Historic fusion: Lupillo Rivera and Snoop Dogg revolutionize rap music

Have you ever thought about listening to a corrido singer with a rapper? Probably not Lupito Rivera either.

“When the idea was first presented to me, I thought George Prajin (president of Z Records) had a problem, I didn’t imagine the song that way, but it was really interesting,” he said. declared the famous Mexican regional musician. Even so, on May 14, Great Ligas will be released, a song in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, B-real by Cypress Hill, Aleman and Santa Fe Klan.

The musicians involved in this new fusion have expressed their openness to working hand in hand with different genres, even if it is not their forte. The collaboration for some of them is new, but according to the German rapper, “he who does not risk does not win, in the United States they have a culture and a love of rap and now it’s our turn here. [in Mexico], it’s a good time to make a mix like that, Large ligas is an important step for urban culture. “

Snoop Dogg has been a key for this merger, since he has already had contacts with the artists who participate in the collaboration. We remember the track My Uncle Snoop he released with the German rapper. Plus, he was a classmate of Lupillo, as they went to school together in the United States. “He is a person who has always supported Mexican music, he had listened to the music of my sister (Jenni Rivera) and when he heard El pelotero he loved him,” said the singer, who also said that working with a rapper has been one of his dreams.

Musicians stress the importance of embracing other genres and stepping out of the comfort zone they enter when recognized.

“A lot of rappers don’t want to cross genres, I respect rap a lot and all genres, I have no problem mixing them,” said the young man from Guanajuato, central Mexico.

The video for the song was produced by filmmaker Edgar Nito, who said that in the story “they plan a hit from different parts of the world to take a big step. They are not just any team and together, they form the big leagues “. , testing the skills of musicians.

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