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Ellen’s show ends and Dakota Johnson Meme is everywhere again

Fans joke that Johnson caused the show’s downfall after her famous awkward appearance in 2019, and after 19 seasons on air, Ellen DeGeneres is calling on him to quit her career as a talk show host. DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter that she made the decision to end the show simply because it was “no longer a challenge,” but obviously the folks at Twitter have other theories. And, calling the host on his claims, a Dakota Johnson meme has risen to the surface – or rather, has risen to the surface. In November 2019, actress Dakota Johnson appeared on “Ellen” just under two months after her 30th birthday. DeGeneres offered Johnson birthday wishes before calling her to not be invited to the party. Of course, that wasn’t really the case, and Johnson made sure Ellen knew that. “Actually no, that’s not the truth Ellen. You’ve been invited, ”Johnson revealed. “The last time I was on the show, last year, you gave me a bunch of s – about not inviting you, but I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you loved me. It was a painfully awkward moment, which you can relive below. And with that, a viral meme was born. Dakota Johnson has become the photo of choice for people who prove themselves in a conversation or just need something for an awkward moment. And, when news of the DeGeneres show’s ending broke on Wednesday, it was Dakota Johnson’s face that once again dominated Twitter. That’s because, given that the show has been embroiled in “toxic” workplace accusations for months, people don’t necessarily believe a lack of challenge is the only reason it ended. Ellen DeGeneres says poor grades and toxic allegations in the workplace didn’t play a role in her decision to end The Ellen Show after 19 seasons. (Https://t.co/sADQIm5zC2) pic.twitter.com/lLmVV7ODKF – Movie Updates (@ TheFilmUpdates) May 12, 2021 ellen degeneres: “I’m ending the series because it’s no longer a challenge.” Dakota Johnson: “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen,” pic.twitter.com/hpoSJ29NeQ – Andy Dandy Shitpost (@ANDYdrewME) May 12, 2021 Others joked that the goal of Johnson was to bring down the series from the start, comparing her to Miranda Cosgrove’s character from “Drake and Josh”. Dakota Johnson reading about the Ellen show ending pic.twitter.com/R2xBWL8zAb – Nico Correia (@ notn1co) May 12, 2021 I called Dakota Johnson to say thank you for ending the Ellen DeGeneres show. Pic.twitter.com/tCFuFYwI9b – ClockOutWars (@clockoutwars) May 12, 2021 Within hours, “Dakota Johnson” was all the rage on Twitter alongside “Ellen DeGeneres”. You can check out some of the best uses for the clip and meme below. Dakota Johnson has done more for the company by ending ellen degeneres than most of your career favorites and it shows pic.twitter.com/KVslhRUfi0— hee hee, nicole !! (@canaryfilmss) May 12, 2021 It will NEVER be funny to me that Ellen’s public downfall began when she lied about not being invited to Dakota Johnson’s party when in reality she couldn’t come because she was at a football game with her good friend George W. Bush. https://t.co/nVJHddeaSD— Bridget Todd 💁🏿 (@BridgetMarie) May 12, 2021 ellen finishes her show? everyone says thank you dakota johnson pic.twitter.com/RpiPK9WpmB— ema | women ⚢ (@marvelsbian) May 12, 2021 The moral of this story is that if Dakota Johnson invites you to her birthday party, you have to be honest about it. – Bess Kalb (@bessbell) May 12, 2021 Read the Original Story ‘Ellen The Show Ends And That Dakota Johnson Meme Is All Over TheWrap Again

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