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After the second season of ‘Luis Miguel, Series‘on Netflix, the name of Michelle salas This again had a media impact and it is not for less: the singer’s daughter is one of the protagonists of the story. Now the 31-year-old is out to give her take on the production and how she sees Argentina’s interpretation Macarena Achaga in his role.

“I’ve seen a few chapters and of course when you see your life being played out by someone other than yourself, the feelings are mixed. If one day I decide to tell my reality, that day a lot would change. But I don’t think it’s time yet, ”Michelle told ¡HOLA! Magazine. Mexico.

About Macarena, he assured: “I understand that she is an actress who has been given a screenplay, has done her research work and, from her point of view, made her best version. This doesn’t mean that things are necessarily like that, there is also a lot of fiction. Very few people know my life as it is and how things went or not, since, I repeat, I have always been very careful and protective of my privacy and that of my family ”.

To conclude, I talk about the bond she has with her father, Luis Miguel. “My father is a great professional and he gave me advice that has helped me a lot in life and, above all, in my work: to always be disciplined, dedicated and responsible in what I do. Something I also learned from him and my mother is discretion. Many times, silence says more than a thousand words, ”he said.

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