How many chapters does Luis Miguel season 3, The Series have on Netflix? When is the Luis Miguel series premiering?


In 2018, Luis Miguel, The Series It was one of the sensations of the world of Diffusion. The scope of Netflix This has served it to become one of the most talked about fictions of the year, which has received much acclaim especially for what was done by Diego Boneta As the Mexican sun and Oscar Jaenada in the role of King Luisito. Following this release, fans had to wait a long time to see how the story unfolded.

Inspired by the life of Luis Miguel, the show of Netflix He returned earlier this year with his second installment where there was more creative freedom than what actually happened. These are in particular the people around the singer who have changed their name or have not presented themselves directly for legal reasons. However, this did not detract from the impact of a product which, without being as solid as the first opus, captivated its followers.

On October 28, the third part of Luis Miguel, The Series, in which fans hope to see the reappearance of King Luisito (the big absentee from the second installment that was seen in the season three trailer), as well as how the show will solve one of the biggest puzzles in the singer’s life from “Suave”. His mother, Marcela basteri, disappeared in the mid-1980s and was never heard from again.

The first of the episodes will arrive at 9 p.m. Argentine time, then it will be broadcast for a month and a half until the 6 chapters that will make up this opus are completed. Netflix You can also rehearse your strategy and do a double outing the first weekend, like you did with the second season, and maybe even do three two-hour premieres with which to kick off some sort of three-movie trilogy for. complete this biopic. on the Mexican sun.

The Maradona series, the other big launch

This month will feature a new biography which will arrive in the form of a series with the idea of ​​conquering the market of the Diffusion. Is about Maradona: Blessed Dream, which will be seen by Amazon Prime Video from October 29. The launch will take place one day before the Argentinian soccer star’s date of birth and will feature the first five episodes. On November 5 there will be a double premiere, with Chapters 6 and 7, and from that point on, it will be seen once a week until the end of all ten episodes on November 26.

The production has several actors in the role of Diego Armando Maradona which show the different years of his life, from his beginnings in Cebollitas until becoming world champion in 1986, in addition to showing more current moments. Homemade Nazareno, Juan Palomino and Nicolas goldschmidt They will be responsible for giving life to the footballer who lost his life on November 25, 2020.

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