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Cristian Castro reveals how he finds Luis Miguel on TODAY show partners (Altrace)

Three decades have passed. However, the reason Christian Castro You Luis MiguelI fell was never clear. It is true that, in the 90s, both were at the zenith of their careers and were vying for a similar audience. But, beyond the professional struggles, it was always suspected that there were personal reasons which separated them from each other. And a woman’s name was heard aloud: Marguerite Fuentes,

Of course, during Mexican Hearts broadcasts, it was also remarked that the fight may have had something to do with the alleged affair. Fifth note of the musical scale would have kept Veronique Castromother of the current jury sing with me now twenty years ago. something that unites the performer of, keeping the relationship close blue with DwarfNo doubt this must have caused some resentment on his part.

The truth is, approached by Walter Leevahistorian show partnerChristian took advantage of the presence of his colleague’s impersonator and was honest about the relationship he currently has with his son. King Luisito,We are better than ever. Best of all, now he’s put me on his Instagram. He set up a story in which I spoke well of him, because he realized that I was his disciple. So I hope he wants to be friends with me,” the singer said.

Luis Miguel with Daisy Fuentes

then when Adrien Pallares to be, reminded of their things Fifth note of the musical scale Castro, who did not want to reconcile with him, said: “The truth is that Luizmi is in my heart. I can’t take it off for the world. So if he fires me, it’s a mistake, it’s a mistake…”. And he explained the real reasons that separated him from his colleague, specifying it with a subtle “wish”. He said if anything happened to his mother, he wouldn’t mind. “He took the girl from me, man!”, He said in reference to the Cuban model. But he clarifies with irony: “It doesn’t matter, I let you do it. He’s angry because he took it and I left it with him. He’s crazy because I left it for him, I don’t know what happened.

It should be remembered that last year was invited ph, we can talk, Christian had developed this subject. “We were friends at a great time, but I was a little disappointed with his personality. I was going out with a girl called Daisy Fuentes and he came to join us, which is what discouraged us a bit. He fell in love with her and told me so. So, since Luizmi was a brother to me and I thought he liked him very much, I told him to try dating him. I let him in because I love him so much,” she recalled.

And, on this occasion, he added: “It must be me who’s upset, but he’s the one pretending to be annoyed by it… I used to go to his concerts and he always let me in, but I feel a shift in energy and it makes me sad. He will always have a place in my heart, he will never change and I hope he considers it. But now it seems the path to reconciliation has been cleared.

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