How’s Sky, the yacht Luis Miguel hid from his creditors in a tax haven


Luis Miguel was one of the artists who were exhibited in the Pandora Papers, a massive leak of financial documents that show the mechanisms that allow “legal corruption” in tax havens. As published The country, the Mexican singer took advantage of the strict privacy laws offered by the British Virgin Islands and created a shell company to register an Azimut Flybridge yacht. This way, you have prevented your creditors from waiting.

Sky is the name of the dream ship behind Skyfall Marine Limited in 2013, a firm whose interpreter of “Now you can leave” holds 50,000 shares and appears to be the sole owner.

The ship in question is a real luxury: Italian design, four cabins with a capacity of 8 passengers and 25 meters long. Comfort in its purest form. For this reason, it is not surprising that this is the place where the singer threw parties, spent vacations with some of his romantic conquests and was installed during much of the pandemic. “The shape of a fish, the fin of a shark, the foam of the sea… nature is my source of inspiration,” explains designer Stefano Righini.

Luis Miguel’s accomplices in Skyfall Marine Limited

According to the Pandora Papers, the allies “El Sol” had to register this ship in Caribbean lands were exposed as it went through one of its many economic crises. They would be no other than their brother, Alejandro Gallego Basteri, and, who was the right arm, Joe Wood, who appears as the man responsible for completing all the relevant documents.

It is not a minor detail that in the form which was presented to create the company it is detailed that the sole objective of Skyfalkl Marine Limited was to purchase the yacht. In addition, it is specified that the payment comes from the fortune that the artist has collected.

In this direction, The country revealed that the musician submitted a letter of reference granted by a subsidiary of HSBC bank in the United States. “The average balance of their accounts over the past year has remained in the six digits,” it reads.

It should be noted that the creation of the shell company cost him only 350 dollars, while he has to pay a renewal fee of about 1000 dollars per year. And these are just a few of the facilities offered by the British Virgin Islands, which has only 30,000 inhabitants and 400,000 shell companies.

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