“I was like a cat”

Nazarena Velez reveals what her intimate meeting with Luis Miguel was like

In I am (USA) there was a conversation around Luis Miguel earlier Nazarene Velez He said he met the famous Mexican singer and had an intimate encounter in Buenos Aires at night.

It happened in the mid-90s, a time when touring was mexican sun, Which eliminated the areas of the Argentine stadium in which he should be present. ,I was with him too… and he hit meNazarena suddenly confessed. “He gave me a kiss down here,” she said, pointing her lower lip. And he added another spicy detail: “I was 22, I was dating (hernan, Cairo“, Told.

The party took place at the Sheraton Hotel and Nazza arrived through a producer friend, who “took about ten girls” to Louismi. “Did you go to the Sheraton as a cat?” Asked Angel De Brito. And Velez said bluntly: “yeah yeah i was like a cat,

“There were about ten girls who wanted to meet him. So I said to my friend, “I want to meet him. He didn’t invite me, I invited myself. ‘Take me, I want to go’, I said to my friendI was a fan and I had the opportunity to go to the hotel, I loved it”, said the mother of Barbie Velez,

Nazarena Velez reveals what her intimate meeting with Luis Miguel was like

“I went to his room and I knew he looked like a cat, I knew that. But I wasn’t interested, because I wanted to meet him,” Nazarena remarked. She also added that of others Of the ten girls who were there,None were known, but they were all bombs. I wore a denim jumpsuit and they were all fabulous“, he recalls.

“How is the situation there?” The driver wanted to know. ,He invites you to dine in the room. He drank champagne and ate almonds. he was super respectful and a gentleman, We were in a meeting, all having a drink like it was a meeting. He will suddenly say to you: ‘What is your name? How are you?’, and he spoke with each of us,” he graphically wrote.

Later, Naza said that he managed to be alone with the singer. “I told him I’m a driver and I have a picture of Barbie, here’s a channel with Barbie. ‘And that?’ He asked me. “She’s my daughter,” I told her. And he started talking to me with a good vibe. ‘Aap ka ladka dausat hai?’. “Yes, I have a boyfriend,” I told her. Girls. Started laughing at me. I had a bad time, it wasn’t great, because the girls were like a competition. And the last thing I wanted was to fuck with him. I wanted to meet her, she didn’t interest me“, she continued counting.

Nazarena Vélez said of meeting Luis Miguel: “The last thing I wanted was to fuck with him. I wanted to meet him, he didn’t interest me.

“And what did they tell you when they realized they weren’t going to do that?” asked Fernanda Iglesias. ,nothing, he always wanted to continue talking with me, he was a very nice manNaza said again. “The kiss between us happened when I was about to leave. “Won’t you sleep with me? he asked me. And I didn’t quit ’cause I was an asshole”, How Velez closed that night.

“What else, I said to him: “I’m going to live in Quilms”. And the driver put me. He kissed my face before I left. I left and I regretted a lot…“, he remarked. “Does he kiss well?” “, he wanted to know for Brito. “Lovely. It was a chuponcito,” Naza said, laughing and as if remembering that kiss. “How does it smell?” The driver insisted.Tasty, super smelly, dressed all in black“Hill.

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