How was the relationship between Juan Gabriel and Luis Miguel?

Among Jean-Gabriel and Luis Miguel there was always great admiration. the love relationship What they had was not a friendship per se, but the Divo of Juárez, when Luismi was just a child, gave him a very important gift.

There is no doubt that the two are two music stars. Each with their own style managed to touch the hearts of many people. Jean-Gabriel and Luis Miguel they were never able to form a friendship because their lives were different and the age difference was very big. However, they have always taken it upon themselves to express their mutual admiration for each other.

The relationship between Juan Gabriel and Luis Miguel

many years ago when Luis Miguel was just a child, he received as a gift a special song from Jean-Gabriel, the famous “Divo de Juárez”. It was a gem for the Puerto Rican who had just taken off in his career.

Although some claim that the two had a love relationship of friendship that united them, the two great stars of music admired each other only deeply.

The song that “Divo de Juárez” gave to “Sol de México” -when he was just a child- was called “Lying“. The same theme was included in the album that marked Luis Miguel’s debut.

Luis Miguel and Juan Gabriel admired each other

It should be mentioned that, although this was the only song he received from the late Jean-Gabriel, the Puerto Rican has long boasted about it. It makes sense, because at that time he was only 12 years old and receiving a special theme from one of Mexico’s most renowned composers was a gift to be treasured as one of all his gems.

As we have already mentioned, during all the years of their career, Luis Miguel and Juan Gabriel had no bond beyond the cordial treatment and recognition between the twothe composer, actor and record producer, went so far as to state that he admired Luis Miguel more than Rocío Dúrcal herselfbeing even one of the figures who sang the most songs of his paternity.

Something that was a fact is that Juan Gabriel, was a key piece in the take-off of the artistic career of Luis Miguelsince the lyrics of this song ended up being a hit of the moment.

Did you hear Luis Miguel sing this song?

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