Here’s how much Ozuna is actually worth


Ozuna made her debut with the song “Imaginado” in 2012, by the New York Times. In the time leading up to the release of his debut album, he had eight singles on the Billboard Hot Latin Song charts at the same time. “Odisea” was released on April 11, 2016 and spent 46 weeks at the top of the charts. This success was followed by a series of more successes; he released the albums “Aura” in 2018, “Nibiru” in 2019, “ENOC” in 2020, and the “Los Dioses” collaboration with Anuel AA in 2021. His subsequent albums (and tours to support them) have kept the Basic Ozuna fan growing alongside his net worth.

This notoriety is, however, accompanied by serious pitfalls. In 2017, Ozuna was blackmailed by trap singer Kevin Fret, who claimed to have a video of teenage Ozuna performing a sex act. Freight demanded money to keep the video from the media. Ozuna paid Fret $ 50,000, by El Nueva Dia, by Rolling stone, before contacting the FBI and the Miami Police Department.

Ozuna doesn’t want to stay in the spotlight indefinitely. As he told The Times, he would rather earn all his money every now and then and live a normal life with his wife and two children. He has diversified his portfolio with investments in restaurant and other businesses and tries to “be conservative with his money.” With his net worth of $ 15 million (per Silver Inc), it should be able to make it last.


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