Harvey Elliott on his Rovers apprenticeship and Liverpool goals

Harvey Elliott is aiming for a pre-season impact at Liverpool that can win over Jurgen Klopp’s plans – and believes the season loan from Rovers will come in handy.

Elliott has scored five goals and 10 assists, but just as importantly, he’s learned on the job as he’s featured in every Rovers game since his loan change in October.

Things have been tougher for the teenage forward in recent weeks, falling on the bench at times during the winless run as the Rovers’ play-off hopes were nearly over in mid-February.

His parent club Liverpool have had an equally difficult 2021, leaving Elliot with hopes of being able to push for regular first-team involvement next season, having already had a taste of life at the senior level .

He told CBS Sports: “I’m going to go into the preseason thinking that I can get into this team. And whatever way my luck turns out, it’s just a matter of making sure I grab it. Obviously, nothing is wrong. will be easy.

“If I’m needed off the bench, make sure I’m the person they’re turning to. It’s just making sure I’m one of the go-to people to come in or to start off with and influence the game. It is my position and it is my role to mark or create.

“I think if I do that, and obviously work hard for the team as well, I think I had a chance to be in and around it. I’ll just do whatever it takes. ”

Elliott has received a lot of praise, his goals and assists reaching fans around the world via social media and creating an excitement around him that few players can generate.

But things weren’t always easy for Elliott, who admits he learned a lot from his time at Ewood Park.

He hadn’t been ready for a loan, and some wondered if that would come too soon for a 17-year-old with just a handful of senior appearances to his name.

Elliott described how the pace of his debut at Watford caught him and quickly made him realize how he should adjust to life on the second level.

And now the teenager, who recently signed a startup deal with New Balance and is 18, feels the defensive side of his game has come.

“I admit, there were a few moments in the games where I stopped,” he added.

“I think now, especially when I’m playing for Blackburn, and even for Liverpool too, you realize how important the defensive side of the job is. On your own you can kind of ruin the whole team, if you are not doing your job, someone else has to come and cover you up, then they leave their man and it breaks everything.

“You can’t just walk all over the pitch for 90 minutes, you can’t physically. It’s just about being smart about when to press, or if they show any meaning, keep them that way. ”

A deal with Adam Armstrong proved to be the key to Elliott’s success in a Rovers jersey, his weight passing a remarkable part of his game.

His involvement made him a great man in the camp, and he said of this responsibility: “It will help me for the future.

“To have the pressure now so hopefully, if I was to reach the top level and play week after week, these are the things I already know how to do. It’s the kind of attitude I take in every training session, every game, just knowing that I can score or create a goal.

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