grand Theater Restoration Project.

Both are the pride of Orlando.

“Even though we didn’t meet and collect money, we still donated $ 1,000 to the Grand Théâtre, and we still donated our scholarship because that’s really the goal. other than organizing cultural events is supporting the artistic program and presenting a scholarship. “

Board member Roxanne Matysiak attended her first guild at the invitation of a friend and was impressed with a string quartet performance. Soon after, she became a supporting member.

“I had no idea this group was bringing people in, but the guild brings in some very talented people from outside the region, and that shouldn’t be a secret. “ she said.

The guild’s Facebook page puts its story into perspective, noting: “In 2003, a group of musicians from Steubenville brought in a New York impresario with local connections to produce and direct ‘Madame Butterfly’, an opera by Puccini. The audience at Steubenville High School loved it. The following year (2004) they staged an equally wonderful opera, ‘LaBoheme’ also by Puccini with an extraordinary lead tenor from the opera of Colon in Brazil.

“Based on the initial efforts, a committee was then formed in November 2004, a president was elected and commitments were made to develop an opera guild. Their goals were to bring opera and good music to the Upper Ohio Valley region by raising money to support the arts through membership drives, grant applications, canvassing of donations and fundraising events.

“From a handful of music enthusiasts at our first meeting in November 2004, we have since grown to over 100 members and new members are being added regularly. “

The association later changed its name to clarify that its programs were not limited to opera.

The guild has brought over 50 performances to the Ohio Valley over the years, some of them being Act II of The Nutcracker Ballet by performers of the Pittsburgh Ballet; a swing orchestra show with dance teachers; opera, Broadway and jazz singers and ensembles; and a steel drum orchestra.

“We are always looking for new members. Anyone can be a member”, said Gallabrese. Annual membership fees start at $ 20 with other levels of donor membership available.

For the first time, membership or sponsorship can be obtained online by visiting Those interested can also visit the guild’s website ( or send a check to the Ohio Valley Music Guild, PO Box 2158, Wintersville, OH 43953.

For more information on the September performance, email [email protected] or call Joyce Orlando (740) 317-7162; Dottie Bossert, (740) 346-0518; Roxanne Matysiak, (740) 457-7011; or Judi Gaynor, (352) 281-6187.

Ross Gallabrese is the acting chairman of the guild and Toni Dondzila is the secretary.

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